Bloodborne (PC) walkthrough Items, Bosses and Weapons tips

In this Bloodborne walkthrough / solution including wiki we give you an overview of control, game mechanics and character creation and explain the differences to the Souls games. You will also find some basic tips to Bloodborne in terms of character development, combat and exploration of areas with which even beginners should get a good start to the game. In the coming days and weeks, we will fill a complete solution at Bloodborne further and provide you with a guide to the different areas including boss battles.

Bloodborne released on March 25 exclusively for the PlayStation 4. Bloodborne is an action role-playing game that is played in the third-person perspective. The game world is divided into different areas - which enters the first player, he can decide for himself. Each area is paved with enemies and puzzles, and at the end, of course, will wait a boss fight. By unlockable abbreviations, the travel paths between the fields can be shortened. As for the control, will feel for familiar veterans, but has a few quirks.


1. Control and Differences Dark Souls 2
2. Understanding Gameplay and Character Creation
3. Tips for beginners - Start the Game Successfully
4. Iosefkas Clinic and Dream Hunter
5. The Center of Yharnam
6. Boss: Cleric Beast
7. Yharnams Center - Sewers
8. Boss - Father Gascoigne
9. Cathedral District
10. Cathedral District - Next in the Odeon Chapel
11. Backtracking, Shelter & NPCs
12. Off to Alt-Yharnam
13. Abbreviations and lower treble Yharnam
14. BOSS: Bloodthirsty Beast
15. New way of Odeon Chapel
16. Workshop of Healing Church - The secret door halfway down

Control and differences Dark Souls 2

Use the left analog stick you move your character in Blood Borne, with the right analog stick the camera. By clicking on the right analog stick attacks the target detection, so you have a particular opponent in sight. Change the target you can then move the right analog stick. The X button is the action button activates such as doors, passageways and lanterns. If you just press the circle button make your avatar a step back - move it while still left analog stick in a direction so your avatar makes a role. Sprint by circle and holding down the left analog stick determined by the direction. You can slamming - as in Dark Souls 2 - with the right shoulder buttons, where R1 and R2 corresponds to a normal attack a strong attack. With the square button you use the currently selected item, where you can switch between the available items with the direction button down.

Difference to the control of Dark Souls 2 consist essentially in the use of firearms (L2 button), blood vials / Blood Vials (triangle button) in the transformation of weapons (L1 button) and the counter (there not are in Bloodborne). In addition, it changes with the left and right arrow button between your arm and open with the option to display the menu. With the direction key up you can using your vitality refill ammo. By clicking on the touch-pad you activate the gesture control (left half of the touch-pad) or see your personal effects (eg, notebook or Molotov) a (right half of the touch-pad).

Game Mechanics

The main currency in Blood Borne is blood echoes (Blood Echoes), earn for killing enemies or by using certain objects. Player of Souls series will be aware of this concept: Blood echoes are almost the counterpart to the souls. With blood echoes you can level up your character in the area "dream of the Hunter" and buy new equipment. If your character even once a shortened lifetime, he is teleported to the nearest activated lantern and lose all blood echoes, which he wore at the time of death with him. You can then retrieve lost your blood return from the place where you have lost - but you have to fight again with the opponents of the area. Then you should die again and your blood echoes finally gone. Teams generally appear again when either activated or a lantern to the "dream of the Hunter" region travel. Unlike in Dark Souls 2 where it does not matter how many times you killed in an area the respective opponents - the re-spawn is endless in Blood Borne.

Important for multiplayer player is above all the attribute insight, which represents the amount of non-human knowledge that has accumulated in the course of the game the character. Every time other players in the online mode with the challenge bell (Beckoning Bell) invites in your game, insight is consumed. New insight gets by killing its bosses, boss arenas tread upon, using certain objects or speak with certain NPCs. You cannot only use this for multiplayer games insight, but also for the purchase of equipment for messenger. You can heal in Blood Borne with vials Blood that the Estos flacons correspond in its effect in some of the Souls games. You can find the blood vials from corpses scattered throughout Yarnham, when looking at opponents, they drop or messengers, wherever you can buy for blood echoes. Initially, your character will perform 20 vials of blood and blood vials 99 in the "dream of the Hunter" area store. Later, you can still increase with the number of portable blood vials.

Something that you should always pay attention to your stamina is represented by a green bar. Endurance is the prerequisite for attacks and evasive maneuvers - every action needs a little thereof. If you engage in any action, the stamina recharges. Especially in battles when it gets hectic, you should keep an eye on her your stamina. One area in which Blood Borne differs from the Souls games, is the struggle. You can Yarnham namely firearms and weapons transformable make uncertain. The transformable weapons of mechanically game time is rare, because they can take different forms - usually a quick but weak form and a slow but strong form. This opens up new possibilities in the fight, because you can vary depending on the opponent and the transformation of the weapon acts like an attack. So you can, for example, start a combo, then the middle of the combo transform the weapon by clicking on L1 and complete your attack sequence with the other form with a weapon form. But beware: Weapons wear out over time and become unusable. If they break, you can repair them in "Dream of the Hunter" area.

Unlike, for example, Dark Souls 2 you can recover a part of your life force, after you caught an opponent in Blood Borne in combat. If an enemy hits your avatar with an attack, as a part of the life bar turns orange - then you have a short window in which you must find your opponents inflict damage quickly. If this succeeds, then the life bar moves to the orange highlighted area again.

Bloodborne - Character Creation

Before you can immerse yourself in the world of Blood Borne, you must first create your character. Although the name, age, sex, and appearance may be changed, but have no effect on the gameplay, but only optical value. More interesting are the possible origins, between which you can choose for your character. The roughly correspond to the classes that can be selected in the Souls games for character creation and given the initial values and the level of your character. It is important that you are not permanently fixed by a specific origin to a style of play, but can adapt and change your values later still. That makes her using blood echoes in the Forsaken doll in "Dream of the Hunter" area. The doll you can but not until after you've fought the boss cleric beast.

Of the nine selectable origins, the origin is the most flexible. You start at level 4 with the lowest values and is intended for professionals who wish to distribute any attribute point even possible. All other origins are located on level 10 and have several advantages. For those who are not familiar with the Souls games, we recommend that you start thinking about its play style and then choose an appropriate origin. Who wants to play a character that can withstand a lot of strikes and tidy, but has little perseverance, should choose the origin of Sole Survivor. On the other hand, who does not want to worry about its endurance, the selected professional.

Bloodborne - All Origins Overview

OriginLevelBlood echoesVitalityEnduranceStrengthSkillBlood stain Arcane
Coward (Milquetoast)10300111012109 8
Sole Survivor (Lone Survivor)10420141111107 7
Difficult childhood (Troubled Childhood)103609149136 9
Life is full of violence (Violent Past)1018012111596 7
Professional102409129157 8
Military Veterans 10320101014137 6
Noble Origin105407891314 9
Cruel fate 1050010121095 14
Skin Waste 4101091097 9

Bloodborne - Tips for Character Development:

- Think about before creating your character, what game style do you prefer and then take into account your decision in choosing the origin. This saves you time, nerves and blood echoes.

- Concentrate more specifically the high, instead of all the attributes to increase individual attributes that match your play style and brings evenly.

- Gather as early as possible and give them blood echoes from the Yharnam as soon as to the "dream of the Hunter" area. It increases your defensive strong and therefore your chances of survival.

- Increase the damage caused by your weapons, blood stone shards at the workshop on "Dream of the hunter."

Tips to fight:

- Regain utilizes the system to recover your life energy. If you meet an opponent, then a part of your life bar turns orange - sometimes it pays to then attack the enemy quickly and to heal so again.

- Use the target recognition (click on the right analog stick), especially in boss battles. On the way, you lose your opponent never out of sight.

- If you have the chance, pick up your opponent out of the ambush. Attack from ambush with R2 opponent make a lot more damage to you and your life easier.

- If opponents are currently in an attack sequence, you can take a shot from your weapon (L2) paralyze. Then, when you attack with your melee weapon, you make a great deal of damage - it works even with boss battles! You must, however, await the right moment for the shot. It is advisable particularly in boss fights to memorize the movement and attack sequence of the opponents to perfect this technique.

- Mercury balls are expensive - instead of buying it you should prefer dusting of the snipers in the center of Yharnam. Your blood echoes you can better invest in attributes or Molotov.

- Not sparing in the use of blood vials - there are enough vials distributed in the game and you can only carry a maximum of 20 with you at first anyway.

- Worry you early in the game Molotov - they are affordable, addressed to much damage and are particularly effective in combination with oil urns.

- Watch your weapon! If you have a breathing space, then you should regularly check how far they are worn out and leave them if necessary repair at the workshop on "Dream of the hunter."

- Torches illuminate not only dark places, but also keep certain enemies away from you.

Tips to Explore areas:

- Items are displayed as you glowing lights. Keep always and everywhere looking for them - especially with corpses, fallen foes and into corners or conspicuous places.

- Explore your surroundings careful and attentive. Opponents lurk everywhere, in some places but also secret passages and abbreviations. It always pays to look carefully. In particular, the abbreviations save you a lot of time.

- Not everyone in Yharnam is an enemy. Does not react friendly to NPCs - they might have items or information for you.

Iosefkas Clinic

In the style of a mini-tutorial you start in Iosefkas clinic after you Yharnam blood was supplied by transfusion. You awake in Blood Borne initially on a stretcher - without arm you move around the room of the clinic. You read little hints ground control and a note in the room: "Search bleach blood to expand the hunt." Cryptic clues are a big part of bloodborne and absolutely typical of the creators of From Software. Power is not so much about bleach blood, but first you proceed down the stairs.

In addition to the first floor you will find instructions on down there the first enemy in Blood Borne, is hosting on a corpse. Experience players with Dark Souls experience do the beast with bare hands - all others must die. Don’t worry, the trip to bloodborne only just beginning. You awake after your first death in the central hub of the game. This is called "Dream Hunter" and has similarities with the Nexus, the From Soft fans of Demon's Souls know.

Dream Hunter

In this section you will find next to a lifeless doll is plenty of evidence on the ground that tell you the Keys to Blood Borne. Look around in silence, enjoying the magnificent appearance and also look at these times into the game menu. Remember, in bloodborne there are analogous to Dark Souls and Demon's Souls no pause button.

The menu changes clothes, weapons, items check your stats and more. Later in the course of these bloodborne walkthrough we'll tell you all the details.

In the dream, there is more to discover. The strange building its not - Enter. At the foot of the stairs you will find also an abandoned doll that (yet) may not use it. On the stairs select your weapon for the right hand and your weapon for the left hand. In this case, you will receive a trick weapon of the messenger for your right hand. You choose here between the following weapons: Saw Cleaver, Hunter's ax, Spiral floor. These weapons have different attack patterns.
You should choose a hero with high dexterity, yet use the Sinuous floor. With the L1 button it transforms this into a whip.

For the left hand you have the messengers in the dream of the hunter a choice of two firearms. The Hunter and the Hunter blunderbuss pistol. Any firearm passes in Blood Borne counter (analogous to parry in Dark Souls) that even with bosses. The selection of weapons is important only for the start of the game. Later you are allowed to buy and use all the weapons in Blood Borne. An error does not make you begin the game in terms of armament actually. Finally, you will find at the bottom of the stairs a notebook. This item behind you let messages similar to the soapstone. You may investigate further the dream hunter, but not quite interact. Don’t worry, with time the fog lifts. Find the lowest grave stone on the right next to the stairs and you enter the area again in Iosefkas clink.

Here we go. You'll land again at the clinic in the hospital room on the ground floor. Mysterious, because you turn the game starts back and run up the stairs of the clinic up again, you come to the door of the large room in which you are first woke up. This is now closed. Iosefka itself is in the room, but would not open the door. You gain from it Iosefkas Blood vial, an improved form of healing potion. Which you use as an item and first select it in your quick selection bar. In good old tradition Souls exhausted its best dialogue with Iosefka to miss anything and even make on the way out of the hospital. You take on the way there yet revenge on the werewolf beast that has been sent to you in the dream hunter. Defeat enemies drop partially items you naturally incorporated behaved. A dead body in the next room is still Blood vial. You move at the center of Yharnam.

The Center of Yharnam

In the center of Yharnam you admire first the abandoned and atmospheric city. Collect the first item of the ten balls of mercury and then take the door on the left. In general, you should search in Blood Borne every corner of Yharnam. Through the door waiting above the first enemy. Hit the opponent, you should fire your weapon at the right moment. Once the enemy staggers its leads from a counterattack that causes rough damage. Important here: pay attention to the timing. There is only one way to start. Kill the three enemies and then work down the ladder with a switch. Climb to the top and now listening to the cry of your heart Bloodborne shaken to the core.

Once at the top you will find a lamp that turns you promptly. These lamps replace the beacons of Dark Souls and cause you to return to the dream of the hunter. Watch Out! All enemies (except bosses) can be revived as soon as you return to the dream of the hunter. Use quiet the opportunity to return to the dream of the hunter. You will notice a few changes. The small chapel on the hill is walkable. Go inside and talk to the XXX and look around at the altar. In addition, you shall in the small chapel above repair and equip your weapons. Back in the center of Yharnam you run to the window, where the red lantern hanging. There you talk to the NPC behind the window. His name is Gilbert and has never heard of bleach blood. He advises to look at the Healing Church. The church hoarding knowledge for treating blood in Blood Borne. On top of that betrays you still Gilbert, that today is the night of the hunt.

Power down to you from the first fixture on the way to the center of Yharnam. In addition to its first opponent also open first abbreviation in the city. You walk from the lamp to the right down and you see a burning stake and a lot of opponents. Pay attention here on corners in hide opponents.. As an item be found at this point pebbles. Take a pebble on opponents in order to ampoule without other opponents to draw attention to you. Once you come down the stairs behind the procession, run quickly to open the abbreviation of the door to the left. There, around the corner there is an opponent with a huge ax.

Explore Crawl and The Environment 

Rather follow the procession and pay attention to doors with a red light. Knock on these doors to get prompt reply. The secrets in Yharnam are great. Now you take every single enemy or just try to sneak past the enemies around this procession. You will reach an elongated street, on the right side something runs on a small hill along. Pay attention to your opponent movements, especially on the gunners. The large gate in the middle you will not open, but you hear something behind. Destroy on your way and crate or barrel, sometimes manifest itself after only a view of hidden items. In this first area you encounter on Molotov cocktails, saving you this necessarily.

On to the right of the road with the gate locked, the passage is closed. You have left on the other side. Pay attention to the gunners! Behind you is the cause of the knocking. Kill the opponent thick and you get there the torch that equips you immediately as a second offhand weapon. You then find another door to the waiting and crows - a hint, hint towards Dark Souls? Of the three crows on the ground it goes up further. Reap the item that is located behind the grille left of the locked gate. Then it goes up. There are now awaiting among other dogs. Make all enemies in the area a full end. Then you come to a bridge, waiting for the two werewolf beasts that are addressed to you first thing in Blood Borne.

Those who hope that at this point one of the two to ampoule with pebble and finish him off quickly, which can run into a problem: The second beast comes most immediately afterwards. Use or counter use the Molotov cocktails. Take care not to die, waiting for the middle of the bridge a shortcut to the lamp! You would have otherwise the whole long way play again. Here's a trick: Run towards the werewolf beast on the bridge and turn left into the house down (Note: It lurks an opponent of the stairs). Change there in the offhand weapon on the torch and done, the two opponents upstairs. The type of the stairs is coming to - the werewolves but cannot enter the house. Use this fact and make both a full end. With the torch you cannot incidentally Counter! Cross the house. In the basement sits an opponent in a wheelchair. He has a decent shoot, take him out quickly. Leave the house, grab the opponent and run up to open the door to the lamp. Then return to the bridge and walk further forward. Even if you have not leveled up, the first boss is waiting for you!

Boss - Cleric Beast

One thing first: there only a fog gate once its virtual it comes at a boss. Once you die during the Cleric beast or its defeated, by the way the doll is activated in the dream of the hunter. There you level up in Blood Borne. Therefore, you should have problems with the boss, so do all enemies in the level and again at first level up. The boss itself is not difficult if you don’t jump his powerful attacks fall victim to. The cleric-beast is not forgiving. Participate in the top 20 with Blood vials! Once you go too much distance, the monster will jump at you.

Use Molotov Cocktails and Oil Urns

Dodge use the key and is targeting the cleric-beast. Stick around and you hide behind to avoid being hit by the paws. Dodge the blows and then land results.
With the weapon you can also counter the beast, if you hit the right timing. After he is in this action on the ground, run in front of him and pushes R1 is a powerful counter-attack. So right you are allowed to enforce the cleric-beast with Molotov cocktails. Before you missed him an oil-urn to maximize the damage. But be careful, sometimes you throw the Molotov cocktails past also. Watch out for the right timing. Sometimes the cleric-beast stuns even after a Molotov cocktail.

I have problems - what should I do?

If you have problems with the boss, the Regain system for GP internalize in Blood Borne before the smaller enemies in the level. Once you conceded a stroke, the life energy is not inevitably lost. Beat fix to two or three times to quickly bring you up to the mark GP again. But beware not to be taken at this time. Means dodging come to nothing the attacks of the enemy in Blood Borne. If it does not work? Explore simply the level let the boss first on the left. Get yourself and blood levels or go buy the Yharnam armor in the dream of the hunter. It provides more protection against physical attacks.

Yharnams Center - Sewers

Once you've defeated the boss, you could either use the lantern and return to the dream of the hunter back and level up to, or you sit your way on. Go to the boss room back and front of the two werewolves to the left. Go down the stairs destroyed and you come to a fork. To the left it goes under the arch through the dark house. To the right it goes towards Yharnams sewers. Link of you there is a plateau with two thicker chunks. Down on the plateau it either goes back to the lantern in the center of Yharnam or to a switch that you cannot operate.

Return towards Yharnams sewers. You can find dog cages. Kill the mutant quadruped and cross a small bridge. You can find there a dog that barks at an equipped with red lantern door. Kill the dog and knock on the door. The elderly lady is looking for a safe place to hide and is afraid. Currently you have but unfortunately nothing on offer. Later you beat the lady something before - but more on that later. Run down and you come into a kind of hall that leads down into the channels. Either you take the stairs down or roll right through the barrels. We recommend the latter! You now reach the floor of the channels and look down on rats and new enemy types. First Strike two corpses hung down, where there are items. But do not jump them past!

Run only through a door on the same floor and talk to the NPC of the railing is forward in this area. The good woman gives you four "signs of a strong hunter" (return to the lantern without loss of blood echoes) and still plays a role later in the course of the Lore of Bloodborne. After you have completed the dialog, you run back and go down through the window. Below wait 2 enemies with torch and sword, a spear and enemies with a shotgun and cylinders. Kill them all. We recommend at this point not to collect the items down below - there is still time for that later. Also: if you have collected items don’t worry remain lying down there.

Run back, so you come up the stairs to the old woman behind the door, seeking refuge. Run more the other way, wait up two opponents with feints and two enemies with spear or sword and torch. Kill all enemies up here in the area. Even crows are here on the ground. Also destroy all the barrels to find underlying items. On the transom are shards. Fall down so you climb the ladder just up again. Now you can get the items that you have beaten off corpses in the "attic". Run this back into the room with the crank and let you fall down. But do before the rats. Have you collected one, jump down to the messenger and run from the output out to right. Climb up the ladder and get the missing item. From the passage to the right you see below shine, which is guarded by many downed opponents an item. Warning: These enemies are not yet completely dead, however, the opponents are quite slow and can easily be done with transformed weapon.. However, you will find below a 10 mercury balls. Let yourself fall down and do the opponent.

Head up - Abbreviations ahead

Climb the short ladder up again and then the long ladder to the top. Here you unlock a new shortcut. Run first to the right and do the crows. You will receive the item of knowledge of the Insane, increased with your insight by 1. Now run back and just over the small bridge. Complete a thick and knock on the door for dialogue with residents. Then you climb the ladder on the left. At the window with the red lantern waiting for a girl and asks you to look for her mother. This you take in and you get a music box - read the item description. Now you open the door and reached the place with the thick, knocking against the locked gate in front of the procession, remember? But not enough! Run right here at the fountain over to the door where do the ladies on your hunter status funny. From here, you are destroying the right items and you skip down to where the dogs in the cages were. Before you come here quite easily back to the lantern without the werewolves on the bridge must be over!

Did you see the abbreviations, so simply run the way back to the window with the girl over the long ladder down into the channel. Continue your path and clean the area. You do in the channel more and sneak a few crows, which can be dropped from the bar. You eventually reach a passage in which a giant boar is. Step into the passage yet! Only climb the long ladder to unlock another abbreviation. Not take the bridge but run first left into the small building. Here you take the elevator to the top. You now come to the place with the two thicker chunks, going under the bridge werewolf in the dark house over to the lamp in the center of Yharnam. Not yet visited the dream of the hunter, but return to the boar and done it, so you have all the opponents don’t do it again. Once the boar swings back, shoot at him to stun him. With a visceral attack the beast then has almost nothing to report. In the area of the boar waits as the item next to the "saw-hunter badge", the item description you read. With the badge you buy from the bathroom messenger in a dream of the hunter new weapons and equipment!

Run before you continue you come to a precipice in Boar tunnel N / A? Credit with you? Otherwise you leave the area by the door and climb up the ladder. You come out from behind the bridge leading to the elevator and admired how the two opponents roll a burning ball over the bridge. Do both and walk over the bridge to reap the bodies of the killed enemies. After that you can dream of the hunter on a nearby lantern visit, leveling around or looking in the shop the bathroom messenger for new items. Then you will be returned via pike with a burning ball, the stairs runs high, complete the two opponents to get to the "sign of a strong hunter". These act as homecoming bones and bring you back to the last lantern. Then more stairs go up and seen a video sequence.

Bloodborne - BOSS - Father Gascoigne

Do you have the music box girl still remember? Equip them to the Quick Selection items. Do you use the clock in the boss fight, so Father Gascoigne is infatuated with the music. Run up then quickly back and give him the odd shock. Basically Father Gascoigne's not hard to do. As soon as he swings back with his ax, shoot at him. He is stunned and you walk in front of or behind Father Gascoigne to bring a visceral attack.

Put too much, so work best at a distance and brings grave stones and trees between you. The trick at this point: Both Pate Gascoigne and you strike "by the grave stones through". Thus you hiding in the second boss battle of Blood Borne not only behind the grave stones, probes smite with the deploy weapon "by the grave stones" through and thereby make damage. But take heed to roll back the right moment, Father Gascoigne suggests - as mentioned - also by the grave stones through. With R2 charged attacks you beat effectively by the grave One.

Counter-attacks by means of viscera is very effective here. However, the boss will eventually not only his weapon with both hands, but also turn into a beast. As the battle really begins. Some of the transformation took place when he only had half the power strip or we used the music box too often. A real connection has however not been revealed to us. Unless you know more, please use our comments function below. One is at this stage but clear: Hiding behind grave stones no longer works because the "Beast Mode" Gascoigne destroyed all the grave stones. But: In this phase you are allowed to stun him, if you will wait for the right moment for a shot from the gun.

I'am with the Father Gascoigne - not clear what to do now?

If you have cleaned extensively by Yharnam the sewers and the center, you should be able to improve your weapons in the dream of the hunter at the workbench - at least up to +3 you may upgrade your argument amplifier (with the correct number of shards). As a result, it causes more damage to Father Gascoigne. Do you use the game clock, so then throw a Molotov cocktail at him. The chance to meet him at this stage, is much better. As a last resort: Use the challenge bell in front of the boss gate to get you help. Did any of your friends already inspect 10, so he can get the "Small, echoing bell" from the dream of the Hunter from the insight dealer and you taste it together. Have you defeated Father Gascoigne in Blood Borne, so look around in the area. The stairs and turn left at the railing find an important item. But it is not used prematurely!

Cathedral District

After father Gascoigne done and gather Red Jeweled Brooch, you take advantage of the given keys to the top to open the gate. The way to the next lantern in Blood Borne is not far. The following building you climb a ladder up and coming - Duke's Archive is greeting - in a library out again. Inside the chest you will find the blood Gemstone workshop tool. This gives your weapons blood gems that give additional attributes. For this you go into the dream of the hunter on the workbench where you also level up weapons. Which blood gems fit on which weapon depends on their shape and level of the weapon. The trick: You must remove the gems and crystals again and again by the arms and recompile. Overall, give it a weapon in Blood Borne up to three blood gems. From the box, it goes on through a door - a video sequence leads you into the Odeon Chapel.

Cathedral District - Odeon Chapel

On reaching the Odeon Chapel opens the game world of Blood Borne. Your tread here also from several ways. Where you go next is up to you. Speak definitely with the person in the chapel. He trusts you to an information. So "is" the Odeon Chapel a haven for those seeking help in Blood Borne. There is something? Right outside the entrance to the sewers in Yharnams center is looking for a woman behind a door refuge. This you shall trust now that the Odeon Chapel is a place of refuge. But be careful! Think about it, it will not be the only place.

Return to the dream of the Hunter 

You should spend your blood echoes for level up or enhance your weapon! In addition, it opens in a dream of the hunter a new store. On the top right of the screen under your number of blood echoes you see an eye. This shows the value of your insight. In the cathedral district of the following area (described on this page, the complete solution) should have received a lot of "knowledge of the Insane" her. Does it use to increase the value of insight to 10. Then you walk to the upper wells of the central door of the little chapel. Have you activated 10 viewing, allowing you buy in this shop insight instead of blood echoes one!

Get yourself remember to "Small echoing bell" and the "dark echoing bell". With these items you are allowed to deliberately play Co-op or PvP Invasions and unsubscribe duels. In addition, you buy in this shop the armor of a Father Gascoigne! It offers good resistance and cost a total of six inspection. Attention Trap: The insight shop only opens with 10 active access next to the eye top right. If you purchase 10 access the two bells and leave the shop, then closes it, as you only have 8 active insight. Think about your purchase and therefore brings you the armor of Father Gascoigne. Then you speak again with Gehrman and you learn more details about the background story in Blood Borne.

What do I do with the Red Jewel Brooch that lay behind Gascoigne? 

We have found the following: Do you read the item description of the brooch, so you will find out that this is one viola - the mother of the girl at the window, which gave you the game clock. But be careful! Give her back the brooch, she is lost - at least in one of our Bloodborne game runs. The girl don’t you have to play the brooch. Alternative for the Red Jewel Brooch: Your equips the brooch in the quick selection screen and use it. For this you get a blood gemstone that you apply to one of your weapons. The girl at the window before you strike also a refuge. Tip: Visit Iosefka in her clinic - maybe residents come there too under?

Cathedral District - Next in the Odeon Chapel

From here you walk down, then either straight up or down to the left. In the direction straight ahead you will find a new type of enemy behind the carriage. Again, you use your gun for counterattack. Look around well. The left of the stairs sit a crow to the right of the stairs later sit three pieces. You will also find there yet know the madman to increase your insight. Then climb the stairs and still carry out two of these new forms. You reach a locked gate with a small fire on the left. Attention: Before the gate is the wooden sign. The door can not be opened from this side, forcing you to turn back. Take instead the other way from the Odeon Chapel. In the square two opponents sneak around with lanterns. Let's continue the first down.

Watch Out! One of the bodies in the area includes a new armor with cylinder. Takethem  with you, so you pack an invisible hand, you missed a dose of madness and throw you to the ground. What exactly happened here, we can not tell you at this point of the Bloodborne solution. Collect the items and then run first up the stairs. Another stairway that crosses your path. There trudge a huge opponent with a big ax to the top. Let him pass first, if you don’t dare to play against him. You should want to cut down, so wait for its vertical stroke, in which he lets out a scream before. Then give him two R1 beats that should stun him. Then R1 with a visceral attack handing out some good damage.

The larger enemies with the ax you will not have done. But you must also stun him.

Behind the giant left through the gate

Run through the gate down to the left and you will reach a plateau with two of these Jekyll-Hyde types with brick and a statue as a weapon. Kill them and also the crow around. Straight ahead of the first enemy you find the telescope. Search the area. You look namely from up here over the center of Yharnam. Run into this area from the stairs to the right and you will find further addition of a crow and a sleeping giant with a gigantic ball. Lure him out of the plateau on which he sleeps through the gravel to you. In this tight "transition" waiting for his triple combo, after which he must first catch. This is your chance: Run back and give him two R1 attacks in succession. Ideally, it stuns him and then hits a visceral attack.

Have you done the giants, can be found at the spot where he kept his nap a little fellows. We can imagine: Lizards in Blood Borne. Beat him and you get forged materials. He disappears too quickly, then end the game and invite your score again. The small enemy spawn again. Looks great on the place down. There is the bridge of the cleric-beast. Now run back down the stairs. Your access to a room full of oil vases. Regardless, run further and you will find a locked door - we assume at this point that this is the way back to the lamp in the "cleric Beasts space". Inside the chest you get a gem, with the that you improve your weapon. Now run back to the gate at the big ax opponent. At the end of the stairs you will find a large gate that can be opened only by a special emblem. The hunter leader Medallion there is the bathroom messenger dealer in the dream of the hunter. The only downside: It costs 10,000 blood echoes. Should you have no desire to farms, so you go first take a different path. From the large square in front of the Odeon Chapel it goes down a flight of stairs.

Here is located on the plateau an opponent who enjoys the view. Sneak up behind him and miss him a loaded R2 attack. As soon as he falls to the ground, push a R1-gut attack behind. This should do it. Now run down further and you come to a kind of mausoleum. Kill the enemies and the dog. Right of the entrance there are two items to collect. In the tomb can still find an easy opponent and an item and a coffin. Do you look up, as you discover a balcony. Run out of the building to the right up the stairs. Attention, a shooter and two dogs surprise you. Have you done it, thus opening the door of the first floor. This is right on the balcony of the mausoleum. There you will find an item and the lever to open the coffin.  Do you look up, as you discover a balcony. Run out of the building to the right up the stairs. Attention, a shooter and two dogs surprise you. Have you done it, thus opening the door of the first floor. This is right on the balcony of the mausoleum. There you will find an item and the lever to open the coffin.

Much more interesting, however, the other way is out! Here prays an NPC before an altar. He introduces himself as Alfred and indicates to hunt the beast. He proposes a cooperation which either you accept or reject. At this point we make the assumption that Alfred somewhere that summon as a helper, if you play offline. He teaches you on top of that a gesture and reward your cooperation with fire paper gives the fire your weapon damage. Returning now to the mausoleum and walk in the open coffin. You will find after a small anteroom, including Item a werewolf in the next room. Beat him and descends. In the field finds its antidote item as well as a lamp. Links from the lamp takes in a new area. A warning on the door to stop you. We recommend you first return to the dream of the hunter! Then it goes on this lamp in the direction of Alt-Yharnam, even if you do not just say you welcome here.

Backtracking, Shelter & NPCs

Before we go down to Old Yharnam, there are still a few quests continue as long as they let you on backtracking. Once you have reached the Odeon Chapel, learn it the first refuge for NPCs. But it is there it safe? Returns in her clinic Iosefkas back (from the first lamp upstairs), it offers you to also to provide people shelter. We have tried both ways and explain to you a first example. Front entrance to the sewers in the dog cages, an elderly lady waits behind a window and "asks" a place of refuge.

The old lady behind the window sends her to Iosefka in the clinic or in the Odeon Chapel

The Old Lady Behind the Window

After speaking with the character in the Nickelodeon Chapel and Iosefka, you have both options to choose from. If you opt for the Odeon Chapel, so sitting (after you have visited the Dream Hunter) the older lady now in this chapel. In dialogue brings you towards but no gratitude. We don’t know at this point the complete solution to bloodborne what will happen with the grandma still in the game. In Iosefkas clinic, you get the item "Stunning fog" as a reward. Rotate the camera around in front of the door to Iosefkas clinic, you can watch the lady through the broken panes visible. Again, we are undecided, but Iosefka says, you need "before the beasts have no fear." Also in the chapel, we are unsure whether it really is a salvation for NPCs.

The Girl and Her Mother 

Do you remember the little girl at the window before the shortcut to the square next to the bridge. You will be returned to her and gives her Violas brooch, she bursts into tears and then stops responding. Do not give her the brooch but so also they ask for refuge. Once in Iosefkas clinic receive their lead elixir and learn that the girl "in good hands" was. Send her the girl in the chapel, it seems to have disappeared. At least we have scoured the chapel and found the little girl anywhere. The brooch puts it, as mentioned in one of your hotkeys and use them. You will get a drop of blood gemstone that you combine with your weapon. Should you discover the girl somewhere, so give it in the comment section decision, but please greatest possible spoiler free, so that other players can experience the story.

Backtracking in Yharnam

It's also worth stopping by again anywhere on doors or windows in central Yharnam. Some offer new dialogue options and even new items. So you get to the window at the lamp in the center of Yharnam the flame spray, an offhand alternative to the gun. When looking at opponents in Blood Borne, which are susceptible to fire, it's worth anyway.

Off to Alt-Yharnam

Already at the door to Alt-Yharnam is clear: You're not welcome here - even less than generally in Yharnam. The old part of the city offers plenty of beasts. Once walk through the door, you will be warned. Hunters are not wanted here. You have two paths to choose from. Run to the left over the bridge arch or let yourself fall on the roof right down. Note: Right on the porch sits one of these small enemies who drop upgrade materials. Jump down and you'll find yourself on a small porch again. You to kill two enemies with robes and finds the Hunter torch. This torch has more damage against fire sensitive opponents. Let yourself fall further down and you reach a door. This is initially closed. Run back and climb the long ladder up. You then find yourself up at the starting point again.

Now take the second road on the bridge. You meet a few smaller beasts, with and without the cape. Also look in any case in every corner to take the items in this area. The further you penetrate in the level, the more insistent are the warnings of the mysterious voice. From a certain ye fired from a tower of some sort Gatling. Addiction definitely coverage, since the weapon can do some good damage. On your way through the ruins down to wait a lot of little beasts, with and without the cape. Caution: Sometimes the enemies cowering on the ground and rise only after ye walked past them. It is not hard to guess: You should turn off the opponent's Gatling.

Below the tower with the Gatling shooters you will find just the wall covering. Attention, here stromern plenty of opponents this beast around. In the mass the pretty damage can wreak. Kill them quickly. Then you walk to the little wooden bridge leading down. Imagine the left of it now and first observed the lower court. It moves a hunter over the place that you also spotted quickly. He is hostile to you and is constantly running back and forth. He tries to lure you to the place that you will be hit by the Gatling gun. Move it over the wooden bridge down and then turn left. Here you will not get hit by the Gatling gun. The ladder on the wall leading up to the Gatling shooters, also a hunter.

The hunter at the Gatling

Attention, the opponent does some good damage. If there is insufficient your attack power, so it just pushes off the roof. Otherwise you worried a co-op partner with the challenge bell. Did you hit your opponent off the roof, so you finish the game and invite new, then his item is back on the roof. He leaves behind a hunter badge unlocks new weapons and more again in the bathroom messenger Store in a dream of the hunter.

Now it's time to make the second hunter put an end. The contemporary is not difficult. He runs towards you and commutes back. Once he is in your area, you will miss him a few charged attacks that staggern him. With fast R1-bats he should soon be completed. He is survived by six times bone marrow ash increases with her penetrating power of your gun. Now you walk the wooden ladder and done the opponents on the court. Besides a few ravens can be found in the corners even two or three beasts. From this place a Leite leading up to the start area. Nor are there but cool items in this central area of ​​Old Yharnam. In this square "rear left" you let yourself fall at the edge down. You reach a small lead. Turn around and you see a door.

Hidden Ways to Scorched garment

The enemies in this building are not particularly difficult in the mass but already dangerous. Attracted to best one by one out and done it. The cowl opponents can poison you, surrender, therefore, especially on this night opponents. Below you'll find six Blood vials as an item and a box with a Moderation blood gemstone. On the top floor you will find the Scorched hunter garb, including pants, cap and gloves. Take then the output at the upstairs window and it again reaches the marketplace. From here two paths lead down further. The first leads you on the ladder of Gatling hunters right over, the second lets you jump down in the middle of the ladders to the Gatling-hunters.

Abbreviations and lower treble Yharnam (Plenty of opponents in the Old Cathedral)

After the two hunters you climb in Old Yharnam down more and more. At the bottom of the ladder to the Gatling hunter you come over a narrow path in a huge cathedral. Watch Out! The major opponents in the robe seem to buff their buddies beast anyway. Run through the entrance and the cowl opponent can fall from above. Kill the three cowl support in this input field and bring you the antidote item before the staircase on the right. About a larger balcony right in the middle of the stairs down you see what is going on in the Cathedral. Kill the big cowl support the right of the entrance and will bring you back left the blood stone shard. Once you spot the enemy down stream a lot go up the stairs. Continue and do individually one by one. Run down the stairs. Law in a small bay is guarded still a big cowl carrier, one of the items "knowledge of the Insane". Do you let your eyes wander upward, you will discover still a lot of items upstairs to the bar of the cathedral.

On the altar take blood ritual. Leave the cathedral through the exit behind the altar. Let wander outside your views, so you recognize the place that you have to still wander in this level. Below you will find many of these flightless ravens which are guarded by two stone shards blood. Interestingly, however, it is right. Here waits a brilliant shortcut on you. Take this not the first road to the right, but the ladder in the tower, in which lie the six blood vial. The ladder leads you to a screen door that leads just below the head of the Gatling-hunters. You skip through this shortcut virtually the entire cathedral. We recommend you, however, to collect the items on the upper bar in the cathedral. Take the way between the two conductors for Gatling hunters.

The top way over the bar

Climb up the ladder first direction Gatling hunters and then let you drop down to the right. You then run over a bridge pier. Continue straight ahead you come to the bar in the upper floor of the cathedral. At the bar you will find "Knowledge of the Insane". Let you two steps further forward fall on the plank. Run along the plank. Then turn left to four Molotov cocktails. With a quick jump you reach the item on the opposite side. The "Bloody messenger head bandages" use it in the dream of the hunter as an ornament of the messenger. Let you back in the gap that you have skipped fall to the next lower level and from here on the floor of the cathedral. Now run up the original way to reap the item on the balcony of the opposite side. You can reach the balcony at the exit to the left. You let you easily fall down twice at the end of the balcony and get horse guy as an item. Now you will continue your path next to the ladder for brevity. Prior to the head of the abbreviation of the trail continue down.

Between the columns and the smoke lurk three smaller beasts that you have to deal. Now take the path on the left rear down and you realize two werewolves who patrol there. Attract one of the two, and finish him with fast attacks and counter him with a well-timed counter-attack with the gun. After you have completed both werewolves, you go first right past the alley. There you will find a large gate, which obviously can not be opened from this side. At the corpse you discover two blood stone shards. The path leads you on to return the bodies of the two werewolves over. Do not miss the two blood- Cockails still hidden behind tuft of grass.

A valuable shortcut to the lamp

Run further on the little street with the railing right and left. You now reached an area between two buildings. Watch Out! Here skips a werewolf from the door of the building on the right. Kill him quickly and pays careful not to die here in this space. Background: You find yourself just before a very important shortcut that leads you directly back to the lamp by Alt-Yharnam. Have you done the werewolf, you enter the building from which he had jumped out. Note: Left to the entrance with the antidote item lurking around a small beast. Then run up the spiral staircase. In the first exit to the right you can still find a smaller beast and two blood stone shards. Run further up and opens the screen door.

However, before you pass slip, you get yourself up nor the fire paper. Through the screen door you walk to the left until a long ladder. N / A? Do you see already where it comes out? Prior to this screen door you stood already, as you have the hunter Torch found. From here you come to the lamp bargain, and may "on demand" to return to the dream of the hunter to level up or improve your weapon. After all, you've collected a lot of blood stone shards in this field. Considering, however, that all enemies are there then in the lower range again. The lower part of Old Yharnam their searches yet. Run the shortcut back out the door from which the werewolf came to the left behind the other house. Back there are currently six "beast blood tablets". But beware: Once you have collected the lurks another werewolf behind you. With fast attacks you make it a waste.

Now run past the abbreviation house. You see right the way to the left and smoke between a small building and a wall. Run into the smoke and strike blindly. Behind the smoke is namely a cowl carrier. Before you then still waiting a werewolf done it just as quickly. Right before the rising of you take the bargain with the 10 mercury balls. Then run quickly up and straight down on the opposite stairs to do the little animal with the shards then return upward to still take the two characters of the mighty hunter. You then run down the stairs and already recognized a path in a next larger building. Left and right along the way you can still find items (Kaltbluttau) and smaller cowl carrier. Straight ahead to the next boss who is not so hard to defeat.

BOSS: Bloodthirsty Beast 

Ensures that her antidote provide in the quick selection and have 20 blood vial. Even fire paper or Molotov cocktails could be quite helpful. First, the Bloodthirsty Beast is still quite harmless. He walks slowly towards you and tries to hit with attack of his hands. Deviate easy with left or right from, get behind him and meet with targeted blows or charged R2 attacks. If you take the beast, so simply run behind a column for you to heal in peace.

After about a third of the boss fight against the Bloodthirsty Beast in bloodborne mutate the creature. It is much more aggressive and also still divides poison damage from. Differs from always nice side. Hop backwards as so often fatal bloodborne in the worst case. At this point, do you use when needed your antidote. Always out of reach and behind a pillar. Once the beast over jumps at you, you beat up behind. Find out in the pattern when the Bloodthirsty Beast pauses to give her a Molotov cocktail targeted. Warning, the Beast is agile, an untargeted throwing petrol bombs goes so fast times over. Overall, you will need in the fight patience. Has not aimlessly on the beast. First try evasive maneuvers to gain security. Wait for the right moment to strike. After a further third of the energy bar Bloodthirsty Beast is more aggressive and generates around him also a deadly poison cloud.

The last phase of the beast - what should I do if I do not grab? 

She will now attack constantly, so bring the pillar between you and the beast. By dodging left and right, or even forward try to catch the beast from behind. Take this normal mode of your weapons to hand out quicker strokes. After two strokes she withdraws herself. If it does not work out, get in front of the entrance to the boss room help. Equips definitely your weapons to maximum, then use the fire found paper to hand out fire damage. Once you have done the beast, you get the "Pthumeru-cup". Light the lamp, but brings you behind the altar, nor necessarily the antidote item.

Back in the dream hunters

After the grueling fight against the Bloodthirsty Beast in bloodborne you transport back to the dream of the hunter. Give your souls to level up, repair your weapons and see if you can install blood gems to weapons gain. Also look in the bathroom messenger shops - both insight and normal - over. Theoretically you can buy at this point for 10,000 souls, the hunter leader Medallion to open in the cathedral district the large main gate - but do not need it, because there is a simple way we unto you shall save the souls.

New way of Odeon Chapel

Return from the dream of the hunter in the Odeon Chapel, travel where grave on the first stone of the "cathedral district". There run down the steps and look to the right. It has opened a third way. This leads via elevator to the top. In the first room above you can expect a nasty wheelchair equipped with a Gatling gun. You walk quickly behind him and take him out as quickly as possible. He can always fall mercury balls. Then you open the chest and can extract the rune Communion. Note: Even you can not do anything with runes. However, there is no harm in this already take. Leave the room via the new road over a small bridge and you reach the workshop of Healing Church.

The workshop of Healing Church

As soon as you walk across the bridge, you will be taken from above under attack. Run straight through and completed the beast with the sword. Then you reach an inner region with 4 opponents and a shooter. Complete all four and loot the chest. You will receive a complete blood staining gemstone that you put on your offhand weapon. Wait again a swordsman and a wheelchair user with Gatling further up. Leave the round building and also makes the opponent on the Rundell flat. Attention, you wait a larger one, a shooter and a wheelchair user. Complete all and enjoy the view. Then take the ladder to the next higher balcony. Here you look into all the corners before you enter the interior of the building to reap all items. Inside again wait for two wheelchairs with guns and a sword fighter. Makes short work of the enemies and get yourself the chest. You can find the "sword fighter jets badge", which unlocks new things in the shop the bathroom messenger again. The door later remains closed for the time being, because it lacks an item you at this point.

Down in the workshop

Leave the building back down and return to the lowest output. Run on the balcony below along and you will discover a path that leads you down. Your poised at this point about bars and let yourself fall in the right places down. Helmst in any case, the items on the bar a. At the bottom of the two items you let yourself something pretty heavy fall further down. Then attempts to land on the crate heap on the floor. A beast blocked your way to a door. Listen to his fireballs in which you dodge to the side. The beast drops a rune. The rune is called "beast" and to reinforce the "transformation" effect. Yet you know at this point of bloodborne nothing to do with the runes. But that's changing.

Open a valuable shortcut 

The door leads you into an area that holds a great shortcut to the Odeon Chapel. Attention, one of the opponents is pretty stubborn, so it uses Molotov cocktails or sneak through the first turning to the left. The Yharnam crumpled hat and Sweaty clothes you can find just as nasty raven in the alley. Run up slowly to the left along the way and leave the lane turn left again. There you have lift access to the top. Do not worry, except for a few items you will miss nothing here first. To bring the abbreviation, is first important. Your later returned here. Once at the top of the elevator you come onto a balcony with the item "Thick cold blood." The abbreviation is right in front of you. Jumps down and open the big gate half left before you with the lever. This area should be known to you, eventually you walk down the stairs and re-enters the Oedon Chapel. You just have opened for progress in bloodborne an important goal. Of the lamp, the Odeon chapel you leave the building straight ahead and take the stairs right up. But still there is a hidden way!.

Workshop of Healing Church - The secret door halfway down

When the planks are fallen down in the workshop of Healing Church, you have probably discovered a door that seems unattainable. But it is accessible and opens a wonderful secret of the game world of Bloodborne. As soon as you enter the first, lower chamber with the planks, you walk about in the middle of the plank and turns you around 180 degrees. Run slowly back and discovered her on the right side when looking down three thicker ropes hanging down. Below that is your target platform. Run into the Rich narrowing and rolls forward to land on the platform. Watch Out! You should have enough life energy to survive the event. Are you landed safely, so you heal you fully and then let yourself facing the wall, fall down right in front of the door. You open the door and walk through the long corridor.

Abandoned Old Workshop

Have you reached the place, you get even a trophy for your PS4 Trophy in Blood Borne. Run around in the field. No worries here waiting no match for you. N / A? If you, the area, the small chapel and the lifeless doll familiar? No, it's not a dream. But what is it? You find yourself in a dream image of the hunter. Or is the dream of the hunter an image of the abandoned old workshop? Instead of Bad messenger you can find the dress of the doll. At the grave stone at the rear entrance of the chapel is an old hunter bone. In the chapel itself you will find a lamp that leads back into the dream as well as a "small hair accessories" and "a third of a cord." In addition, the doll is sitting in the corner of the chapel. Otherwise, we could not find anything here. Returns to the hunter's dream and give the hair jewelry doll. It gives you a tear for stone, which you used to produce a gem to improve your weapons. The lamp back in the Abandoned old workshop will be revealed on her third grave stone from below!

A Dark Secret

From the Abandoned old workshop you come easily further down in the territory of the abbreviation. There you will find not only normal enemies, dogs and ravens, a larger form. We recommend to let you kill the enemy of the backpack you with not too many blood echoes - before you can below the rest of the area cleared to reap all items. After the "Died" screen followed by a video sequence and you wake up in a prison cell. Apparently you were in the "invisible village Yahar'gul kidnapped! Leave the prison cell and put yourself to the right through the door. There you will find the item" Thick Cold Blood "and a notice on the ground. One should discover the secrets of the madman.

Invisible village Yahar'gul - NPC and the saving lamp

Run the Notice of back and turn right down the stairs. Below you will find an NPC. First collect the Item "Raging cold blood" field. Talk to the lady in the corner, she is desperate. You carry a hunter outfit, so you can do nothing here. We strongly recommend you to create a time gap church such as Gascoigne's clothes and then talk to her, best of times. After gifted you, they will also ask for a place of refuge. It's best to send them to the Oedon Chapel and visited them there, if you can find the lamp here! Very easily. Run up again once you have offered the Oedon Chapel of the NPC lady and she repeated her dialogue. Run up past your cell, are in the awakened her.

Take this time the exit on the other side of the room. Take right around the steps to the top. We do not recommend you to pass through the door. Instead run straight up the stairs (left past the door). At the bottom you killed a small animal holds forged materials. Now run more slowly upward. One of the respondent who has brought you here will descend from above. He will not but realize if their protrudes far enough from him. Let him go and sneak past him with enough distance another flight of stairs to the top. There you will find the light that leads back to you in the dream of the hunter. We strongly recommend you to return to the dream. The area around Yahar'gul ye enter later from the third grave stone. At best, you continue your journey in the cathedral district. Where you have opened by the abbreviation goal. In addition, the freed NPC lady is already waiting in the Oedon Chapel on you.

... To be continued!