Etherium (PC) Conquest guide

Conquest mode

The conquest mode is the campaign of Etherium. Before you start, you can choose one of three races. You can select the Intari, the consortium and the Empire. You also decide the breed, the basic principle of Etherium remains the same.


Etherium is the be-all and in the same game. It represents the resource that you need to build extensions and / or entities. At the same time it is also the only resource you need it.

The fleet

You start off with a kind of spaceship in a solar system. Use of this ship you can travel to other planets, to start a small space battle against an enemy ship repair your fleet, should they have been damaged and take a territory of your choice in possession, on one of the available planets.


Each planet can accommodate other types of natural disasters. So rage on Mars, for example, tornadoes. If you are going to attack a planet, you always have the choice between three territories and often between three different maps. Each territory can offer different bonuses from income. So you get through the control of a territory either more technology points per round or start a garrison in the case of a defense or even more Etherium at the start of a battle.


If you attack a territory or need to defend one, you find yourself back in the proper strategy mode. The goal is to destroy the enemy's main base. Like many other buildings or extensions after the destruction of the main base are still standing, it is irrelevant. The same is true for you! Protect your main base so good!

All Battles in Conquest held against one opponent. It is therefore not possible to compete simultaneously against multiple enemies


Unlike other strategy games, you don’t have to click your building here in order to access certain functions. All the features you need her for the expansion of a building, can be found on the front right of the screen. In addition, there is no base building in the direct sense. A simple unit shall be responsible to assume different regions on the map. Take her to the nearest point a built her there automatically a new building with additional place for your extensions. There is an area in which the resource is located Etherium, you can also reduce this. You should want to take a region that has no connection to one of your other regions, you have to build a power station so that the system is still functional.


There are several extensions that you can build to give you advantages:
  • Etherium refinery - Increases the income of Etherium (but only if you actually Etherium degrades in exactly this region)
  • ComSat system - Increases your command points
  • Technology Center - Increases your technology level
  • Logistics center - Strellt three additional fields available Division
  • Spaceport - Unit production locally
  • Repair station - Automatically repair all damaged within the region
  • Supply station - Even without connection to a different region of a functioning system

Command points

Command Points are scored by expanding ComSat! You need them to perform special actions that find at the bottom of the screen. These special actions vary from breed to breed and can help you a long-lost battle, but yet to win or even get hold additional Etherium.

If you have consumed command points, they are automatically replenished. To further this process, there are certain units that you provide, such as after the extinction of a force additional command points.

Technology Level

You start off with the first of five levels of technology. With each successive technology center that you build, you raise your level of technology. With each level stronger units or defense systems can be built. However, these levels do not affect your extensions. So you can at any time make any extensions!

Logistics Level

The logistics level can be increased with the logistics center. Each center increases your maximum unit number by 3! The unit capacity is 16

Defense Equipment

Defenses can save you from a lot of damage! Two of these positions may already be built with the first level of technology and specialize in different units. A maximum of 3 defense systems in a region are built.

Neutral Tribes

Can sometimes find on the map and a neutral strain. This can either be destroyed, so reduce regional Etherium or it can be a useful ally.

If there is such a strain on the map, you can see on the left screen edge a new window. In this window, which you must build extensions to win the affection of the strain for you. If you have relevant extension, you have to convert them so that they will initially unusable. The more of these enhancements remodels, the more quickly fill the bar. If it is full, belongs to the tribe either you or the enemy

Other ways

To the right of your minimap can be found in front also special actions, but for which it does not consume any points or have to pay with Etherium.

- Here, a unit can be picked up by a plane to keep them safe to lead to another region.
- You can heal units. Give to the healing unit must remain in the vicinity of a base that has a spaceport.
- It is also possible extension to sell.