Battlefield Hardline tips

Teamplay Pays Off

Battlefield Hardline is like its predecessors, a team-based shooter, accordingly, you should also make your playing style. With it alone it is only in the rarest of cases, the goal only as a well-tuned fighting force has a real chance of winning one of the seven competitive game modes. There are countless ways, your comrades in the struggle for the page are: give fire while advancing mend wounds, repair vehicles, set up ambushes, replenish ammunition, sift enemy or (the most obvious variant) decimate enemies. In many cases, already of your stay in the vicinity of another player help enough to distract opponents and oppressed fighters to provide an important respite.

The whole thing is not only a laudable act of charity, but also provides a very direct added value for its own game in the form of additional points for the match score. Whether you rescue a comrade by a kill in a dire situation or doctored a downed soldiers - all of which brings you additional counters to your account. A good team player, so it can easily overtake the player with the most points technically kills a game, earning Most Valuable Player as a fortune.

The Green Thumb

To promote such an important game in the team again has an elaborate system Squad found its way into the game that you summarized together with up to four other green highlighted during the game players to an intervention group. This mechanism provides two significant advantages: Firstly, you will rewarded for the support of a Squad Members with significantly more additional points, which can be straight with a full squad to turn into a regular growth points for your own game.

On the other hand, this form of grouping simplifies the common approach, because it can more easily be coordinated with common advances and a permanent display in the lower left corner of the game screen and a live cam at the spawn screen a better view of the constitution of the green comrade receives. A well-Squad is a not to be reckoned with on the field and encourages - not unimportant - the fun of it clearly.

Employ the K / D back

Whom the term says nothing - the Kill to Death Ratio reflects exactly what the name implies - it is a measured value (of many) for the talent of a player by counting how much opponents you can take. A well-intentioned advice - ignore this value and concentrate your game then. By giving thought to his K / D, you can not only quickly lose interest in a round, if sometimes not everything goes according to plan, it also promotes offbeat behavior such as camping and reduces thus assist the willingness of other players by providing support or the mission objective to follow. There is nothing wrong with wanting to maintain its statistics and achieve good round results, but if it prevents one from performing game-deciding actions such as defusing an explosive device in Heist-mode you should rethink their own setting again. Your teammates will thank you.

Select the proper role

In the drapery four different classes you can look into battle in multiplayer of Battlefield Hardline. Enforcer, operator, mechanic and professional will be presented to you in the course of the guides again in detail, it is important at this point is particularly the finding that each of the classes, plays differently and fulfilled very different roles on the battlefield. Accordingly, you should definitely think twice before each spawn, which class you want to rush into combat. As a rule of thumb, playing what makes you the most fun.

No one is forcing you to anything, you have all the freedom you need. At the same time it is quite apt, if you currently playing mode and (not too shabby) involves in the class choice and the current composition of your squad into your decision. The vehicle-heavy game mode Hotwire example predestined for the use of many mechanic with the operator you can anyway be doing something wrong in the rarest of cases, as did your teammates happy about medical care anyway. Falls on you, that all your squad members have accepted the role of professionals so they support but as enforcer of ammunition and so on. The motto is: Do you as useful as possible!

One by one

In rare cases, you stumbled in one-on-one duels of a lone opponent, on the with up to 64 players filled map is the enemy of contact with multiple opponents at the same time of the day - especially if Squads as recommended good provide services and move forward together. It is important in such a situation to remain calm and to determine its priority objectives. Should read: Pick you an opponent out and take in stoical on the grain until it goes down.

Spread your fire on all sighted enemies, let them have more troubled opponents back that can easily feed up again in the presence of an operator as if nothing at worst. This method works especially well by the way, if you focus on it to catch the head area of your destination, as headshots significantly more damage than any other target areas. By ye always focused in this way on an opponent at the time, you will ensure that your balls really unfold the effect it should.

Shooting may be taught

Yes, it actually does. Sure, just in the rush of battle and in clashes close retains all of the players the upper hand, the hand is quicker on the trigger but as soon shift the exchange of fire at medium to long range, you are forced to put your fire more accurately, in Battlefield weapons have a comparatively high recoil, what a feeling for their own weapon indeed significantly increases, but at the same time also affects your accuracy if you rely only on automatic fire. There are two ways to negate the effect of pulling up and one of them you should definitely sooner or later befriend: The first method is to simply counteract the recoil with a slight downward movement of your mouse. However, the whole thing needs a little practice, inasmuch as most players is advisable method two - begin to shoot in bursts. As you always pull the trigger only for a brief moment, it is the unpleasant effects of recoil out of the way, maximizing your accuracy and brings out the full potential of your weapon. At first this might seem like a limitation of your output, but you will quickly recognize the effectiveness of volley fire.

Customize weapons of the situation

There is no perfect weapon. Cloudy, with some creaking can be commonly better than others, but as with the class election, the current flow of battle, wearing a decisive role in the choice of shooting to be equipped iron. Rak you and your squad just another enemy troops in a narrow corridor? Then it would be appropriate to consider a shotgun. Want to put covering fire for advancing troops? Then take a look but once the available sniper or machine guns.

In particular, the different types of grenades are in such situations often forgotten, although they can be incredibly useful highlight for your actions. A fire set in a narrow passage effectively cuts off intruders, at the same time, the protection of a single smoke grenade can succeed in a well-planned foray. Finally it should be noted that you can vote using the tons of unlockable Essays your weapons more effectively to any situations - a secret flank attack in combination with silenced lead syringes can work wonders, as a sniper nest only with the corresponding long-distance essays completely.

Run, Forrest! Run!

The use on the battlefield is a sweaty business. You have to constantly be on guard, dive to take invading enemy targeted. But especially you must keep moving. The maps from Battlefield Hardline are never linear structure, but allow advances on multiple pages and different height levels. Tactical modes like Heist, which have ready as attacker and defender two clearly defined roles for the present team, it may still pretty easy to make, is set to a position and the enemies approaching continuously, but at the latest in dynamic modes such as Blood Money or conquest it is always essential to stay in motion to find gaps in the plan of the enemy and they surprise you with unexpected attacks from behind or in the flank.

I spy with my little eye

There is a very essential instruction in the Battlefield series, which is unfortunately still ignored by some players - spotting or views of enemies. This inconspicuous command that is running on the computer by default, press Q and lies on the controllers on the right shoulder button can decide the course of entire battles. Inspects her enemy for your fellow players, this is henceforth for a short period with an orange triangle for you and all your fellow players highlighted - even by building and coverage through. Mag for one or the other at first smell Wallhack, but gives an incredibly authentic battle feeling that education plays an essential role in real combat situations.

Small map great importance

In the lower left corner of your HUD is the mini map, which should learn to love her as soon as possible. It is your second window to the world and in so many situations provides more information about the positions of opponent than it ever could the actual game screen. Why, you ask? Well, for one, all opponents are marked on the minimap, who recently fired her weapon. Just the entrenched positions Sniper can be so accurately and determine without much effort. On the other hand the card holds the gaze direction of enemies and vehicles and provides you as accurate data from which direction you should plan your attacks best. Get used to the quick look in the lower left corner of the screen and you have ahead of your opponents a lot.