OMG Mode

Lose the 1st different girls and unlock the mine - OMG oh god mode. This is another different physical modification of the women, more unreal and exaggerated option.

All Unlockables

Go to the help screen and options, press LT + RT + LB + RB. If you did it correctly you will hear a sound and the game is saved.

All unlockable content, which is not downloadable, will be available. That includes costumes, music and movies, but not Raidou videos and Marie Rose.

Achievements for Xbox Live Dead or Alive 5: Last Round

Achievement Description Gamer score
Master DOA5 Last Round Unlock all achievements 50
DOA5 Last Round is my life Fight 100 times online. 50
Unbeatable Champion Complete all lessons from a character in a challenging combo. 50
God Bless You! Activates the zone of special danger in the circus. 30
This is war Activates the zone of special danger in Warzone. 30
Catch and release Activates the zone of special danger in Sky City Tokyo. 30
Anyone, anytime Set "Duels" "OK" and accepts 10 challenges of mourning in Versus, Arcade or free training. 30
Hard training Play Free training mode for one hour. 30
Practice makes perfect Make all the movements of a character in the Training Command. 30
He was born a fighter Complete all the tutorial lessons. 30
The Power of Two Make 10 tackles on special couple. 30
Change of pace Press H + P + K during a coup loaded to change your partner and give a blow loaded in pairs. 30
I predict your movements Win without taking damage. 30
Failure teaches success Go pose defeat 8 characters. 30
Rivals Join a fighter on your list of fighters. 20
Machacarrivales Fight online. 20
My struggle, my rules Create your own online meeting point. 20
Get out there and fight! Fight in combat meeting point. 20
Actual combat Fight in combat classification. 20
You asked for it! Set "Duels" "OK" and accepts a challenge to duel in Versus, Arcade and Free Training. 20
Arcade (solo) finished Complete a route in Arcade mode (only). 20
Arcade (couple) finish Complete a route in Arcade Mode (couple). 20
Trial (solo) finished Complete a route in Time Trial (solo) mode. 20
Trial (pair) finished Complete a route in Time Trial mode (couple). 20
Survival (solo) finished Complete a route in Survival (single) mode. 20
Survival (pair) finished Complete a route in Survival (pair) mode. 20
Throw them in the air Make a charged shot. 20
Takeoff completed! Make a loaded release. 20
Sayonara, baby Attack for grip limit. 20
I'll pay Blocks the attack of an opponent for a grip limit. 20
Show fight Fight for the first time outside training or Versus mode. 10
Neophyte fighter Fight in a battle in Versus mode (only). 10
The fight never ends Fight in a battle in Versus mode (couple). 10
Now begins the good Play the tutorial. 10
Someone new challenges you! Play challenging combo. 10
Lights, camera, action Test Spectator mode. 10
Wrestler, know thyself View your results in the Register of fighting. 10
Those were the days View your photos in Album mode. 10
Potato! Take a picture in Spectator mode. 10
How do I fight? View the list of moves. 10
How do I fight like a professional? View the details of movements. 10
A fight to remember Save a replay. 10
Play it again Change settings for the background music. 10
Has anyone brought popcorn? Watch a video. 10
The Safety First Disables the danger zones in the scenario selection screen. 10
Unity is strength Fight in a combat team. 10
First partnership Fight in a battle with friends. 10


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