Battlefield - Hardline (PC) Weapons - Overview

In this guide to Battlefield - Hardline you will find all the weapons available in the multiplayer mode. So that you do not lose track of these are classified by categories.

The statistics on the attached pictures always shows the comparison with the standard equipment of Cops and Robbers. Weapons that are only a fraction reserved are also marked as such.


- Carbine
- Assault Rifle
- Gun
- Special


- SMGs
- Revolver
- Special


- Shotguns
- Automatic rifles
- Heavy gun
- Special


- Sniper Rifles - Bolt action
- Precision - Semi-automatic
- MP
- Special



The standard armament of the operator. Relatively good values in precision, control and range. Weak damage. Ideally suited to complete the first hours of play with this class.

Cost: No

Restrictions: None

SG 553

In almost all values better than the standard weapon. An upgrade after some time can already be worthwhile to inflict more damage especially.

Costs: $ 21,600

Limitations: police


Compare to the standard only higher damage. But it has a rate of fire of 750 as opposed to the 700 of the SG 553rd

Price: $ 42,000

Limitations: police


In almost all values better than the RO933. However, only on a smaller distance really effective. Nevertheless, the better alternative for criminals.

Costs: $ 21,000

Limitations: Criminal

Assault Rifles


Less control. This is compensated by the high rate of fire.

Costs: $ 37,500

Limitations: police


The first assault rifle of the operator on the criminal side. It makes much more damage than the RO933, but can be bad check. Nevertheless, this weapon, primarily due to the price, a good compromise for the assault rifles.

Costs: $ 12,000

Limitations: Criminal


After ARM the second best assault rifle for criminals. Thanks to the high price but you will need some time until you can hold it in your hands.

Costs: $ 43,800

Limitations: Criminal


Significantly higher precision and damage than the standard weapon. For this lower rate of fire. The ARM you can only use it when you got the operator Syndicate badge.

Cost: Free

Restrictions: Operator Syndicate badge

- Unlock the G17 (Operator Assignment 2)
- Purchase of ten Operator weapons or compatible tops
- Gold Star Service Operator
- 200 kills with assault rifles
- Operator level 4 call
- 15 Revive Coins
- 15 First Aid Pack Coins



The standard pistol of the operator. It has good values into three categories, but can be really dangerous only in the short far is it.

Cost: No

Restrictions: None


Better alternative than the standard pistol. This should buy it as soon as you have the wherewithal. Concentrate first on but the primary weapons of the operator.

Costs: $ 17,400

Limitations: police


The second weapon of criminals. Increased precision, but less control. Again, Concentrate only on the primary armament, so you can heat up your opponents.

Cost: $ 6000

Limitations: Criminal


This weapon you have to work out only by the operator challenge. But they have very high values and the highest precision.

Cost: No

Restrictions: Operator Assignment 2

- Operator service Bronze Star 2: Ten kills with assault rifles and ten cures to team members
- Operator service Bronze Star 7: 25 kills with assault rifles and five Revive Coins



The Stunner can rely on short distance incapacitate your enemies. Just as with a melee attack from behind you can then interrogate them to reveal the position of the enemy team on the map.

Costs: $ 21,000

Restrictions: None

Target Arrow

The target arrow can only be used to mark enemies. In contrast to spot you can this device at soldiers and vehicles use that can be targeted by rocket launchers with target device then.

Costs: $ 16,200

Restrictions: None



The starting gun mechanic. They are both recyclables. Thanks to the muffler you are not visible to opponents on the map when it fires. This MP is effective only on really short distance.

Cost: No

Restrictions: None

M / 45

The M / 45 is relatively cheap and can be bought after a short time, therefore. However, it is not particularly better than the MP5K. The only advantage is that the larger magazine.

Cost: $ 9000

Limitations: police


The MPX is distinguished mainly by its larger magazine and the increased range. Otherwise it corresponds to the values of the MP5K. But due to their greater range, it is the much better alternative to M / 45th

Costs: $ 19,800

Limitations: police


The K10 is characterized by the highest control value. But it is far less precise than the competition. With a rate of fire of 1200 it leaves the other SMGs but far behind.

Costs: $ 33,000

Limitations: police


The UMP-45 is the first alternative for the criminals. In contrast to the equivalent in police side, this also has a real benefit. Due to the enormous increase in range you are much better than with the MP5K.

Costs: $ 10,200

Limitations: Criminal


The UZI is designed for players who feel they have too little shot in the magazine. For the Uzi is relatively low and has 32 shot. In addition, she is a little better than the MP5K.

Costs: $ 18,000

Limitations: Criminal


The P90 shines through a long range and tremendous control. To arrange this with loss of precision and the damage expected. To compensate for this weapon has the largest magazine of SMGs.

Costs: $ 30,000

Limitations: Criminal


The FMG9 you must also be unlocked through several tasks. There is then you free of charge.

Cost: No

Limitations: Mechanic Syndicate badge

- Mechanics Assignment 2 (unlock the Bald Eagle)
- Acquire ten weapons or attachments for the mechanic
- Kill 200 enemies with SMGs
- Obtained mechanic level 4 call
- 15 Repair Tool Coins
- 15 Anti-Vehicle Coins


.38 SNUB

The first revolver, which is available to you with the mechanic. It is extremely accurate at short distances and a good alternative in confined areas.

Cost: No

Restrictions: None

.357 RS

The .357 RS is the first option on the part of the cops. You can control significantly worse than the SNUB. For ye judge but also more damage. Since you are doing well with the starting gun and has not many choices, you should only invest money if you need anything urgent.

Costs: $ 16,800

Limitations: police


The Magnum is clearly stronger than remaining turret. But it can only be bad check. Will cause you more harm to the sidearm, this is exactly the right choice. However, we recommend just buying, if you have money left over really.

Costs: $ 16,800

Restriction: criminal

.410 JURY

This weapon you must first unlock by tasks. Although it has similar bad values, it has an important advantage: It uses shotgun ammunition that gives you a distinct advantage over short distances and in closed rooms.

Cost: No

Restrictions: Mechanic order 2

- Ten SMG kills and five vehicle repairs
- 25 SMG kills and ten destroyed with the gadget sabotage vehicles


870P Magnum

The standard shotgun of Enforcers. With you judge her great harm to short distances. To arrange this, however briefly reload after each shot. Use it only in narrow spaces.

Cost: No

Restrictions: No

37 Stakeout

The Stakeout depends less damage than the Magnum, but it has a higher precision. Thanks to the low price you can just knock and try what weapon you like better.

Cost: $ 6000

Restrictions: police

Spas 12

The Spas 12 is bad from the values ago as the Magnum. However, it has more shot before you have to recharge fully. In addition, must not, as in the other shotguns, pumped between shots. This means that you can shoot faster.

Cost: $ 7800

Restrictions: criminal


The shotgun with the highest amount of damage you must first unlock. But then she is free. But it has only two sure shot before you have to reload again.

Cost: No

Restrictions: Enforcer Syndicate badge

- Acquired ten Enforcer weapons or related articles
- 200 kills with the shotgun or the quick-firing gun
- Enforcer Level 4- reputation
- 15 Ammo Re-supply Coins
- 15 Ballistic Shield Coins

Automatic rifle


The Scar-H is the first automatic rifle of the Enforcer on the police side. In contrast to the shotguns that arm does not rely on damage, but on precision and scope, and thus the Enforcer even more flexible.

Costs: $ 26,400

Restrictions: police


The HCAR largely corresponds to the Scar-H. However, it is still a little more specific than the first automatic rifle. But it also suggests a deep hole into your account. In addition, it fires a little slower.

Costs: $ 37,200

Restrictions: police


The first rapid-fire gun on the criminal side corresponds in many parts of the Scar-H of the police.

Cost: 25,200

Restrictions: criminal


With the HK51 you can change over to the fire mode shock, firing a short burst. But for that you lost a lot of precision and have to cope with a smaller magazine.

Costs: $ 34,800

Restrictions: criminal

Heavy gun


The 45T is the standard gun of the Enforcer. The values are for pistols relatively well. But they did a pretty heavy recoil.

Cost: No

Restrictions: No


With its high precision, the M1911A1 from the other guns of the Enforcer stands out. Only on something you have to do without control here. This makes them a good, if somewhat expensive, alternative to starting weapon.

Costs: $ 13,200

Restrictions: police

.40 Per

Although the .40 per dislike cause the most damage, but is equipped with the largest magazine of the Enforcer pistols. In addition, it fires the fastest.

Cost: $ 7200

Restrictions: criminal

Bald Eagle

The Bald Eagle you must first unlock via Enforcer orders. She is available for free. It is aimed at enormous damage, losing only to controllability.

Cost: No


- Covered ten Shotgun - or automatic rifle kills and ten team members with ammunition
- Ward 25 Shotgun - or automatic rifle kills and 250 points of damage with the shield

Sniper Rifles - Cylinder

Scout Elite

The first sniper rifle professionals. It is you from the beginning onward. You can be fired very quickly despite the cylinder lock. Here there are also variations on without Sight, to carry them in close combat.

Cost: No

Restrictions: No

R700 LTR

Thanks to high precision, range and damage the R700 LTR is perfect for long distances. So the cops have a great alternative for Scout Elite.

Cost: 48.00 dollars

Restrictions: police


The second sniper rifle on the side of the criminals. It is similar to the R700 the cops.

Costs: $ 51,000

Restrictions: criminal

.300 Knockout

The knockout lives up to its name. In addition to their high values, a muffler is securely installed. This means that you do not see enemies on the map when you shoot.

Cost: No

Restrictions: Senior Syndicate badge

- Ten professional weapons or related articles
- 200 kills with sniper rifles
- Professional Level 4 Reputation
- 15 Camera Coins
- 15 Marksman Coins

Precision - Semi-Automatic

Socom 16

The Socom 16 is the first semi-automatic sniper rifle. They are due to their low recoil a perfect replacement if the distance is not sufficient for a sniper rifle.

Costs: $ 24,000

Restrictions: police


The SR-25 ECC is not quite as effective at long range, but a pounding faster. It has a larger magazine than the Socom 16. Here it is not the best rifle in Battlefield.

Costs: $ 40,200

Restrictions: police

Saiga .308

The Saiga is more suitable for close combat, because it inflicts less damage. There has little recoil.

Costs: $ 22,800

Restrictions: criminal


The PTR-91 has a built-in silencer and an extended magazine. Thus, it can also have its values to compensate for something he will run for a good alternative to Saiga .308.

Costs: $ 39,000

Restrictions: criminal



The standard pistol of professionals is excellent in close combat. Due to their automatic fire mode, it is the small submachine gun with which you can do much damage at short range.

Cost: No

Restrictions: No


The first alternative to the G18C on the part of the police. The precision and control is indeed increased, but it does not have a full automatic fire mode. As a result, it is inferior in melee than the other MPs.

Costs: $ 10,800

Restrictions: police


The Tec-9 is a better alternative to the G18C, since they can be handled easily. In addition, the other values are slightly higher. Criminals should consider purchasing these secondary weapon if they have plenty of change left over.

Costs: $ 19,200

Restrictions: criminal


The Mac-10 can only be obtained by completing their professional jobs. After that it is free of charge. But it is only suitable for immediate melee, since its recoil is very strong.

Cost: No

Restrictions: Professional Job 2

- Ten kills with the sniper rifle and five kills by laser mines
- 25 kills with the sniper rifle and five Camera Coins


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