Battlefield - Hardline (PC) beginner's guide

In our Beginner's Guide to Battlefield - Hardline we show you the basic tips and tricks for multiplayer mode. So you dominate your enemies in the new shooter, there are several things to consider. With our assistance you will be able to improve your skills and get faster on the level.

Before the fight

- Finding the right server
- Try out classes at the beginning
- Buy weapons - use currency correctly

Aim and shoot

- Improve aim and shoot
- Hold the Map in sight
- Mock


- The Alpha and Omega
- Use classes better
- Tactical understanding

Advanced battle tactics

- Interrogate enemies
- Tactical reloading
- An ear for the situation

Matching Server

At the beginning of your career in Battlefield - Hardline you should not locate the server with most of the players in the same house. In order to make you familiar with the practices, you should choose a smaller server, where the number of players remains manageable. In this way you can get first and get used to the game a sense of the maps.

Once you have familiarized with the multiplayer mode, you can go step forward and bring you down into the large crowd. Then you have a better understanding of game modes, maps, and the paths of your enemies.

Try Classes

In the first hours of multiplayer mode you should definitely try out the different classes. Each role has certain advantages and disadvantages and may wear special gadgets. If you are concentrating only on a class you will lose out against a broad-based squad quickly.

Especially the first hours of play are thus ideal to familiarize yourself with the classes. So you can quickly respond to difficult situations and change your role later in the game. Only in the way you are always one step ahead of the enemy.

Game Currency

For every successful action in Battlefield - Hardline you get a certain amount on your account. Both kills, and the doing of mission goals give you cash, which you can buy and unlock weapons and gadgets. Don’t waste your money at the beginning. The weapons available at the beginning are excellent for the first few hours. During this time you can already raking a big chunk of coal.

With this accumulated money you can buy arms in the long run. Best for the classes that you play most often. Then you will get a little better. Then we recommend you to upgrade to the other classes. Only then you will be better even in less popular roles and can dominate your opponents in the long term.

Improve aim and shoot

To land more kills have to watch her two important things. First, for those who stock up their opponents with a hail of bullets will usually lose out. In Battlefield - Hardline you have to put in a control burst. This means that you only press briefly the shot button and let short pauses between bursts. As a result, the precision increases enormously because you have to compensate for less recoil.

On the other hand you have the so-called Bullet Drop. This means that the longer the path of the bullet is, they must travel to the destination, the deeper kick on. This is particularly important in the medium to long distance, ie, mainly for snipers. But other soldiers benefit from the knowledge. So you can meet with individual burst at long range if you fire a little bit about your goal. For this, a little practice is required. But after a while you get a feel for the trajectory of projectiles.

Keep an eye on the Map

The mini-map in the lower left corner is your best friend in online battles. Then you can see not only the position of your colleagues, vehicles and weapons, but also marked enemies. They are displayed to you on the basis of an orange arrow. If you always look at the map, in most situations you can foreshadow.

So you recognize travel the path based on the viewing direction or the direction of the arrow on the map. You then positioned so that you can surprise the enemy. This technique calls for some practice, but worth it in any case.

Spotting - Mark Enemies

One of the most important, yet least used features is the so-called spotting. With a push of a button you can select your targeted enemy for your entire team. This applies both to the game world (with an arrow through the head), and by a marking on the mini map at the bottom left.

In addition, once the target is turned off you get a bonus. In this way, you help the team and also get points for it. Be even inferior to your opponent team, it may be worthwhile to go up a hill and to highlight the enemies of this position. Especially Snipers are suitable for this job.

If you mock all enemies assail a goal, it makes it more difficult for them to compete against your fellow. The same is also true for vehicles and helicopters that are occupied by enemies.


In Battlefield - Hardline course, there is nothing more important than teamwork. Only if you work together as a unit with your fellow players, you will face your enemies may exist. On an individual level you will rarely see land. Not for nothing are the squads. Come to an already well-filled squad and abide by the instructions of the conductor.

Alternatively, there is the role of the hacker who can give you instructions as well. These are then regarded not only for your squad, but for the whole team. If you communicate well with your team and the squad, you can quickly respond to approaching predators and thus victoriously left the battlefield.

Use Classes Properly

Every class in Battlefield - Hardline has its assigned task. Operator is the paramedics of the game and takes care of the violations of team members. Mechanics take care of ailing vehicles and distribute with their grenade launchers enormous damage. Enforcers are the melee class, as they do with their shotgun in confined spaces short shrift. Finally, the pros are as snipers go that disable their targets from great distances.

To really exist, you are allowed to restrict not only to a class. Depending on the situation, you should adjust your playing style and also change the role as needed. An example: If a fellow operator struck down next to you, you can grab his gear and you then revive him. Then he plays with your old equipment on. Such tricks make you much more flexible and unpredictable for the opponent.

Understanding Tactical

To bring an advantage to your team, you should know about a little bit with tactical measures. Since in Battlefield - Hardline you can also block your team members, you should never have shortages. Who blocked doors or the end of conductors, conceded certainly the hatred of his teammates. So always stay in motion and position yourself in a corner or next to entrances, if it is really necessary.

It is always helpful if you work together with your squad. You should not focus on an own goal, if your team wants to take the selected mission objective. Indented ever before with your mates and give you another cover. In the best case, each ensures input or output, so you can not be surprised.

Interrogate Enemies

As a new feature of Battlefield - Hardline can also interrogate your enemies. This is only possible if you do off from behind undetected with a melee attack. Then your opponent is tied up on the floor and out of the game. However, this then you still have the opportunity to interrogate him. Just press this button to interact.

Then slowly fill a small circle. If the display is full, the interrogation is successful. In a particular area now the team members of your opponent are displayed. This tactic is very risky because you cannot defend great during questioning. But it can also bring a huge advantage if you can locate your opponents easily.

Tactical Reloading

A special one is the so-called tactical reloading. Here your magazine size increased by a bullet. An example: You have an assault rifle with a magazine that carries 30 rounds. Shoot an empty magazine and invite by now, you've obviously again 30 rounds in the magazine. Miss but not all bullets in a magazine, one of which remains in the gun barrel.

Invite now after you've shot a total of 31 in your weapon (30 in the magazine and a bullet remains in the running). As a result, you have at least a small advantage, as each bullet can make the decision. Also for snipers, this tactic is very. In addition, you are wasting no ammunition, because you don’t just lose any unused magazine in early reloading. All shots will transfer to your ammo.

An ear for the situation

An important aspect of tactical overview is what you can hear on the battlefield. So you read some situations even before they happen. With shout of your enemies, explosions and shots you can make a rough estimate.

How many enemies are in your area? What kind of weapons they carry? And above all: From which direction they approach? Amazon, in the course if you have headphones because then you can estimate the direction better.