Cinderella: Look how they created her glass slipper

The famous glass slipper marks an important element in the story of Cinderella. Learn about the process of creation.

In the Cinderella story there are many elements that fill us with fantasy, but the most striking is undoubtedly the glass slipper. This famous shoe was designed by Sandy Powell, who tells us how was the laborious process of creating this magical shoe to wear to the big screen.

For Sandy Powell, the design process was exciting, but it was a formidable challenge. "I studied many possibilities on how to make a glass slipper, and I realized that it was more important that it should shine, implying that should be made of glass because glass does not reflect the flashes" he says.

Powell said the only way to try to make a shoe that material was with the help of the Austrian company Swarovski cut crystal, and when summoned, they were more than up to the challenge.

Eight replicates of the glass slipper, none of which could really use as the glass does not have movement were created, but were used as props, either to the scenes where all the maidens of the kingdom shoe tested, or as different models that could break into camera.

Thus began a collaboration in the hands of Powell designs and execution of Swarovski that lasted for months and months and involved numerous tests and analysis, but it was ultimately a success. Look at the sketches of Cinderella's glass slipper.