Resident Evil: Revelations 2 Guide - Episode 1: Penal Colony

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Tips
Chapter 1: Characters
Chapter 1: Weapons
Chapter 1: Enemies
Chapter 1: Claire Redfield and Moira Burton
Chapter 1: Barry Burton and Natalia


In this guide, contrary to what is usual, you will find four large blocks with the four chapters of the game. Within each chapter, you'll find tips specific to each of them, the main available weapons, the enemies you find and, finally, a detailed video guide.

NOTE: The guide will be expanded as the chapters will be published.

Chapter 1: Tips

Familiarize yourself with the controls. Press Button R2 to defend yourself with the knife, and use BUTTON L2 and R2 triggers to fire guns.

You don’t want to go crazy in prison walking slowly and look after the windows is always a wise choice. In this maze, you have to deal with dozens of creatures, so you clear the areas gradually to go surviving the confrontations.

Don’t let Moira behind you. You should always have her next to blind enemies with BUTTON L2, open boxes with the lever or stun enemies with the aforementioned weapon.

Shoot the head. Try to narrow your focus, because the tricky thing will be in the second part. Ammunition, despite converge on an action adventure, not abundant in the game.

Explore the main courtyard of the prison: find valuable ammunition in some cells.

Moira controls every time you enter a new room. Ruby objects like cell ceilings or hidden stores you can find only his flashlight ammunition.

Remember finish off the Pseudo-Executioners with BUTTON R2: you will save a lot of bullets.

Always see workbenches to upgrade weapons. Some kits juicy bring improvements such as reduced rate of fire or faster reloading.

Don’t forget to redeem Skill Points each time you finish a part of the campaign. Of course, they are cumulative, so take all gemstones and take a good score during the episode.

Chapter 1: Characters


Nothing is known about her since meeting TerraSave. Combative and courageous, will have to flee the unknown prison along with her colleague Moira. Her main skills are physical strength and handling of firearms.


Daughter of the famous Barry Burton, is not used to this kind of situation, but has inherited her father's courage. She hates guns, but handy with tools such as lever. Your flashlight will be of great help in the gloomy halls abandoned prison.


His great physical strength complemented by the excellent handling of firearms. In fact, he has the best weapons arsenal of four characters, something that works in your favor ... if you explore scenarios as it should in search of supplies.


A mysterious girl with certain paranormal abilities. She can detect nearby enemies and squeeze through small gaps inaccessible for other players. Her main weapon is the brick that you find around the stage. Use it to remove accumulations of pus from the ground and breaking locks: every bullet counts.

Chapter 1: Weapons


They belong to Claire Redfield. You should use the gun in most confrontations, keeping the shotgun and ammunition for sparsely evidently Pseudo-Executioner. If any BOW approaches you, use with knife and Top it off with BUTTON R2.


They are held by Moira Burton. The lantern, besides allowing uncover hidden objects, serves to blind enemies if you press BUTTON L2. Combine with a shot of Claire make a perfect defensive combination. The lever is convenient to use as a last resort or when Claire is indisposed.


This is the arsenal of Barry Burton. Colt ammo is limited, so use it only as a wildcard. The BOW gun can kill them if you aim at the head. Better reserved the rifle.


That's all that this creature can wear on your hands. Oddly enough, you will be a great help to break locks saving ammo, get rid of clusters of pus that can also detect your paranormal power, and some enemy too.

Chapter 1: Enemies


Common Revelations 2. zombies are fast, but usually fall with an accurate shot between the eyes.


If you approach them sprout and grow inordinately explode. They are quite harmful, so shoot them before to get rid of these annoying accumulations.


Small bugs moisture ... quite grown up. Shot will die, but annoying enough so you can spend some time with them.


Surely you remember these fearsome creatures of Resident Evil 5. So in prison you will find several. They added the nickname "pseudo" to the name because they carry these incredible scythes or are so great, but carry a metal helmet that protects their heads. Of course, being its weakest point and where you should focus your shots when you see them. Your melee strikes involve almost instant death, so use L1 + BUTTON OR LEFT JOYSTICK for dodging.


Populate outside the prison. They are huge and very agile, so you have to use the assault rifle to kill them. Following bring them down for the first time, they will rise again ... with a lump of pus in one of his limbs or head. To kill them definitely have to shoot this accumulation of pus and try you will not damage the explosion.

Chapter 1: Claire Redfield and Moira Burton

CHARACTERS: Claire Redfield and Moira Burton

Claire. Follow the directions on the screen to show you familiar with the controls and walks down the aisle.

On your way, you have to release Moira and advance through the open room to flee. For now, explore every corner until you get to a cell with a splintered window. Grab the nearby lever to advance.

Moira continues along your path and down the stairs. You will see a dead police hanging from the ceiling. You'll have to make with keys that carries in his jacket. In your attempt to catch them, they will fall.

Your mission now is to go upstairs. As you will see in the map of the prison, the scenario is labyrinthine and is very easy to miss. Along the way you'll have to send a few zombies, so kill them and progresses as we show below in these two videos to reach the cells of the first floor:

Your goal now is to find the gold that allows you to cross the exit door.


When you cross to the other side, down the stairs and see three sharp rollers and a few creatures. You will face your first Pseudo-Executioner ...


Cross to the other side. You'll have to climb the stairs and control Moira to activate the switch to operate traps prison:

Traps activate

It only remains to go for the missing gear in the following panel:

Flip the switch to the torture room and grab the gear body. Check out the next room: you have a workbench where upgrade weapons. Put the gear on the panel and get ready, because a hard fight ahead...

The combat is extremely difficult, and at this point, where the ammunition is rather limited. Despite having to die several times, there is one detail that goes unnoticed and is key to survive the battle: active wheel your right to open the gas and generate a flame in the central conduit, and turns the ball BUTTON X to direct the flames at the entrance and incinerate at a stroke all enemies. You see, a very logical solution but that happens very unnoticed. You can overcome combat with your guns and melee strikes, but not easy with two Pseudo-Executioners and several BOW. Aactive the valve and let the fire do the rest.

Take control of Moira and make lever on the two plates that block the exit door. Once destroyed, open it and go outside. Cross the wooden bridge carefully and inspect the house at the end. The following kinematics put an end to the story of Claire and Moira ... for now.

Chapter 1: Barry Burton and Natalia

You take control of Barry on the cliffs. The path up to the premises is a little sneaky: look carefully the following gameplay to know how to climb. Ah! Beware of bugs!

Barry Arrives

Once inside, go with the sweet Natalia by gloomy corridors of the building. Since she's all sweet you'll find in here, take the gun and start to clear the way.

Clearing the Way

You'll have to make the key control room. To do this, you must disable the traps that have been in place since Moira pulled the switch in the first part of the episode.

With the key and without cheating

Since the last trace of Moira was in the communications tower, Natalia takes you outside. If you want to know the location of all the items you can find the girl before leaving.


It gets ugly: your way to get to the tower bypasses the wooden bridge ... you can not jump for what happened in the first part of the chapter. You will have to give a good rodeo, so get down to work.

As you may have noticed, it's night and hardly see anything. Use constantly Natalia intuition to detect nearby enemies and feel free to explore every corner to open the boxes. Make good use of the skills of small Natalia and ... place the rifle.

Across the forest, the odyssey continues. It is best to stay with the child as long as possible, but do not hesitate to take control to inspect rooms through the gaps in the walls; otherwise it would be impossible to enter. In the adjoining houses you will find ammunition for the rifle, very abundant in the lower levels of difficulty. Take the empty bottles and gunpowder to make homemade bombs and Molotov cocktails: they are very effective.


He goes by the only possible path until you glimpse the communications tower. A double gate with numerous chains and padlock closed you step. And, no: this time not a single brick will serve to destroy the lock. We have fragmented this section into two gameplays: the first corresponds to the next to the tower installations, while in the second you will find the solution to how to open the double gate and combat strategies that you may find helpful:

A Bad

After the explosion, takes one last time control of Barry before the end of the chapter.