DmC: Definitive Edition (Xbox One) review

If there was a game for the last generation of consoles able to generate much controversy, that was definitely DmC, the new incarnation of Devil May Cry by Ninja Theory. Are the reasons for this? A radical change in the design of the characters, especially Dante, who did not like the usual fans of the classic saga too. In fact, few voices were not even claimed that it would be a bad game before they hit stores and could try, just for the "hate" that generated this sudden change.

Luckily, as they say, the guys at Ninja Theory managed to close many mouths when their new game hit the shelves around the world, showing that they had done a great job and regardless of artistic style chosen (although the characters they could like more or less, the scenarios presented an imposing and full of personality visual aspect), had created a very good action title.

DmC may not be as complex and deep playable level as the classical deliveries, but able to offer us a great time tearing enemies, exploring scenarios for secret, trying to improve our scores and overcoming all kinds of colorful plat forming sections.

Of course, far from perfect, since suffered from some problems such as a re-playable values somewhat limited compared to other exponents of the genre, a hard one both permissive even at its highest levels, very improvable in mechanical bosses, a story that weakens in the second half and a combat system that is crying a greater amount of combos and movements, although they have a number of options breathing battle to keep our rivals.

Now, as seems to dictate fashion re-master everything to the new consoles, Ninja Theory's work comes to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One where it is supposed to be the "Ultimate Edition". The good news is that the developer has simply up the game resolution and improve its rate of frames per second, but have also taken the opportunity to include a number of new features that promise to lengthen its re-playable values considerably, making This re-mastering very clean product even for those who already passed the game at the time.

In essence we are dealing with the same title that we enjoyed in 2013, so we recommend that you consult the analysis published at the moment if you want to deepen its different gameplay aspects, because here we focus on everything new offers.

Dante and Vergil in the new generation

To begin, the first thing we would like to emphasize is that the game is divided into two main modes, the Dante and Vergil (the brother of our hero), and each has its own separate heading saved, so we are facing something like two games in one. For Vergil, its history is the same as the DLC "The Fall of Vergil," and need between three and five hours to complete. Yes, I advise that this is placed just after the end of the story of Dante, so we recommend you do not start to overcome the main title.

Turning now to what your news, we find that have included a lot of modifiers of difficulty and game modes to challenge ourselves to overcome missions multiple times in many different ways, but beware, because many of these developments will not be unlocked from the beginning. One change we liked most is the "Hard Mode", which can activate whenever we want before a mission and is compatible with any difficulty.

Thanks to this, we can live much closer to what the Devil May Cry featuring classic experience because it performs a readjustment multitude of features to force us to have to play better. For example, with this switch meter style does not rise so easily (in the original version we could go up repeating the same combo over and over again as long as hitting blows continuously) and their times will be as permissive, which we will force implement combos of all kinds. In addition, the enemies get tougher and will need to be much more accurate to perform certain movements.

Speaking of rebalancing, say they have made many small adjustments whether or not activate the hard way, changing characteristics of certain movements to enhance the combat system and even slightly tweaking the bosses to make them some battles more entertaining. So have change places to get some collectibles is a much greater challenge.

The other switch without which we can not live is the "Turbo Mode" (this is compatible with the "Hard Mode), which increases the speed of play by 20%, making each battle a much more frantic experience with to test our reflexes. Continue game modes, you will be glad to know that it has returned Bloody Palace Mode, allowing combat many waves of enemies to challenge us and test our skill level. Definitely a great addition.

We also mention the presence of new difficulty levels that will make the original "Dante Must Die" it look like a real ride. So much so that some of them are convinced that only a select few will be able to go to the extreme difficulty presented.

Finally, we can not end with the new in this release without mentioning the fact that now finally has included a button to set enemies, something very much missed in the original and can even be configured to have to hold it or not.

Technically the game has been updated and now runs at 1080p resolution and 60 frames per second. This change if you played on PC you are not going to notice, even if only what you could enjoy on PS3 or Xbox 360, especially the 60 fps you feel great, especially with the "Turbo Mode" enabled .

The bad news is that it's age and with increasing resolution there are textures that clash over the account. In addition, the character models are not anything special and nothing is a game that could be considered "new generation". Yes, its art section is still great (what gets to continue being a very colorful game) and see how scenarios are transformed our way are as spectacular as two years ago.

The sound remains the same level as the original, with a soundtrack that perfectly sugarcane Ambient fighting and a convincing effects.


DmC: Definitive Edition is just what you should be all re-mastering: product not only improve the technical side of the game, but include new content and really take the opportunity to re-launch to improve its different gameplay aspects. If you have not yet been able to enjoy the latest adventure of Dante, you're not going to find a better version of this Definitive Edition to do so, and if already you played and left you wanting more, here you will find reason to return again and continue tearing demons.