Total War: Attila: guide, tips & tricks

Warning, the Huns are coming! And lest overrun Attila and his warriors, here are answers to some burning questions.

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1 Total War Attila: governance - Tips, Tricks and FAQ
2 Total War Attila: fighting and combat system - Tips, Tricks and FAQ
3 Total War Attila: groups: Alans, Franks, Huns, Ostrogoths
4 Total War Attila: groups: Saxony, Sassanid, Vandals, Visigoths, Western Rome
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Total War Attila: governance - Tips, Tricks and FAQ

Power, intrigue and rebellion - Total War: Attila makes you the ruler of a great empire with all its consequences. In round mode control its settlements, built on rural roads and plays diplomat.

Help! In my new provincial towns the mood drops. A rebellion is imminent. What should I do?

After taking a secondary settlement or even a capital first is development work on the plan. Repair the possibly damaged or battered building. Then the city benefited again from their benefits. For starters should also - if possible - an army place there. This keeps the public order and provides first for peace.

In the long term however, this is not a solution. Therefore, take a look at the city details. They betray you, who want to be satisfied that needs, so for example, belief or food. Accordingly, the future construction projects must be planned. Corruption is a problem, you must consult the other hand, a spy.

Finally, of course, people want exactly what politicians’ promises in every election: less taxes. The lowering of the tax rate improves mood in the nation, but hurts the family budget. Therefore, you should not choose this step as a permanent solution, but only for the transition.

If the rebellion against in full swing, there is only fast, military intervention with maximum available resources. Otherwise, the separatists addressed heavy damage!

Horde mechanism - How do I get pulling my people into the handle?

Peoples such as the Huns and Vandals play fundamentally unlike the Ostrogoths, the Sassanids or the Romans. You have (initially) not traditional settlements, but put their tents wherever it suits them. Their economy is based not only from the constructed buildings, but also on the conquered from looting resources.

You must therefore play offensively and just make the campaign began with a few armies much distance. Only in this way bring namely sufficiently pure gold coins to build a functioning economy. In addition, it is worth it as quickly as possible to set up a tribute States. Salvation is here actually in the steady movement.

Should I storm or besiege a city?

Clear answer: Only besiege, if time permits. A long siege weakens the defense greatly and facilitated the conquest following clear. Who has a particularly long breath, may even force warring parties in the long term to surrender.

Diplomacy: How do I make my enemies into friends? When should I accept peace Requests? Can I simply break agreements?

Diplomacy is a double-edged sword. It facilitates a lot, but you also bind to other peoples and their long-term actions. Break their example, namely a peace agreement in no time and fall an ally one year after the pact in the back. As a result, future negotiations will be much harder.

Especially at the beginning of a campaign, it is very useful to conclude the first alliances. For as you can possibly attract the attention of the Huns or the Romans attention to another party or use it as a shield against potential attacks. At the same time trade agreements are extremely valuable, for example, to strengthen its economy. Do you want to improve relations with allies further, let them marry into your family.

Later, there is then clearly tangible to the point. Underdog parties you often offer payments in exchange for a peace treaty. Reject such proposals and make these folks to your tribute State or take them completely. This is the better choice in the long term.

When do I use fire to my advantage? Is it worth burn down provinces?

Fire should always be the last solution - no matter what the benefits from the flames. In attack on enemy settlements fire jumping over buildings and is most hurtful. At the same time it also demoralized defenders and may tip the balance. With a little skill, this provides even with stronger forces for a performance hit, thus opening opportunities.

To devastate a conquered province, only make sense if you order in connection nothing more or are planning your opponents want to permanently weaken with brief forays. Otherwise, you should limit the use of fire to a minimum. Because even after a victory cometh the fire dearly. You must repaired all damage buildings again and pay with hard cash. Devastated provinces, however, take years before they have recovered from such attacks.

What do I have to pay family tree? Which subjects and members shall I use? And how I react to sudden choices?

For these questions there are unfortunately no ideal solution. Basically, you should in the family tree always the values domination and control in mind. Sacrifices in doubt even a mighty general or family member before your stats go to the basement.

Total War Attila: fighting and combat system - Tips, Tricks and FAQ

The real-time battles are a crucial part in the newest offspring of the Total War series. Therefore, we devote a separate subsection.

No Chance! I have a feeling that my soldiers fight only at half strength. What's up?

There are two possible reasons: stamina and morale. Who scares his comrades only with double clicks in the sprint across the battlefield, his troop leaches. This leads to reduced performance. Therefore: Give your units in real-time mode occasionally take a break and operates reserved. Only with a controlled offensive you come here to success.

The moral is equally important. The soldiers now react very sensitively to changes on the battlefield. If your convoy Spearman example flanked or even put in a pincer movement, they make off speedy and lose heart. Therefore, you should always make sure that your troops stay in formation and not sprint like wild tangle of a skirmish to the next.

Make sure that you don’t burned your General and loses by storm. His mere presence brings a morale bonus Naturally, there are the Commands box. On the other side you should just take advantage of this in the fight: Look at the ground and placed ranged as archers on elevated positions. Used for wing attacks mounted troops and levers as early as possible from the enemy general.

What do I have to do to fight with the Huns?

The Huns are - together with the Romans - the strongest opponents in the game. Attila's troops appear always in great mass and put preferably mounted units. These are extremely agile and flank a fast scissors movements. Counter-tactic: Place either self cavalry on the wings and let it come to a confrontation. Or try to secure the edges with spearmen.

At the same time the Huns act very quickly. This has sometimes led to the fact that they completely tear apart your formation and thus created huge holes in the defense. Stick together your troops and try the Huns with fast evasive movements or even cut them off.

Total War, Attila

How do I conquer a fortified city? What's with the conquest points about?

Before even coming in for major offensive, you should explore the area. As a result, you can see the position of barricades and may detect gaps in the defense, you might miss in the heat of battle.

Conquest Points are important but not decisive battle. They function after the capture-the-flag principle. The more troops so flocking around the flag point, the faster you take it on. This brings your troops a valuable morale bonus. BUT: Check out the layout of the fortress ahead of you well and decides if you get a capture point, without sending equal to half your army on a suicide mission.

Basically, it is always wise during the siege, the same attack from several fronts. Even if you placed your siege machines at the main gate, then an association of horsemen and archers on the other side of the festivals pry open a second door and ensuring that they enjoy the hustle and bustle.

What should I watch for marine units? Should I attack from the sea?

Basically attack from the ships to a settlement or enemy troops is not a good idea. The attack values - especially of classic country units - are on board a ship much lower. Not least because they may even suffer from seasickness. Therefore: Bring your troops only on land, waiting for a game and then attack. If, on the other hand to a naval war, it pays to invest in the expensive, maritime forces. Your combat stats are on board the vessels significantly higher and can offer an additional benefit.

Total War Attila: groups: Alans, Franks, Huns, Ostrogoths, Ostrom

There are a total of ten playable races in Total War: Attila. They all have different starting conditions, economic conditions and ways of playing. The degree of challenge bottom right of the screen - sort of "easy" to "legendary" - is a good indicator of the tactical demands of the fractions.


The army of the Alans is cleaved at the beginning of the campaign in two trays - one west and one east of the Black Sea. As a result, attack with two force groups and resulting supply, at least initially impossible. So here requires a more complex strategy, go with the Eastern troops first in the Caucasus. The resident Abkhazians and Lasika are indeed tough chunks, but beatable with skill. Then you move there and upgraded your own civilization. In the West, it runs like. Bold natures plunder some of the Eastern Roman settlements. Alternatively, the small German tribes are in the center of Europe is also a potential target.


As might be guessed the name, the Franks settled in what is now France. As a result, their area is immediately adjacent to that of the Western Roman Empire. Direct military alliances have the Franks, however, non-aggression pacts with the Alemanni, the fishing and the Western Roman Empire. In this respect, the initial situation is calm. The key to more power lies in northern Britain and far to the north of Scandinavia. The resident peoples - for instance, the Picts in Britain or the Jutes in Scandinavia - are easy prey, and avid tribute payers. Therefore: Increases the troops and send them to the lake to the north. The second army led her back as a defense.


The Huns are undoubtedly the most extraordinary fraction in Total War: Attila. Because they can be located at any time. The horsemen draws its power from the war and the battle. With vigor one must also go with them to work. Their focus on mounted units requires some skill on the battlefield. The aim of the Huns is of course the rich West Central Europe. The northern tribes of Germania are a godsend for the Huns before you mess with the Eastern Roman Empire. Occasional pause of at least some army associations worthwhile to develop advanced types of buildings and to continuously recruit new forces.


The Ostrogoths have an immediate problem: the mighty Huns. The declaration of war is pronounced at the beginning of the campaign. For too long, should not remain in the starting area is therefore. Rather, they first plundered the lands of the Gepid and then moves on to the northwest. In order to cut the Huns and prevents the way that this one suddenly fall into the flank. Roman conquests positions are particularly useful for the Ostrogoths. In settlements with existing buildings, namely, they are able to recruit Roman units.

Eastern Roman Empire

The Eastern Roman Empire is therefore extremely difficult to keep huge and accurately. It burns and burns here literally on all fronts. Huns, Alans and Visigoths are the East archenemies. Who wants to keep the allies area. Therefore, the wise commander initially bought friendship and brings example, the Ostrogoths to his side. Thus, the Huns are once distracted. The second major threat is the Sassanids in the southeast. Although they are inferior to the Eastern Roman Empire numerically, but can nevertheless due to the large distance can be a nuisance. This creates a non-aggression pact remedy. The first propagation experiments should still go to the east. The resident tribes of the Lasika, Armenia and Kartlier are easy prey for the strong Roman armies. Tip: Try to close trade agreements with allies. The Eastern Roman Empire automatically receives 50 percent higher tariffs than other peoples.

Total War Attila: groups: Saxony, Sassanid, Vandals, Visigoths, Western Rome

Good suitable for beginners: The Saxons have their territory in northern central Europe. Their sphere of influence is manageable, the same is true for their army. Should rest too long, you look but do not. Otherwise, a move that is slowly gaining strength francs from the West or the slightly weaker Lombards from the south on the fur. The alliance with the fishing in the north secures at least from this area, while still providing access to Britain. But in the early years it is better to conquer Central Europe and dedicate themselves only with some certainty in the back of the Western Roman Empire.


The Sassanids are perfect as a beginner class. Their economy is booming, their cities are clean and free of pests. And on top of that the starting position in the southeast of the map is really quiet and free from stronger aggressors. Therefore, first strengthen the northern borders and attempt to bring the remaining people under its control. The existing alliance partners will enjoy tax relief. So keeping them happy and prevent time being rebellions. The calm before the storm they are also used for the construction of the main cities and of course a strong army. Namely riots come as sure as the gospel truth, and long-term spread to the northwest is inevitable. For these steps, you should have invested in accordance technologies and a thriving economy.


The gameplay of the Vandals based on the looting of enemy positions. Just as they take a sufficient gold. Therefore, it pulls the traveling people at once in the south of Europe. On the way you take even with weaker German tribes such as the Quadi and Marcomanni. Once in the south, amuses you look at the small towns of the Western Roman Empire. That will not be easy, but the Romans are weakened and vulnerable to the multi-front war. Too big breaks should not treat it yourself. Because the Huns are waiting in the wings and the Vandals are much superior. Therefore, the long-term goal is North Africa.


The Visigoths start as a mobile Horde people right in the sphere of influence of the Eastern Roman Empire. Not a good place. Although keeps you here by plundering settlements addition to water, but in the long term, the Romans are too powerful for the Visigoths. Therefore, salvation lies in the west. Here again offer the small peoples of Germania. Who it still manages to attract the Franks from their reserve, there should build a first fixed settlement and abjure of nomadic. In the Visigoths, the construction of a toll-state system is worth twice. You get namely 500 gold pieces separately for each satellite state. So before you burn down areas, you probably should try to incorporate them otherwise.

Western Roman Empire

The Western Roman Empire is a colossus - huge in size, but also with many problems. Here to keep track of the boundaries, is a nearly impossible task Therefore, there is just the beginning, the only choice is to some less important territories. For example, in Britain or North Africa - cede. Attention, but not too many! Otherwise, the proposed negative impact on the morale of the remaining cities and possibly leads to a rebellion. First, you should definitely focus here on the European continent and spread the influence of the East. Important: The Eastern Roman Empire is a necessary ally in the fight against the Huns and the Sassanids. Therefore, occasional gifts and maintaining diplomatic relations are important. The actual spread of the own territory should only take place when once peace has returned in the State and also borders are adequately protected.


A born Plague: Make sure your faction survive until birth Attila the Hun.

Taste for Murder: Murder 10 kills characters.

Access Denied !: Fight and win a siege battle against 20 or more units without the enemy getting on walls or in the settlement.

Against All Odds: Win a campaign battle in which you are outnumbered 10-to-1.

All-Rounder: Investigation at least 1 of each category of technology research.

Attila dead Kill Attila the Hun, by any means available.

Decapitate the Serpent: As the Vandals sack Rome.

Bloody Kill 10,000 enemies in battles. Action of shipment: successfully tackle a ship during a naval battle.

Boatmen: Play and win the naval battle one campaign. Burn Baby Burn: Saco 10 Settlements Huns.

Burning Convictions: Burn 75% of an enemy Solution during a siege battle.

Burning Seas: Using Greek fire to destroy an enemy ship and its crew.

Butcher: Kill 100,000 enemy in battle.

César Reborn: Complete the Campaign on Legendary difficulty Gran fighting and winning every battle.

Cloak and Dagger: Make 1 of each type of agent (priest, spyware and veteran) reached the highest level at the same time.

Profitable: Fight Killer and win a land battle campaign that has spent half or fewer units than the enemy.

Cupid's arrow: Arrange 20 matrimoniosla demagoguery Use Preach Intolerance capacity of a priest in a solution 3 times.

Eternal Eagle: Complete the Grand Campaign as the Eastern Roman Empire.

Famous General: Fight and win 6 different historical battles.

Franci, my dear, could not give a damn !: Complete Grand Campaign as the Franks.

Fresh meat: Play and win 1 Quick Battle multiplayer.

Bathed by Gore: 1000000 Mata enemies in battles.

Gothic War: Complete the Grand Campaign as the Geats.

Governor: Achieve 10 edicts during one campaign.

The grizzled veterans: Complete Grand Campaign while undefeated align an army or fleet from the start.

Hammer and Anvil: Attack an enemy unit from behind while already engaged to another.

Head for business: Rescue 10,000 enemy soldiers.

Heroic Defense: Play and win a siege campaign with just the garrison against 20 or more units of attackers.

I'm still standing: Complete Grand Campaign as the Western Roman Empire.

Imperialist: Win a campaign on legendary difficulty.

Inside Man: Use Poison Stores ability of a spy in a solution 3 times.

Iron Achieve your infantry unit recovers 3 times during a single battle campaign.

It's a start ...: Sink 10 enemy ships in naval battles.

Jute one minute !: Complete Grand Campaign as the Jutes.

Matar: Finishing mode Murder at least 1,000 enemy soldiers in a battle campaign with a single unit. The legendary General Gran Complete Campaign on Legendary difficulty without self-resolving battles. Nepotism ensure that 3 successive generations of characters from level same family 5. Noctophilia scope Fight and win a battle in overnight. It obeys my orders! Tops successfully meet 3 times in a battle campaign Ostrogothic Kingdom Complete the Grand Campaign as Ostrogoths. RAM has touched the wall and win Game 1 siege speed campaign battle Ramming! Destroy an enemy ship with an onslaught. Raw Recruit fight and win one land battle I campaign. Sky red at night? Delight Admirals'! Burn 10 enemy ships during a battle campaign. Soldier regulate land battles Fight and win 5 of campaign. Resting in my account ... embezzling 10,000 funds.

Ride Dragon's Breath: Fight and win a battle fog. Saboteur conditions: Use capacity sabotage of a veteran in a settlement times.

Sanctuary: Control of a province where 70% of the population are refugees still public order remains positive.

Sasánida Supremacy: Complete Grand Campaign as the Sassanid Empire. Saxon Shores Complete Grand Campaign as Romanes Saxon.

Scholae: Research all available technologies for the Roman Empire Earth Policy Occidente. Scorched: Completely destroy one of its own settlements to avoid falling into the hands of enemy.

Whip Civilization: Complete the Grand Campaign as Besieger Huns. Seasoned: Fight and win siege battles seasoned campaign.

Scrapper: Fight and win battles fast five multiplayer.

Semper Fi: Rout a unit of land with a marine unit during a battle Sheer campaign. Vandalism Complete Grand Campaign as vandals.

Do I Show it ?, no thanks !: Kill at least 1,000 enemy soldiers in a single campaign battle.

Siege of engineers: Field crossbow or onager unit during a siege battle campaign.

Does the fence ?: Fight and win a siege battle without damaging the settlement in any way.

Slaughter at Sea: Hunde 1,000 enemy ships in naval battles.

Social climber: Organize a promotion for a family member.

Estepa Survivors: Complete Grand Campaign as the Alans.

Genius tactic: Use 3 skills during one battle campaign.

No prisoners: Destroy all enemy army, killing everyone and take no prisoners.

The Gothic War: Complete the Prologue campaign.

The more things change: Change state religion and convert 50% of the population of his empire to it.

The other way: Change state religion of his faction to minor religions.

The Power of Three: Captures 3 settlements during the Grand Campaign.

This is total war !: Win the game to have declared war on each faction Once found, and never negotiating a peace treaty.

In training !: Being in training while engaging an enemy.

Tribute: As the Huns, get a gift 2000 State of the Romans.

Veni, Vedi, Vici !: Complete Grand Campaign fighting and winning every battle.

Veni, Vedi, Vici !: Complete an entire campaign, play and win every battle.

Working very cheap: Control of a province in which 5% of its revenue is derived from slaves.

Veteran Admiral: Fight and earn 25 naval battles of the campaign.

Veteran Besieger: Fight and earn 25 siege battles of the campaign.

The veteran general: Fight and win 25 land battles of the campaign.

Scrapper Veteran: Fight and win 25 multiplayer battles quick.

Viking Sunrise: Complete Campaign as Great Danes.

Visigothic Kingdom Complete Grand Campaign as the Visigoths.

Aguada Graves: Sink 100 enemy ships during naval battles.

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