Battlefield Hardline (PS4) - achievements, cheats

The new release of Battlefield has come and challenge us once again to overcome its spearhead the campaign mode and multiplayer, remaining above the other players. First we will give some tips for those of you first in this franchise and then the trophies:

Take Gadgets: In Battlefield we can throw the battlefield with all the artillery, but something that sometimes helpful is to take a few minutes to become familiar with the gadgets we have. Many of them are an essential part to form the strategy that leads to the goal. For example, we zip line to travel long distances at high altitudes, or hook that we can use to climb buildings and jump obstacles.

Melee: There are some practices that we see pearls, if we want to make nonfatal attacks. For example, we have the stun gun, and how to use it is to hold down the shutter button after aiming at your target. We may also use other weapons to strike a blow. To do this, the best that we can get closer to an enemy from behind. Following a non-fatal attack on an enemy we can just keep questioning button interaction while we watch. After performing this action other enemies appear on the map. Let's not forget gas grenades, which will make the enemy lose some accuracy and allow us to more easily remove them.

Heist: In this type of game in which we compete with other players, a good practice is to know the map to know which sites are the best to hide or catch the enemy off guard. Once we have recognized the ground know that there are weapons located at strategic points, such as scaffolding, roofing, ... Using the zip line or hook we can upload them and take full advantage Battlefield Hardline puts at our disposal. Don’t forget that we can find cars like the helicopter is near the roof of criminals.

Classes: The Enforcer will allow us to carry heavy weapons and explosives, give us more resistance to damage, or the possibility of using the ballistic shield when you have coverage. An interesting ability is to attack the enemy with it. The Operator is more focused on healing the colleagues and yourself. The Survivor allows us to revive with just one call. The Professional is the hardest, we lethal weapons and gadgets with which we can deceive and capture the enemies. It's the best strategist. Finally we have the Mechanic will be the perfect class to handle vehicles and make explosions. With it we can stop enemy vehicles, repair of ours.


A day in Vice: You must finish the Prologue in single player mode.

Pressure: You must finish the episode 1: Back to school.

Follow investigating detective: You must terminate any case file in single player mode.

Under the Rules: Knock offenders without killing a 10-player mode.

Motley Crew: You have to scan all visible criminals from the roof in Chapter 1: Back to school.

Bumpy Ride: You must finish Chapter 2: Rotten apple.

You Tazed Him, Bro!: You must stun five offenders with T62 CEW in single player mode.

Your Face Sounds Familiar: You have to locate 10 offenders warrant using the scanner in single player mode.

You're Getting Good at This: You'll have to reach the level of Expert 5 in single player mode.

Deal? What deal ?: You must finish the chapter 3: Bait for alligators.

One of the good: You must finish Chapter 4: Case closed.

Sure have questions: You must finish the chapter 5: Crossroads.

White Horse: You must finish Chapter 6: out of circulation.

What happens in Hollywood ...: You must finish the chapter 7: Glass houses.

Over his corpse: You must finish the chapter 8: Sovereign Territory.

Go all out: You must finish the chapter 9: Independence Day.

A dish best served cold: You must finish Chapter 10: Legacy.

That thing does not work: You must disable alarm 2 devices in single player mode.

License to the goat: You climb 10 meters in total with the grapnel hook in single player mode.

Master of fast rope: You must walk 90 meters in total with the zip line in single player mode.

His own medicine: You have to steal a CEW T62 of a patrol car in chapter 5: Crossroads.

Graceful exit: You have to avoid being seen in Chapter 5: Crossroads.

Knock, knock: must blow the meth lab in Chapter 5: Crossroads.


Almost you are an expert: You have to reach expert level 10 in single player mode.

A good cop: You have to reach expert level 15 in single player mode.

After the Sunset: You gain 5 games Heist and 5 Blood money in multiplayer.

Utility: You have to kill 25 enemies with the T62 CEW in multiplayer.

True Detective: You must finish 3 files of the case in single player mode.

Last Action Hero: Kill an offender escape from the attic air after Chapter 9: Independence Day.

Working tools: You must retrieve your weapons without a fight in the parking of caravans Chapter 8: Sovereign Territory.

Hiding in Hollywood: You have to find the secret room of Roark in Chapter 7: Glass houses.

Grilled and little fact: You'll have to use the barbecue to end the cook in Chapter 7: Glass houses.

Quite a climb: You must find the hidden mode to the grounds of the mansion in Chapter 10: Legacy.

Case Closed: You must finish all episodes for a player Agent difficulty.

Blart: You must finish all episodes for a player on Veteran difficulty.

The long arm of the law: You will live capture all offenders with arrest in single player mode.

Daredevil: Go into the land of jumping with dirt bike in Chapter 10 mansion: Legacy.


Blue Eagle: You must finish all episodes for a player in difficulty Hardline.

The great detective: You must finish all case files in single player mode.

Types neighborhood: You must kill 25 enemies with the MAC-10 and 25 with the double-barreled shotgun in multiplayer.


Platinum Trophy: You get all the other trophies.