Dragon Ball Xenoverse: Recruit Allies for a Team

Dragon Ball Xenoverse is the latest game based on the iconic series of Goku. Released for PlayStation 4, Xbox One , Xbox 360 , PS3 and PC, the title mix MMO elements with the frantic struggles known to fans. In the futuristic city of Toki-Toki, the player can recruit allies of different levels to help you during important missions. See now how to assemble a powerful team.

Organizing a Team in Town

Caught in a parallel mission in solo mode? Heroes controlled by the machine are not giving the trick? The solution to improve the performance of your sparring partners is simple: replace them with fighters with higher level than yours.

To create a team both in online and offline mode, you must first access one of the capsules of "Team registration". They can be found at the ends of the "Time Machine Station", one of three locations in Toki - Toki.

Once you reach the capsule record, talk to the little robot to begin the process of team building. In menu "Reception Team", you can change the squad size (which supports up to three players, including the protagonist), the "Staff Policy" and, of course, "Gaming Policy".

To facilitate your search, we recommend the options "3 players", "Main Game" or "Main Mission" and "Any" in "Gaming Policy". To confirm, access the "Room Menu" and locate the "Player List" and "Find Player" option for all women warriors are displayed in descending order according to levels.

There are scouts from all five races available. The higher the fighter level, the greater the rate serviceman. The level fighters 80, for example, amount to 30 thousand charges. Always try to select fighters with higher level than your (heroes with lower level do not charge anything, but to be honest, do not help). That way you will not suffer so much to complete side missions.

It's worth noting that you can check the patrolman information before you even recruit him. Thus, you are able to view the equipped techniques, costumes list etc. If you want to review the information of allies, go to the "Team Members" tab in the menu "Player List".

Did not like the performance of the combatants? Of course you can throw them at any time. To do this, access the menu and press the button indicating "Disperse" option. In our version of PlayStation 4, the button is the square. On the other hand, if you want to dismiss one of the two recruits, go to "Team Members", select the desired fighter and press "Kick".

Finally, remember that the game does not enter the "Time's Nest" with a team. This means that you will not be able to use allies to travel back in time and consequently progress in history. In fact, the heroes must be recruited to assist you with costly side missions.