Dragon Ball - Xenoverse (PC) Battle tips for getting started

In Dragon Ball - Xenoverse lot can be regulated with the right level or overpowered Z-strong and super attacks.

For duels at eye level, it is important to know all the actions and their advantages and disadvantages. Here you can learn more about basic actions in combat.

Basic attacks and combos

Weak / strong attacks: Weak attacks do less damage than strong, but are quicker to perform. You can combine weak and strong attacks on various combos. It has to start, then moving on to strong attacks in a combo with a weak attack. About the pause menu you can see in the list of combos.

Ki-Expo ions: Pressing the Ki Blast button once it fires a ki blast. Do you take the button fires your character from a whole salvo. The Ki-Ki explosions do not consume, but do not have much damage, but can the enemy for a long time to fix a place. That makes this attack for team fights interesting. As your partner, for example, charges a super attack, you can deal with the Ki blasts and immobilize the opponent.

Super Attacks: you can equip your character with four super attacks. These include Kamehameha and Co. super attacks usually consume Ki and should not be fired indiscriminately. The most effective is super attacks at the end of a combo chain.

Shield-Breaker and check

You can break right through the opponent's defense. But as a shield breaker is very slow in execution, this can usually be easily circumvented. It's best to build the shield breaker in a combo, which the enemy may not be possible rates.

The setback is suitable for situations when the opponent makes a teleportation during your combo. In the event you push the analog controller back and takes your beat combo from continuing to catch with a bit of luck the enemy.


Press the left hand button you take a Defense Position. This position is ideal to weak combo chains of the enemy and Ki-explosions. In case of strong attacks and shield breakers but you should pay attention to your stamina. Likewise, your stamina will not charge when you defend yourself - whether you hit or not collected.

The best way to defend yourself is a great defense. This you succeed if you do defended at the same moment in which befalls a blow of the opponent. The opponent flinch and you can attack your part. The ideal defense even repels Shield Breaker attacks. Loading your opponent so a strong attack, so prepare yourself for an ideal defense. Since the charging of the shock is relatively long, chances are good that you may succeed in an ideal defense.

Litters and attack

By simultaneously pressing the defense and the key for Ki-explosions you can grab your opponent and start a throwing attack. Throws are a good alternative to shield breaker to penetrate the opponent's defense.

Since most litters of throwing your opponent far, they are very helpful if the opponents are in the majority. To push others out of the situation and get some air, a throw attack is suitable.

To hurl away the enemies you can use the check-attack. For this purpose you press the buttons for a strong attack and the Ki blast at the same time.

Otherwise, both techniques don’t have much damage and are slow in execution. Use the technique so more tactical.


If you defended before a combo of the opponent or want to dodge a hit, teleportation is just right. Suppresses the Ki blast button will be attacked while you, around you to teleport behind the opponent.

Full Run makes a teleportation while it costs you a stamina bar when you have collected direct hits, then two stamina bars.

You should therefore avoid very strategic and economical with the teleportation. It's best to use teleportation at the end of the opposing combos, then launch a counter-attack. If you use the teleportation in the midst of an enemy combo, it may be that the opponent with a blow to the back continues his combo and hits you.

You can however use for attacking the teleportation. When you start a combo and the opponent blocks, you can cancel a teleportation, then attack the enemy from behind the combo - Attack from behind cannot defend themselves.

Reduce Endurance

In order to get through the enemy defenses, it is necessary to empty the endurance of the opponent. If you are on the defensive, the endurance will not charge. Weak attacks also have no effect on endurance as Ki-explosions.

If your opponent protects, then strong attacks are the right way, because they attract much perseverance from. Is endurance empty, you break through the enemy defenses and you can place your combos - the opponent can not defend themselves for some time.

To get directly through the defense, help a supercharged strong blow, a shield breaker. After a successful hit your opponent is vulnerable for a short time and can not defend themselves.

Use your enemy teleportation cost him during one of your combos that a stamina bar (if he blocks). Chances are that if you place with a strong combo, he exhausts his stamina. Attempt to estimate how much stamina the opponent might have.