Super Stardust Ultra (PS4) review

Super Stardust HD was one of the first modern classic PS3 games. In 2007 downloadable games still peeked shyly at the Store, or at least, the market was still in its infancy when compared to the current offer. With it, the first reaction used to be "just bought this console me say that is very powerful, why I play a shooter?" and perhaps this mentality still exists among certain players, but now there is little difference: Housemarque has earned the respect.

As critical and commercial success, adaptations to other platforms Sony did not wait. PSP, PS Vita and PlayStation 4 track now D3T Ltd., responsible for this conversion. Each of these versions keeps control differences or modes, never altering its essence. Super Stardust Ultra is also almost the same, although with minor tweaks to make a small adjustment to the title.

In Super Stardust we are a pilot orbiting near the surface of planets threatened by asteroids and enemy ships. The goal is to kill all these dangers without dying in the attempt, for this we have dual control lever, left stick for moving and rights for the shooting. The game starts easy but are increasing in difficulty because the rocks are broken into smaller parts to eventually swamp almost the entire field, and also waves of enemies in different behaviors appear periodically. The game space is the entire surface, so that there is constantly rotated to locate targets and enhancers.

There is a twist to this simple mechanics: three types of weapons available characterized by their range of action and especially their effectiveness against every type of asteroid. Color indicates if advisable for certain blue ice blocks shots used instead of green or red whip bullets. Choosing a shot or another is important to survive and get the best scores, as the style of most shoot 'em up tables records and piques friends are constant.

As an extra aid accounts bomb enemies sweeping the area around your ship, a small turbo with short-perfect invincibility to tide when you stay surrounded - and shield that protect an impact player.

If you have any of the previous Super Stardust you wonder what reason is there to make the jump to Ultra. Mainly because the game modes, nine in total starting with the principal, arcade, with five planets each with several stages, bosses and difficulties. The planet mode lets you select one of these worlds unlocked to practice, although the start without accumulated enhancers is not good to beat scores.

Other variants are the trial, survival - endure as possible with indestructible, endless objects with randomly generated waves, impact can only be used where the propellant, bomber that only have bombs, or blockage, which left a trail of rocks there we passed.

The last of the modes is an interactive broadcasting, involving viewers who vote regularly to change what happens in the game. At first it seems bullshit, however these functions is encouraged to play online because the game changes unexpectedly.

It also features multiplayer for up to four players, although limited local. There are both competitive and cooperative modes, and is very addictive if you find another player with a similar level as yours. Too bad there are contemplated online games, just sending challenge users.

Sony announced as the final version of Super Stardust Ultra-what is, at least for anyway- and with the best graphics possible. The latter is true, but don’t expect a quantum leap because there is not, it is practically a carbon copy of Super Stardust HD with better performance in split screens, and of course keeps the 3D mode to compatible TVs. The effects of explosions seems to have changed, but the overall impression is the same except that the surprise is less than the original; all these particles and display items are no longer something out of the ordinary.

Current games like Geometry Wars 3 or the same Housemarque’s Resogun well as fun are spectacular. Super Stardust has lost some freshness visually, not the technical side already took for granted, but because artistically does not waste much personality, a value well worked never expires. Anyway, speaking of graphics in this game is almost inconsequential.

There are three sound styles to choose from: the standard electronic style, retro sounding more 16-bit console-our favorite, and orchestrated. Although the latter is most audio quality, for the type of game is the least fit for the game. They are very catchy music and use the speaker pad to result messages enhancers and change weapons.


Super Stardust Ultra is as addictive as it was nearly ten years ago. Your adjusted difficulty is a permanent challenge even with a seemingly small content, it is, but incites be repeated hundreds of times. Go left over quality and other arcade games, long-term path is in the records and squeeze all modes. It is the typical game that stays in your console generation start to finish while others have just erased most renowned.

The first time user ahead tens of hours of fun, but what that has already squeezed PlayStation 3 or PS Vita? In that case the recommendation is more complicated because we are not facing a sequel or deep extension, which would have been ideal. Buy it if you're an absolute fan of Super Stardust and are willing to repeat the experience.