The Order 1886 (PS4) - All 16 Phonograph Cylinder Locations

In The Order 1886, there are 16 hidden Phonograph Cylinders that you will find in the course of the story. These are audio files that you can listen to. If you collect the phonograph cylinder, they end up in the archives. They usually contain a story or a protocol to an incident. In addition, you will be rewarded with a trophy if you have collected all 16 phonograph cylinders. From the trophies except that 16 collection items provide insight into many interesting details about the story of The Order: 1886

If you have not found a phonograph cylinder, repeat your chapter and collect the items. To facilitate the search, we offer you tips for all locations of the phonograph cylinder in The Order: 1886. In addition, tips to find locations of all documents, newspapers, pictures and objects in The Order 1886 can be found here: The Order 1886 (PS4) walkthrough, all collectible locations 

Chapter 1:

At the very beginning you shall pass through a building to get to the road. If you've crossed some rooms, you can find a lower floor a hall with red carpet to enter. There is on a table on the right wall phonograph cylinder # 1.

Chapter 3:

After you leave the brothel, you climb over the rooftop. With a larger jump you adhere firmly to a projection from which you can directly into a room. In this room there is phonograph cylinder # 2.

If you once more holds you on the boss and continue climbing to the left, you reach a roof on a crate stands. In there you will find phonograph cylinder # 3.

Chapter 4:

Behind the closed door in the rebels' hideout, which you have to crack, there is a desk in the middle of the room. There you will find phonograph cylinder # 4.

To the right is a chest on the floor. There you will find phonograph cylinder # 5.

Chapter 5:

After the cockpit was taken, go through a room where you already waiting. Then you are back on a transition. Turn left on the car next to a locked door find the ponograph cylinder # 6.

After the second bomb was discovered, you have to search for rebels. For this purpose, you walk into a room in which a switch box is located. In the room on a desk you will find the phonograph cylinder # 7.

Chapter 9:

In the subway extension push forward a car to pass to. Once that is done, you go up a gear to the left, instead of following your partner. There is a box of phonograph cylinder # 8.

Behind the foundry, in an alley, you can go down the stairs. There is the phonograph cylinder # 9 on a table.

In a building located on the lower level a locked door. Behind this is a desk with a phonograph cylinder # 10.

Chapter 11:

After you get out of the house, you shall follow Lucian. But instead, you walk down a flight of stairs. There stands in a corner of a box in the phonograph cylinder is # 11.

In the house you have to fight through. After the situation has calmed down a bit, you find yourself in a room, stands on a table in the phonograph cylinder # 12.

On the way to the library, it is after a shootout in a large room with grand piano. If you go high up the stairs, you will find on a large table in the center of the room phonograph cylinders # 13.

In the library on the last shelf on the left is a drawer. There you will find the phonograph cylinder # 14th

In the library on the first shelf on the right side behind a cabinet door you will find the phonograph cylinders # 15.

Chapter 15:

After a shootout in a large room, you can go a long passage to the left. Rather then run to the right, where the battle continues, you walk to the left. There is a box of phonograph cylinders # 16.