Final Fantasy Type-0 HD - walkthrough and strategy guide

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD is a game that will satisfy the demands of many fans by presenting a gameplay feature-rich content, secrets, objectives, missions and so on and so forth. There are plenty of things to do and see, enemies to fight and help from friends, but it can be difficult to figure out which of these things will give you great rewards and which deal with, maybe, at a later time. This first part of our guide to the game, will help unravel the basic strategies of the title in order to understand how to set the adventure without losing sight of the important things and trying to finish each mission with maximum results!


In Type-0 HD we will have more than 10 characters that we can use in the missions depending on the requirement. Take the field with a team unbalanced equivalent to losing in a few attacks so our first advice is to create a proper team because, as the title the better team does not exist but there are so many great combination: The objective in the creation of the team is to have a proper mix of talent as a character from SCRUM, a character in DISTANCE, a character with a healing spell or a SPELL OFFENSIVE, the type of offensive spell (fire, ice, etc. ..) depends on the type of enemy to face. You can combine these talents depending on the need and preferences of the player, ACE is a character that can be mixed thoroughly offensive spells and ranged attacks with maps, SEVEN mixture melee attacks with powerful offensive spells etc. The important thing is to try to always have the characteristics described in the 3 characters that will make your team; in more advanced stages, reached a certain level, you can even assemble these features with only two characters so that you have a free slot for pg you see fit.

But be careful because once created can not always on the same trio because the game will force you to change characters for some of the main missions, but especially for quests that often require a specific character to be initiated and completed.


In FINAL FANTASY TYPE-0 HD the best defense is neither a good offense, nor a powerful defense of the true strength lies in not being affected at all. Learn to dodge at the right time make it possible to not be affected by virtually any enemy attack especially if imparete to observe the opponents and learn the exact moment they are going to attack you. Each enemy before attacking movement makes a precise, charge a shot, advancing a few steps, the observation is the most powerful weapon you have, if you do not learn and understand the right time to dodge, many of the game's enemies will be quite difficult to break down, especially the secrets boss . Precisely for this reason we recommend, in addition to a careful observation of enemy movements, even to invest your first steps to strengthen the ability to dodge, the speed with which run on the reduction of the energy used to dodge etc ...


During the game, very often you to face missions for which you are not ready.

Don’t make the heroes, if not make it your own is useless to die, open the menu and select QUIT MISSION, in this way you will return just before leaving for the mission soon abandoned. The level of experience achieved in the mission will be maintained, as well as items collected, the Phantoma, chocobos, everything. This way you can also easily leveling researching the mission that is right for you.


At the beginning of each mission you will be asked if you want to activate the SUPPORT. This option allows to intervene in support mission that will help you fight in the most difficult phases. Great, if it were not for the fact that the media replace your mates, not be controlled directly, you take the experience of the enemy killed and in practice you do lose the reins of the mission. Our advice is to activate only after gaining a deep understanding of the mission to deal with, so that will help to eliminate the enemies quickly lower to dedicate to complete the mission in a short time and get a high degree of completion.


The rank better than you can get on a mission is represented by the letter S. To obtain the basic requirements are essentially three, or the TEMPO, the survival and KILLS. Ending a mission quickly, without dying and killing everything that moves, you will surely get the maximum rank, unfortunately not a simple result and in many missions you'll have to come back over and over again but the S is not only a source of pride or useful unlock a trophy. Getting this high rank you unlock powerful items that will be used to personalize your, many, heroes.


Is there a particular character ability called Double Enchantment, Twin Spell. This ability is one of the first that you can buy for your heroes and provide the ability to have a double slot for offensive spells. Really very useful if it not for the fact that having two spells equivalent to wasting twice as MP and why load a character spells when they can be shared out with other members of the team? The skill Double Enchantment only becomes useful to the second or third time I tackled the story, when the high level of your MP is no longer affected by the problem of constant exhaustion. If you really want to buy it, however, try to learn to make a character that does not requires a large number of experience points because the double spell has a different cost, depending on the character who learns.


Between missions, and the other may happen to have the "free time" that ultimately free in name only because you have to use this time to complete mini-quest additional, talk to other characters to deepen under plots, unlock items, get experience points and more where a mountain of things to do will not leave anything free.


In Type-0 knowledge is entrusted to the wise Moogle. Talking with your teacher for the class 0, or Agito, you can get the special training missions that will progress as they will unlock other. These missions will turn into warriors perfect but will be more and more complicated as you go forward. Complete them all in the first playtrough is a great effort, our advice is to address them a bit 'at a time over the course of the various lots.


One of the great innovations of Type-0 can be found in the management of Chocobo that, for the first time in relation to other episodes of the series, are handled as if they were consumable items. Chocobos can indeed be used to roam freely on the world map using them as if they were a simple potion. Once evoke the chocobo gallop with you until his term expires that once completed will bring the cute animal back in the Ranch place where we can raise and get new birds.

Raising Chocobo is very simple and remember, for those who have played, the farming method seen in the various versions of Pokemon for the Nintendo handheld console. It is to leave a Chocobo Male and one Female in the ranch, along with a little 'grass Ghisal. Then just wait six hours and two chocobo will become parents of a beautiful litter!

Chapter I

After a very long sequence, we start out as Ace 2 with team members, Nine and Queen at the gate of the Firebird. We go through the gate where we are directly confronted with the so-called "Anime", they are and guide you through the rest of the game and can be used among other things for energy ramparts.

We shoot our first opponent and forced him to Anime - we collect diligently from now on. Then immediately we first meet soldiers soft their attacks and bring them down. This we shall do very often in the next chapters. The values: The TP heal automatically when we stop (not at gunpoint it is faster).

Use the first, relatively simple struggles to familiarize yourself with the new combat system.

On our way up the stairs to the top we get it done, we put out of action as usual with other military soldiers.

If we take a fight with a rival group, we can quickly decide this, by the leader directly (which is marked with a special icon) eliminate. The rest of the group is then obtained without a fight, we can also browse the enemy group members afterwards. At the top, we get directly to do with such a group.

We kill the leader and his subordinates surrender. If this is done, we see a regeneration site where we can fill completely TP, MP and AB. We pass through the gate and now find ourselves in the elevator forecourt, where we start again against soldiers.

After a short sequence suddenly the time being unknown object, which bombards us with fireballs and disappear after a short time appears. The map shows us where we need to go on the road we meet again at a regeneration site.

If we follow the path, we arrive at a door - this we open by pressing the switch before it. We are now on the Tasuki Bridge. We fight as now already accustomed to some soldiers - some time are also active as snipers, therefore you look around in all directions. If this is done, the wall opens, followed by a movie and we have arrived at Rubrum’s Plaza.

There we will find another regeneration portal also a so-called relic terminal, which is for the rest of the game is of paramount importance. Here we make changes to the team, for example, we select the active character from. In addition, here we can save our game, what we do at this point for the first time.

To our left is a dragon-like monster that is clearly badly injured. This we ignore at this point and point us to the right instead where us a staircase leads to the airship dock. The tutorial teaches us now to defend ourselves. There is again some soldiers who stand in our way. We keep right and look for a switch. This we operate. Also east is the group leader, Lt. Ernest. If we defeated him, threatens us at this level no longer a threat, we take the elevator and then storm the military flagship.

Once there, we take another elevator to the main deck. At this time, you surely have noticed that we are not there with open arms. We have to fight our way through some soldiers and steering shooters.

We follow the path to the north, where a large beam of light is seen. We use crystallite to blow up after a short sequence, we can use a regeneration portal and make our way south. We defeat the opposing team and once again start a sequence.

Now we're back to the airship dock and, after a short sequence we find ourselves again in the dragon-like monster from earlier, this is now no longer chained and flies away. We take the opportunity to save at this point the score again.

Boss Battle # 01 - Dáinsleif

We adhere to the north, go through the door to see a sequence and find ourselves now at the Fountain Square where we are directly confronted with two Nimrod. Are those killed, our route takes us west to the battle arena. In one sequence, an Esper named Odin is summoned.

After the sequence we fight with Odin Dainsleif against which our first boss opponent will be in connection Tip: Odin's attack "Zantetsuken" will eliminate Dainsleif with just one hit - but the attack is not always true.. If we defeated him, our struggle members were changed and we have to fight the Boss again in touch with Dainsleif, the TP time significantly lower than the first meeting - but they fill up with time automatically back up. He was after all are not all too difficult challenge.

We beat him again and the mission completed. Depending on how we performed, there are rewards here. Followed by another long sequence, we store and the first chapter is done.

Chapter II

The second chapter starts with a long movie. In this chapter we are the academy and the world map to get to know. After the sequence, we find ourselves at the fountain square again. If we continue to move from the starting point at a few meters, Aki speaks to us and called us at the Academy of red Peristylums welcome. We get the order to move into the classroom. It also describes our way there.

We enter the building before the door is the way Moogle. In the main hall arrived, we go into the hallway to the left, after a brief sequence we find on our right a relic terminal, then it goes straight on through the door into the classroom. There is already the next sequence. Kurasame keeps us a lecture and provides this opportunity to demonstrate its strength and provides us with the two new cadets, Machina and Rem ago. We make our way to memorial, but we take the side exit toward the backyard. First, we talk to Aria, where we can buy and sell supplies. In the backyard, we follow the path a few steps to the memorial.

Here, our mission will begin later. After a sequence we go back again. Moogle tells us the daily routine - we have 12 hours free time, He also tells us that we can consult Tachinami in the command center, it will assist us so that we can move out just in case sooner. We can now use the great magic portal into the main hall and look around at the entire Academy, this is done, we get from Mogry a gift.

We leave the classroom and go first to the relic terminal. Here we make a fighter exchange. We need Rem Machina or to start the next mission. Once that is done, we'll go again to the memorial, where we get a drink and over an elixir for a sequence. Latest from now, you should always keep an eye on the bottom right, how much time is left until the start of the mission.

We look first at the main hall where we meet Aki again. You told us the magic portal, we get about the different areas in the academy. A large door in the middle of the main hall leads to the command center, the hallway to the right Crystarium. We go through the magic portal to Magic School and talk to Dr. Al-Rashia who asks us if we had a moment. Provided we have time, we affirm. After a short conversation we get a super potion. After this Call 2 hours incidentally passed, as after each conversation. The Deputy Head of the Department told us then, what are Special Orders (SOs) and as we call them. We can now pick and choose whether we want to enable this or not. Regardless of how you decide, we now go back to the main hall.

The remaining time to the mission start we use to look at the armor laboratory. (Note: The order in which you look at each area is up to you!) There we go again using the magic portal. A with "INFO" labeled Guild member sold "fine" weapons and accessories, this opportunity can you use to you for the upcoming mission to equip.

After the defense laboratory, we are looking at the common room, where said anticipated nothing happened relevant. The same applies to the salon. We're here just all around to get the reward said in the classroom. We continue to sky terrace, where we address Machina.

After a short sequence, the remaining time is expired, in our case to the mission start, the inspection of the Academy will be continued at a later time, for now we must return to the classroom because the mission is pending. We speak there arrived at Kurasame, which tells us that we have is a so-called gain team available, and how to call for reinforcements. We are further informed by the goal of our mission, the city Mactai that we should conquer back.

We leave the academy over the entrance hall. The red barrier, and we have an opportunity weltere memory. Moogle tells us at the front door yet that we can retreat in case of emergency. The mission shall be considered to have failed, however, our accumulated experience points remain with us. Experience way, there is only the active struggle members and substitute for reserve members.

Now we enter the world map, as we go through the door. We see our path on the map, the starting point is the caption region. Here we can fight to collect EP and Anime. At the start of battle we get it, inter alia, with hundreds of feet, devil eyes and Aqua puddings do.

Mission "baptism of fire for the cadets"

An attempt ventured, after the mission starts "baptism of fire for the cadets" - we put our team realizes and off you go. The prelude makes again military soldiers that we must overcome to open the gate in front of us. We now follow the path further north and evacuate more military soldiers out of the way.

Subsequently, we must also arrive up defenses and barricades. The defenses are marked on the map, we need to turn off both. After we have paralyzed both defense systems, we need to turn Lieutenant Theodore. Then we follow the yellow arrow on the map in an easterly direction. Our route takes us through the city center 6 where to ask ourselves again, soldiers in their way. By the way: Do not forget to continue to collect Anime.

Boss Battle # 02: Major Massena

In the city center 7 we putting away first lieutenant Necker. From there, we have to go west, to the ruined place. Further to the west we find ourselves in military headquarters again and stand against Major Massena. He is our last opponent in this mission. If he is defeated, we save the game and the mission completed.

We are located after the mission again in the caption region again and head back to the academy. Moogle offers us a variety of teaching in the classroom lessons in order to improve our skills. We undertake both lessons, gain experience points, rewards and increase our defensive magic. For the two lessons we go 2 hours each time whistle.

Next we set our "sight seeing" continued by the Academy, which we have begun before the mission. We go to the chocobo stables where we talk first with Obane about the magic portal. From it we each get 10 male and female chocobo and 3 tufts Gisahl herb. This allows us to grow at a later date chocobos. If we continue to look around the stables we meet Tsubasa and complete a riding lesson. We note: We are relatively come back soon.

For now, we are here but finished and return to the main hall, where we talk to the moogle of Class 8. This tells us a favor, we do not refuse him, of course. In practical terms, to keep on our way to landmarks out - we should find that, then we bring them to him. We get a Mega Potion.

Next, we take the stairs up and move into the command center. We speak the Rubrumer military right in the room at that explains the sub-item "missions" in the main menu. On the other side of the room is the Rubrumer official who explained to us how we can adapt the difficulty in relic terminal. It also reminds us once again that we can obtain from the Academy of missions support. Next to her is another military who tells us the amplification system and the VS-rank. Then we address Tachinami - we talk to him again as soon as we are ready to take the next mission to attack.

For now, however, we want to take our remaining available time. We go now to the Crystarium. On the left we see Machina - we are talking directly to, according to the following sequence we get a Turbo Ether.

Very important is the way, right at the entrance of the center, the Annals of the Firebird. There we find very useful information, both about our opponents, as well as on espers, various people we encounter in the game and jobs. We're done for now, leave the academy and head to the fountain square. We are talking to Lady Celestia and official. In a short sequence, we give you a small directions and get another turbo ether. On the other side of the fountain is Azuma, with which we speak also (if permitted by your remaining time). Next to a small warning we get an Elixir.

In our case, the remaining time is the mission start now expired and we rush back to the classroom. At the desk, we speak with Kurasame that can provide us with information about the upcoming territorial fight. We make ourselves again on the way to recapture rubrumer areas. After leaving the classroom we search the relic terminal on, save the game, match, where appropriate, to our team and are again the cloud. The way through the lobby on the world map you know yes or from the last mission.

Mission "Operation Reconquista"

We start the mission "Operation Reconquista”, choose our active fighters and find us in the caption region again. The aim of the mission is to liberate Corsi. We first take the 1st camp, then Aqvi - in that order. If we lose, we lose Mactai - which we conquered in the previous mission. After we have taken points, enemy units will also try to recapture this - we need to find the right balance between offense and defense.

First, let's take the first camp. The infantry does not make it easy - the troops and come to meet us from the 1st camp out, it is attacking, so that our troops can find. We ourselves can not damage the bearing, but the Rubrumer troops conduct, these take the fortress then a.

We have a base in our hands, we can approach him to replenish our MP. Pays particular attention to the commands given to you during the mission Moogle - this can bring us special rewards. We have 1 in stock in our hands, we take Aqvi addressed. Here we proceed the same as before the 1st camp. The defense will fail but this time a little more intense.

We help something in which we put behind the first camp southeast of the immune system out of action.

We obtained the command of the 1st camp, and from there send the lava unit according Aqvi. We should now be able to play without any problems. Once the troops have damaged the fortress to the extent that the blue line of defense is destroyed, we can rush. We are again asking if we need support from the Academy.

Are we in Aqvi, we have 5 minutes to find Major Herriot it to death. Military soldiers and Nimrod face us also in the way. Have we Aqvi under control, it is important to take Corsi. Tip: Let no means the 2nd camp out of sight. From there, troops make up to make us our bases in dispute Another tip. If you is not fast enough, the running speed of your character, just X and square suppressed in order to ascend to the Chocobo, this increases your speed a little.

Small Checklist: 1. Storage, Aqvi and Mactai defended taken 2. Bearing, Corsi under fire: Is all this ensures we storm Corsi.

Boss Battle # 03: Lieutenant Hamilton

This time there is no time limit, we simply defeat the enemies that stand in our way. These include militery soldiers and striker. We kill as many enemies in each area until the red writing "Victory" appears on the screen.

In the main square we must bring Lieutenant Hamilton on track. If this is done, Corsi is in our power, and the mission is complete.

We can enter our conquered territories on the world map also, whenever we want. We are there then traders and Relic terminals. When we travel on the world map, we are also confronted with various battles in the open field. This is useful if we want to level up, and we also collect Anime. It would be advisable at this stage, if you had problems with the previous mission.

Then we go back to the academy and we see a very long sequence. We learn from a soldier named Izana Kunagiri who fell in battle. It bears the same surname as Machina - more is not known at this time.

We see the magic faculty again, where a magic staff has a job for us. He asks us to bring him a red Anima. Meanwhile, we should have enough left. For this we obtain an iron ring - and Mogry we get an Elixir.

We are now entering Dr. Al-Rashias room. After a short sequence, we get a super potion. We go to the main Halltestelle, where we learn that we have a visit on the world map costs 6 hours time. In addition, we can breed Chocobos from now on. We only talk to the moogle in Class 5, after the conversation we get again a Super Potion.

We are looking for a change again in the classroom over, but on the way there follows another conversation with Dr. Al-Rashia. She shows us a new portal. There queen tells us that the color of Anime we get in fights, dependent we use the magic. We obtain, for example, red Anime if we use fire attacks. We now talk to the stone base, here we can strengthen our various magics.

Mission "battle for the Togoreth Fortress"

We go into the classroom, and speak there again Kurasame on. Once again, we have to conquer land. Thus, here starts our mission "battle for the Togoreth Fortress".

We go to the world map - before we enter this, warns us against the Moogle visible running around on the world map monsters. We should avoid direct confrontations with these monsters largely because they are very strong. If this is noted, here we go. The yellow arrow on the map shows us the way to the site.

As soon as we arrived in the region Togoreth we're being followed directly by a large horn. It is difficult to avoid a fight even harder to win this - the Great Horn is at level 99 and kills us in a matter of seconds. These strong monsters are way marked on the map with a yellow dot. In this region, it is also possible to catch a chocobo.

However, our main focus is the Togoreth Fortress. Arrived at the fortress, starts the mission. The operation begins at the main gate, where we defeat the enemy forces. Have we defeated Lieutenant Norbert, the way to the main staircase is free. Here we find the way also a healing potion and a field ration.

There is a bit more violent resistance: In addition military soldiers we have to take it with 2 Nimrod. In addition, we are attacked from above by snipers. Top left is Lieutenant Bancroft - we have to beat him, and then take the west staircase where it gets really uncomfortable for the first time since we are faced with a golem in the way. He comes from a Summon Wall. We beat the Wall, and Moogle tells us to penetrate through the north gate to the fort. So we do not create the Golem and flee.

We defeat Lieutenant Oreck and then enter the Research Lab II, where we first find an identification tag. Then we save the relic terminal into the game. In addition, we find 2 dog tags, an ether, we also find around the corner. If we need it, we can still use the regeneration portal, and then go into the storage room.

We eliminate Lieutenant Radford, and refer to the storage premises or a landmark. There is nothing more to do here, further into the corridor where some enemies are waiting for us. Have we killed them, it goes into the storage room - prototypes. We are talking to Koharu, proclaiming good news to us - we can now summon Espers.

Immediately afterwards but it is uncomfortable, 2 Shokis and some soldiers are attacking us. Moogle tells us find the central machine room and there to disable the defense system.

Accordingly, we now access to the engine room, where we meet again the Golem (we can defeat him, but do not - if we defeat it, nothing happens). We go to the Golem out of the way, destroy the invocation Wall and into the engine room. We disable the defense system and get the next order, enter the fortress.

We leave the engine room again and get involved in access in a battle where we need to turn Lieutenant Hougoumont. The path leads north towards access to the kennel. One or the other battle on the go you can already fixed schedule. Continue to the main staircase - which we already know, we use again the West Sunrise (where we met for the first time the Golem), in addition to a few soldiers, we will also bombarded by a frigate. This we must put them out with ranged attacks.

We take the West Sunrise, fight us the way and take it up with Lieutenant Roberts. After the fight, we proceed to the southern corridor, where in addition to the usual opponents reappearing a frigate. We must defeat Lieutenant Eudemons to go to.

We follow the path until east entrance where we win the next battle. The next group leader is Lieutenant Morris, we impose him too. Then we take the north rise (we now take the target person in charge), and here follow the yellow arrow on the map, a vast amount of enemies facing us in the way - if we have made it to the passage, we get by Moogle the message that the Colonel has entrenched in the fortress.

Him we're looking at, not in a friendly intent. We enter into a militische headquarters (right next to the stairs there is still a Super Potion), and fight our way there the way until we colonel Schmitz surveys. Depending on how much you have trained in the open field, the soldiers could protect him over to be a bit annoying. Colonel Schmitz is a bit tough.

Boss Battle # 04: Brigadier General Bashtar

If we defeated him, followed by a blank quiet end sequence and the boss fight against Brigadier General Bashtar is pending. This is the final battle in this mission.

This boss opponent is very strong, but we remind ourselves that we can conjure from now on the Esper. The boss fight is a welcome opportunity to test out the first time. Ifrith makes short work with the opponent and the mission is complete.

In one sequence, we see a battle between two L'Cies and the balance of a battle that claimed many victims. We have now completed the second chapter of success.

Chapter III

Preface to Chapter 3: This chapter 2 emissions wait on you - they are much more difficult than the previous ones. You have between missions a little more time available, there are also many jobs.

But in any case uses as much time as possible in order to level up in the open field. Also uses the battle arena and try to bring as many characters as possible to a higher level.

After a short sequence, we are back in the academy, where we talk in the command center with Kurasame. He teaches us about the combat formation "Trinity", we can select ago inserts. This can be carried out when there are 3 active members fight in the group are, then run a special combat maneuvers We also get more information about our Esper authorization, we have received over the last mission. It is advisable to summon a Esper when we have problems in a fight. The strength of the Esper can make the difference, the character of conjuring, it pays for the Life. We can now register for field operations, us military attaché at the entrance.

On Fountain Square tells us something about an officer's servant Aria. After the interview, we get a glass bead. In Crystarium we speak with Tachibana from the class 2. From him we get after talking a Super Potion.
In addition, we see a sequence when we address Quon. This brings us a turbo-ether and an elixir. A cadet in Class 9 is also the Crystarium and has continually orders for us, where it comes to find certain opponents in the open field and defeat.

We will also get rewards respectively. Tekise Dean has the Crystarium also a job for us. We should get a history book from the Corsi Grotto.

If you were not already there, this is an opportunity to set out on the path and explore the cave. Northeast of the caption region, we find the entrance to the cave Corsi. We enter the cave to the left we find a girl named Akane, who tells us that her boyfriend was turned into a frog and that she is looking for an antidote in the Grotto - while they almost fell victim to the monsters.

Right Akane is a chest in it is the book on the history Rubrums (this we take following the field trip Dean Tekise the Crystarium). We are moving north within the cave towards southern corridor, where we have to compete against a horde Velvet paws. We have this behind us and keep us further north, we arrive at the south tunnel, where more Velvet paws there and bombers waiting for us.

After a few steps, we see at the bottom of something glittering. This is an identification tag which of course we collect. We follow the path not stop until the winding path that leads us to the waterfall north.
There we will have to deal with the King Quail, also find a chest containing a crystal ball. Let's go back to the fork, go from there to the east, the East Tunnel, get a few enemies and get to the waterfall east.

There we find a chest with Mimett Greens (Herb).

Keep also in the entire cave eyes open for items - very relevant in this context is a Fire Shard, which is located in the grotto. We need this information for a later order.

Then we leave the cave again, but remember we have that we will return to at a later time, after all, we still do not know what it is about the frog up.

If we have Dean Tekise brought the book, we get a pointy hat as a reward. We would have to have quite a lot of time until the next mission, we can have a few of Mogrys attend lessons in the classroom.

After we left the classroom again, we are talking again with Dr. Al-Rashia waiting in the hallway and has a job for us. You want we know we are strong in dealing with magic. We should bring 3 enemies (selectable) with Feura GWR to the range. It makes sense to do this in the adjacent bullring. After work, we go back and work our magic is increased by 3.

Then we go to the chocobo stables to grow or pick if we have what previously bred chocobos. What Chocobo we obtain depends as said by the nature of the parents and of the food.

In the salon would like an administrative assistant that we are executing an order for them. We need to join us for the amplification system, and inserts gain from the Academy Request until we have 300 VP together. We obtain an output A2 flash magic.

In defense laboratory, we address Mutsuki, after a short and very unfriendly sequence we get a mega panacea.
Since we are already in armor space, we can also accept the order of a guild member on occasion. 3 ampoules resin, it is to be feared, of monsters in the Togoreth region. When we got it, of course beckons again a reward.

We also speak to Kazusa who asks us to accompany him. In the following sequence we are in the Crystarium, where we pass through a secret entrance in Kazusa Research Room. Obviously we were there instilled something. Anyway, according to the sequence, we obtain an ether.

Then we choose the relic-terminal Rem than active character and move into the magic faculty, where we the employees (marked "Order") bring 3 green Anime, and received a silver ring. We are now entering Dr. Al-Rashias room and see a sequence in which we learn that Rem is ill and will die. After the sequence, we obtain an over-ether.

After we would still have enough time before the next mission, we will take a little detour on the world map. On the way there, we carry a few conversations in the hall. The Logistics Associate, which is marked with "job" would like to have 3 ether, but we get over 5 potions.

We also speak with the Rubrumer soldier who tells us a few things about the data connection. This sends data from the target to the Academy, so that corresponding support can be provided. The Moogle Class 6 asks us if we have time for him. He tells us something about the relative strengths of each class and gives us a Super Potion.

After the dialogue, we go to the world map, where we assume various orders in our bases and level up in the open field, to prepare us for the next mission. On this occasion, we also catch some chocobos.

We enter Mactai where we get from Amane commissioned to molt three-velvet paws Quahle. We go into the Corsi Grotto, where we in a battle with several Velvet paws -Quahlen have them alive and defeat the King-an embarrassment. The object was that the velvet paws-Quahle result and we can skin them. In this way we obtain the precious fur. If we have 3 together, we bring them to Amane and get a silver bracelet as a reward.

In Aqvi we receive an order from Koki. He seeks his fire shard, he lost in the Corsi Grotto. You may have already found this in your first trip there, otherwise we go again for Corsi Grotto and seek. Our reward is an iron ring.

In Corsi we find Kayaharas stone if we follow the path a few feet and look around at the left side of the road. This stone is relevant at a later time.

Then Takano has a job for us - he wants us to defeat ten Aqua puddings in the caption region. Regardless of how many we've shot, we still need to bring down from this time 10 Aqua puddings. Would also like Takano us to tell anyone about it, so that he can even grab the glory for this order. We leave the city, and fulfill our mission. If this is done, we get a TP-tonic.

Anyway, we free the remaining time to the mission start out fully. It is recommended you, much to level, the following issues are anything but simple compared to the previous.

In addition, we may sometimes stop by the airship dock. There we first talk to the moogle class 4, which tells us a story about the four elemental guardians. The only one of you is still alive, is Kurasame. We also get a Super Potion.

Then we go back to the academy, where we talk in the command center with Trey. He tells us what a l'Cie, and that they are immortal unless they are killed by foreign hands. We get a Mega Potion. Then we talk to the soldier Rubrumer located right in the room. She tells us what we need to look into a battle. We also plan to get a Super Potion.

If time permits, we may assume also 2 orders in the command center. From Kurasame we obtain, for example, EP 10000 for the successful completion of the contract. Then we go into the backyard and talk to Cater. She tells us a story and gives us an ether.

If we do not have time to spare, then we conclude by talking with the left seat (also in the backyard), where a sequence follows. A Rubrumer soldier speaks to us, at the end of the sequence turns out that it is Izana Kunagiri with him (we have experienced before, that he is reportedly deceased). We also receive an elixir.

Mission "Infiltration of Iscahs"

In our case now stands at the mission and we go into the classroom. We will produce a red herring, by cause by a targeted blast confusion in the enemy camp. The Rubrumer military rapid recon quest of the territory in this way should be possible.

For this mission, we get an "Protest" spell to protect ourselves when the attacks of the enemies are too strong. We also get 3 crystallites.

On the way to the world map we receive from Mogry the information that the airline "airhead" has commenced scheduled flight operations. This information we remember before, for after the mission. With the scheduled flights we can control all areas that are under our control.

We do not rely on this option return, must eventually and we want as many fights as possible dispute leveling to.

On the world map arrived, our route takes us north to Togoreth region. From there we follow the yellow arrow on the map to the west. Take as always before the big horns in eight who will persecute you go. In addition, you will still receive sufficient opportunities to levels on the way.

When we arrived at the Iscah region, the mission will be launched in Iscah Aqueduct sec-91st The places where we need to place the crystallites are marked. We go to the north in sec-92, where we, after we have come out of the tunnel on the left valve to turn up the aisles to rid the water. We wait until the water runs out and follow the path up the stairs down to take on the opposite side of the stairs to the top where we are first confronted in this mission with opponents - in this case with devil eyes.

We are entering in sec-93, where even a few more enemies waiting for us. In addition devil eyes, we must also compete with flames puddings before we can advance in sec-94 this time. There we fight our way free, and take a walk to sec-95. South jumps forward to the map a conspicuity marking the eye. There we find the next valve, where we also rotate. We then go west to the generator-South - where to place them in a control unit having a crystallite.

Then we move east (just follow the yellow arrow on the map), where we follow the path back to sec-93. From there we go east to the generator-east. We beat the Ankhegs waiting for us there and place at the local control unit also has a crystallite. If this is done, we follow the yellow arrow on the map to the west to sec-94th.

From there it goes to the north, where we impose some flames puddings and follow the path to sec-96. There we have the obstacles on the way circumvent slaughter devil eyes and then we move east towards sec-97, where again wait a few enemies on us. North of the sec-97 is the generator North, where we deposit the last crystallite.

Moogle tells us to attack next imperial main base. We take the path back to sec-96, where we again noticed a conspicuous marker on the map. We follow the signs up to a large gate. We pass through the gate and then find ourselves in sec-139, where we have a regeneration portal and a Relic terminal.

Then we adhere to the north and enter sec-142, where we have to take it with a few soldiers, strikers and devil eyes. From this point we have a time limit of 25 minutes, until the power is restored in the city. We fight the way to sec-143, where we again turn up a valve. This time, it takes a little until the water has drained. In the meantime, we deal with our enemies, if you have not already sent in advance to the afterlife.

After we took the stairs down first, and on the opposite side up again, we can collect a field ration at the end of the corridor. If this is done, we go up the stairs back down and take the small bay behind the stairs that leads us in sec-146.

We follow the path to the northeast - the enemy in this sector must necessarily be defeated in order to paralyze the energy barrier. We could get a little disorientated Moreover, in this sector as it is very foggy, first and second, some obstacles along the way.

Anyway, we find our way through the sector an identification mark. If we have made its way through Sec-146, we have arrived at sec-147. From this point, we will have no more problems to find the right way.

Moogle will instruct us regularly to ignore the enemies and to focus on the time limit. We cross-sec 148 and sec-149, where we can enjoy the regeneration Portal. In sec-149, we impose the party leader, Lt. Leland. After that, the way to sec-151 is free.

We fight our way through the narrow passage at the end we arrive in sec-26, which are visible several conspicuous markings on the map. These markers are those enemy that must be defeated inevitably, to proceed to.

Boss Battle # 05: Major Odilon

At the end of sec-26 we notice that the passage is blocked by an energy barrier. This disappears as soon as we have the last 3 soldiers who come storming out of the corridor done. Then we take a trip to the sec-27, where we have to cut down Sergeant Meckel.

Then we will advance to sec-98, and finally take smooth the output. To get out of the aqueduct, we must defeat still Corporal Helmutt. Then we go to the city center. If necessary, we use the regeneration Portal and then enter the military headquarters.

We again follow the conspicuity markings on the map. Again, it involves the enemies we have to do. However, this should not be a big problem.

Much more difficult, however, anything but infeasible, is Major Odilon, confronts us in the boss fight. But he is fallen, is the mission.

After completion of the mission we are in the Iscah region, and before we go back to the Academy, we look right past in Iscah. Mayor Aoba has namely a job for us. We must overcome two military commander in the region Iscah.

We accept the job and move something within the region. In the open field military commanders appear. Our reward is a protective emblem.

Now the same procedure begins as always - we use the remaining time until the start of the next mission. So we go back to the Academy, where we look for dialogues and contracts out.

Before we get to the entrance hall, starts a sequence. The first dialog is us right on Fountain Square available where we receive from Nadeshik an aether.

Look in any case at the airship dock over, there are several conversations. From Kiyo we get an elixir after the call.

Next, we move on Relic terminal character and play as Rem on. Then we go to the sky terrace and talk to Machina. We see a short sequence with Rem and Machina, and then get a super potion. After this conversation, we address Emina, the lady sitting on the bench. After another sequence, we still get a super potion.

In the Salon of Mogry class 7 of us want to be cheered up. After he has spoken, we get an aether. There is an order in the main hall of an administrative assistant. We will collect 500 VP. How do you get VPs has already been explained in the course of this walkthrough: By Request from the Academy during missions support. When we execute this order, we get a gold ring as a reward.

The next job are in armor lab where we should organize 5 Puderdunen for a guild member. We get them from monsters in the Iscah region. If you have already played there a few battles in the open field, we should actually have been together. As a reward, there is a shock shield.

When we raise Cinque, we see a small sequence, after we get a drink over. In said sequence, we get to know Riyd - this comes from Lorica. Lorica is recently fallen into the hands of the Empire and will occupy us soon in a mission.

Look also pass in the Magic School. There we get from a magic staff commissioned to bring him a purple anima. Normally we have a loose left. As a reward, a new battle-formation is enabled us, Suzaku. Then we talk to Quon, we should be room for him goo before Dr. Al-Rashias, he wants to look there. Then we get an aether.

Then we pass in the classroom a few lessons from Moogle. In the backyard, we speak with Nine and get a Mega Potion. We also see that on the two benches dialogues are possible. We take the left, where we meet again Izana. However, the dialogue with Trey Deuce and gives the impression that the conversation with Izana was just a dream. Anyway, then we get a Phoenix Down.

Still time for a job? Then we go to the entrance hall. First, we talk to Asato, who gives us after a short conversation, super potion. Now to order: Right next Asato is Kisga director who wants to have 10 elixirs. If you have performed the dialogues with the marked callsign people in the academy regularly, you would have 10 elixirs have left to pocket the reward.

Back again to the Academy, where we assume the job of chief of staff Higato in the command center. We must defeat 15 imperial soldiers in the Rubrumer region. Have we done that, we get a guard ring. There is also a dialogue in the command center, for which we obtain an over potion.

In the common room there is an order of Enra. He wants to have one of Rems healing potions. That is, we change the character of the relic terminal, select Rem and bring him a healing potion. We obtain a crystal shard.

We get the next job in the Crystarium of the Cadet Class 9. wants us to capture the messaging services three imperial soldiers. BTW, we first put this mission scheduled air with the airship. Anyway, as a reward we'll get a bullet vest +.

Iscah in the region, we find the way Atra, which we should bring all 43 L'Cie stones. The first you've already if you have followed this walkthrough - the Kayahara-stone Corsi.

Divide the remaining time for yourself - in our case, there is nothing more to do. It is here, incidentally also possible that you do not succeed, the complete time consuming to mission start and instead you stay 2 or 4 hours remaining. Not so bad - in which case you can start right in the command center with the mission.

After that we accept the mission "destruction of the Magitek Mechs" in the classroom. We should destroy a factory and weapons labs there.

We go after Rokol Iscah in the region, at a news man waiting for us. You can either go with the airship or walk there, walk it takes much longer, there is but still many opportunities for leveling.

When we arrived in Rokol, we follow the path past the two goods dealers, go around the corner and talk to Nagi. He tells us that we (the Mech is directly behind Nagi) at the rear of the mechs will take place. Directly on the Armor start the mission.

Mission "destruction of the Magitek Armor"

We start in the district Azurr where we are traveling as a Mech. This once owned by the military army. We need to stomp him through the snow and collect on the way necessarily fuel tanks, as the Armor otherwise run out of juice.

You see the timeout addition to the map, and directly on the map you can see the yellow arrow representing our destination. We enter the Magitek Armor factory and a sequence follows. The starting point is the engineering department - material storage.

We immediately notice that this mission will be very different from the previous ones. Be careful of the droids in mind if they catch you with the sensor weapons, it is very uncomfortable. Then there namely unwanted visitors.

We adhere to the south, take the passage to the conspicuity marking on the map. Once there, our path is adjusted by an explosion and we have to find another. Right on the wall there is a ladder leading to a Channel Tunnel. This we accept and adhere to the north.

You have to deal in this area is not really intense with the enemies that come namely back again and again. Follow the path, and most importantly, differs from Faeryl - he is your level outnumber likely and would do relatively quickly.

Anyway, we follow the path as shown on the map, and sooner or later come back to the top, the research wing control room 16 where we take the large, central stairs and arrive at the research camp 1. Again, again droids with sensor arms go.

We have to muddle through us into the calibration facility where we can not afford to see us. We can fix it in different ways. Very effective it, the researchers reallocate before they have the opportunity to press the alarm.

Simply riveted to all researchers, one of them has an ID card inserted can we take with us. After a short search we find a computer that we use and get the message that this undermines the Armor and we will do the same in other laboratories.

The yellow arrows on the map, as always, take us to our destinations. Let's just not get caught and follow the path down to the research camp 3. There, we notice a conspicuous mark on the north. When we arrived there, we enter the stabilization system parameters.

There is very similar to the research camp 1, we must be careful that we are not seen. If you do, the alarm is triggered. If this happens, numerous enemies are being noisy. Again, we must again get an ID card and a computer search. 2 of 3 laboratories, we have behind us now.

Back to research camp 3 and from there south-west to the last yellow arrow on the map. Arriving at the yellow dot, a staircase leads down to the research camp. 2

Right after we arrived there, we go to the left and wait until the red barrier opens and we in the development lab - get tanks. There will restart the same game as in the previous two camps: Researchers kill, insert ID card and use the computer.

We have now collected enough data on Brionac to know about its weak points, the next step is to locate him. This is how we always use the map to help, see yellow arrow in the south. We undertake the way quickly and quietly. As soon as we arrived in the outer region, we have a regeneration portal and a Relic terminal.

We take the stairs up to the passage. A sequence with Cid Aulstyne follows. From here it gets tricky. The alarm is triggered and we have to beat us with a few enemies. Eliminated if possible directly Lieutenant Kleiman. Continue north Technical Department - transport. Again we encounter intense opposition. This time, Lieutenant Steiner is the group leader. Do we have the shot, we move up to the armory 61.

In this section we must all defeat enemies to advance to. Then we head north into the arsenal 68. As soon as we turn the corner, pricking us back a large amount of enemies to Aufe. These are marked on the map - we must necessarily defeat all else the door will not open to the ramp.

After the ramp the same game again: Focus on the group leader Corporal Werner. The stairs lead us to transition into the control room 21. Again, there is a regeneration portal and a relic terminal. On this occasion would save at least not a bad idea.

No sooner said than done - continue to transport 2, where we struggle the way, take down the ramp and follow the yellow arrow on the map to the south. Suddenly, Nimbus, a L'Cie makes wide before us. This kills us, and then disappears. You can personalize it does not prevent that you will be killed here, so it would be advantageous to use a pre-character, are not necessarily dependent on her.

Get out into the armory 71, still in the engineering department. Again, we need to eliminate the enemies that stand in our way. We take the stairs down, and the brawl continues.

We take the hindmost next gear down to where we Sergeant Maximilian miss a few shots. In this section we find in the corner and a strengthening potion. We take back down the hall to the armory 105. There are some Martinet's attack us.

Undeterred, which we follow the path further and further south. The next course will lead us in the Magitek Armor hangar. There we find out how remarkably often in the course of this mission, a regeneration portal and a relic terminal. Before us we now see a large gate, which we cross - a sequence follows.

Next, a difficult task waits on us - we have a colossus to the opponent. But we must not only defeat the Colossus but also simultaneously preventing the military soldiers' rise in the other Colossus - otherwise we have in fact several of them to the opponent. Lieutenant Enriquez also grabs a colossus and is the primary opponent in this section.

If he is defeated, takes us another troupe, led by Lieutenant Colonel Charlot on. He is defeated, we use once more the regeneration site and, where appropriate, the relic terminal - and then cross the great gate in front of our noses.

Boss Battle # 06: Brionac

The grand finale of this mission is pending. We go through the gate and are located in Hangar 9 Brionac is our bosses, he is quite powerful build and has a lot of it. First of all: We can not prevent it kills our comrades well. Finding the right balance between offensive (ranged attacks) and defense (dodge).

Fight against Nimbus

Can we choose the hard struggle for us, followed by a sequence and the mighty L'Cie Nimbus confronts us. Now it is only really uncomfortable. First of all: Beating the probability Nimbus is not practically given (but it is also not necessary) attacks have no effect, we can only harm him with critical hits and much more than dodging us does not remain.

He caught us, it ends in a one-hit kill. Are all our characters defeated, the mission is complete, we will be asked to withdraw. After another sequence in which the Queen of Concordia battle for finished explains (a ceasefire was declared) we save the game and Chapter 3 is completed.

Chapter 4

Chapter 4 starts with a very long sequence in which only Kurasame, then Queen Andoria speaks to us. We learn a few things about the peace agreement. Anyway, after the sequence we find ourselves in a guest room at Hotel Armada, we now have the opportunity to look around a bit in a yet unknown territory. We have 12 hours until the next mission.

Before we go outside, we are still at the hotel. When we raise Rem, we see again a conversation between her and Machina in a sequence - then we get an Elixir. In addition, we address Sice, which is very upset. From it we get a super potion. Let's talk to Trey, we get a drink over by the sequence.

Then we go out, but only starts a strange sequence in which we see a conversation between Machina and the Chief of Staff Higato. Higato Machina tells a story about his brother's demise Izana, you want to win almost feel Machina is to be set against Dr. Al-Rashia and class 0 - or used to spy on the class.

We then left the room and are located in the lobby of the hotel. We can have a Moogle, if we want to use facilities of the Academy. When we raise King starts a sequence with Aria and we get a super potion. Respected in this regard the tight time limit until the start of the mission. In Tokito we can purchase various goods.

We see something in order Milites, as we have been given the opportunity to do so. In 0709, we address Piett sector that does not just facing us positively. Nevertheless, we get a super potion after the sequence. A few meters further tells us a military soldier a little about the crystals. We get for an aether.

Mission "Escape from Ingram"

When the time is up to the mission start, we gather at the hotel. We see a sequence and find us at the hotel entrance. We return to the hotel and a sequence starts. Now the fun from, Aria is sent within the sequence over Jordan, and the operation starts in the lobby.

From Moogle we get the order to escape from the hotel. Of course we have to fight their way back for this. The enemy we must defeat inevitably are marked on the map, just as our destination we follow by north turn to the yellow arrow. Try to take the guest books to you.

We adhere to the north and advance into the entrance hall. There is a regeneration portal and a relic terminal. Outside we also have to do it again next bad weather with a hostile group, we eliminate their leader, Corporal Evans directly. We enter 0709 sector, here's the group leader Piett - this takes flight before we can kill it.

If we ever follow the path to the north, we reach the next sector 0711, where again some opponents are waiting for us - including a frigate. The group leader is Lieutenant Davis when we defeated him, the way will be opened in the 0714 sector where we have to defeat a colossus. This will open the gate, waiting behind the goal, 3 soldiers on us, and we also have, as always defeat the group leader - in this case, Captain Frost.

If he is defeated, we are entering in Sector 0720 - there is a regeneration portal and a relic terminal, then it goes on in the sector 0722 where a train with enemy soldiers arrive. The group leader in this section is Lieutenant Dawson. Next, we enter 0723 sector, where a sequence starts. There was apparently an attempt on the Queen of Concordia - and on top of that we suspected this outrage.

After the sequence, it goes on as before, we fight our way through the sector and defeat the group leader, this time Major Randolph. We also need to compete in this sector against a colossus.

We are entering into the sector 0724, in a sequence, we see a strange guy with a big knife. That's butcher Akkad, we must flee from him, on top of that he will haunt us for a while, so we should turn from now on the opponent relatively quickly.

We cross sector 0725, where we put Sergeant Reymond out of action before we venture into 0726 sectors. Here it is again a colossus before us in sector 0727 again the opposing group leader, Captain Norman runs away. To the north there is a switch that we have to operate, but we do not have a key to this.

We therefore turn around and run back into the sector 0726, where we need to get the party leader Lieutenant McKean. We follow Captain Norman to the sector in 0728, where we eliminate it and take the gate key to us.

In a box in the middle of the sector is a network of lines - we take course with. With the key in his pocket we run back into the sector 0727 - Warning: In the 0726 sector receives us again Akkad, you have to pass him.

We operate the switch with the key, take the elevator and see yet another sequence. Then we are in sector 0729, where there is a regeneration portal and a relic terminal again.

We take the elevator to the right that leads us into the sector 0730. We have from now on exactly 3 minutes to place us on the train before it leaves. We also have some enemies here and contact us equal to the group leader Lieutenant Neill to. We go to the militische Reichsbahn the ramp. On the web, there is again a regeneration portal and a relic terminal.

If we go down the ramp, starts a sequence in which a second train pulls up on the siding. So we must also deliver on the train a few battles, including air soldiers. We have marked the ramp (see screenshot) lower to reach the second train. Once there, we can also defeat the enemies who have settled there.

Then we go back to the first train, and let the second labeled ramp down (up front we find a Meal, Ready-to-Eat). Then starts a sequence where we get off the train.

We are now at the station 3348 and have again a regeneration portal and a Relic terminal. We take the stairs to the top where a few militische soldiers go off on us that we must defeat.

At the top We meet a few vehicles. These are endless with militischen soldiers. Then the gate goes on to Sector 3349, where we put the group leader Lieutenant Allen cold. At this point, there is also a vice, which is marked on the back. However, we lack the key to do here.

After the door has opened, it goes in a similar tone further east we have in front of the entrance to the sector 3350 Captain Harry defeat. Is this done, we can take the rear key alpha-2 to us and thus open the truck.

We are entering into the sector in the West 3350 - there is Vajra against us. Wait until Vajra eliminates the various obstacles along the way, then you can go on. We enter the building right A13, where we are attacked again by Vajra. At this point, you should limit yourself only to dodge. If Vajra is gone, we adhere to the east until we arrived at the ground floor.

There is again a regeneration portal and a relic terminal. We take the stairs to the 1st floor, then follow the yellow arrow on the map north - on our way takes us a Yeti contrary, we must defeat. We turn first left and right again to enter the supply route. There are several opponents. Between the cases we find a delivery. We take the path further down to where we need to continue to fight against various opponents.

In the elevator lobby attacks us behemoth, which we of course have to defeat. Cut to Piett - he is us previously demolished once, a second time, but that does not play.

We go up to the roof, where we take the stairs down. The way we fight our way free. Once at the bottom Vajra reappears. We follow the path all the way down to where we need to break into the sector 3352. Once there we go again right around the corner and take it up with a few easy opponents.

We follow the path, eliminate Major Tovay and get a rear-key beta-2. They open the two marked vices. In both we find each one infantry Code. It continues west into the sector 3360, where we already can, once again, use a regeneration portal and a relic terminal.

Boss Battle # 07: Vajra

We go into the sector 3361, and almost without warning, we are right in the boss fight. Our opponent, Vajra, we have already met. Have we defeated them, as always starts a sequence, but this time only a short.

However, this is already anticipated - it will now follow numerous sequences. This mission is now complete.

After the mission we save the game and another sequence starts to be attacked in Rem and Machina. You wake up in a cabin again, and organize a camp fire. In another sequence takes us to Lady Celestia. In addition, we see a sequence in which there is a dispute between Machina and other class members, you may now to the conversation between Machina and Chief of Staff Higato, which was brought before the last mission reminds feel.

We are now at the old barracks and have 8 hours to the next mission start time. We speak to Cater, after a brief sequence we get a Mega Potion. In principle, 4 calls within eight hours to go from - select this at their discretion. Of course, we receive an item after each sequence.

Are the 8 hours elapsed, we again see a sequence of Machina and Rem. After the sequence, we find ourselves in front of the barracks - we first go to the terrace where we grab Anshars stone. In addition, we can use a relic terminal.

We go now to the former Lorica (Note: We can not ride a chocobo), where we struggle through our way to the east. We follow the path to the Iuhanra region, where we will be met by an airship. We just have to approach the airship us. The airship transported us back home in the caption region.

We consider a sequence that the Queen is actually killed. The provisional government Concordia has allied with the military. In addition, a crystal was transferred to Milites. Chapter 4 is complete at this point.

Chapter 5

Chapter 5 starts with a very long sequence, after which we find ourselves in the classroom and have 4 1/2 days left until the next start of the mission. Since we are
already in the classroom, we attend the same a few lessons from Moogle. Instead of Aria, who died during the last mission, is now an officer's servant in the room that
sold us a few goods.

In the backyard we can address Cinque and after the call a Mega Potion. By the way: Every now and then there is no harm in Erzkristarium to stop by to aufzustufen his magic using the Animae.

In the salon we speak with Deuce, who tells us a little story. Then we get a Mega Potion. An administrative assistant also has a job for us, we will collect 800 VP.
If we have this, we get 3 Final elixirs as a reward.

Then we go into the common room, where we address the Moogle in Class 12. After the interview, we get a super potion. Directly behind the magic portal is Enra, we also respond. He speaks as always by Rem and we get an Ether.

Now we go to the armor laboratory where a guild member has a job for us. We will collect 7 fires shards - if you have a lot of fighting in the open field, you would have these already have together. As a reward, there is a lightning circle.

Next, we go to the magic faculty. A magic staff would like to have seven cyan Animae that we have already collected in the normal case. Our reward is a crystal shard.
Would also like Dr.Al-Rashia again see the progress we have made. This time we have to defeat 30 enemies with ice-BOM. It is easiest to do this in the arena. As a reward, there are 12 jewel rings.

Then we enter the command center, and a long sequence starts, the Chief of Staff Higato only leads a conversation with Kurasame, then with director Kisga. We first address the Rubrumer officer right in the room who wishes that we defeat 6 bomber from the Iuhanra region. We make our way to the Airship Dock (alternatively you can also go all the way on foot or on a Chocobo ride if you want levels, but it takes a long time to arrive).

At the airship dock arrived, we address Ryid. After the interview, we get an Ether. We also speak to Ryo and get an Elixir. To fly away, we address the airship companion. We fly to Iscah, from where we head to the northern Togoreth region. There we find a cave entrance in the west, which is guarded by a large horn.

We enter the north tunnel, and are located in the caption access. Here we follow the path north and pass a fork. We need to eliminate some opponents in this tunnel the way, but the bombers do not count toward our mission since we are not in the Iuhanra region. In the area of ​​the fork, we find at the bottom of a landmark. We adhere to the west, where we arrive at the waterfall. There we have to kill a few Volcanius. In this area we also find a treasure chest that contains a Final elixir.

We go back to the fork and hold us until we reach north from there to the passage. Again we kill some enemies and also find here a treasure chest. Inside is a healing potion. Continue west to the Lorica access. From there it goes even further to the west in the Iuhanra region.

Once there, we leave the tunnel and keep an eye out in the open field bombers open. We have 6 defeat them. Important: Cross the small stone bridge west located, keep yourselves then turn right and keep on the floor for items out. Right on the water, we find another L'Cie stone, stone Ziusudras. We must necessarily take.

Once we have killed the 6 bombers, we head towards the west to the former Lorica. North in the former Lorica (at the old barracks ago) we find at the bottom of another L'Cie stone, stone Qun'mis. Also we take. We then return to the Academy, the fastest it goes via the menu item "repatriation" - but you also can go on foot if you want to level up.

We go first to a relic terminal and select Machina as an active fighter, then it's back to the command center for our clients and we get 5 About potions as a reward.
We then speak Rector Eufmaky and another sequence starts. Machina is reminded once again that he should pass on information about the class 0. Then we get an Elixir.

In Crystarium we address Quon, and after a sequence we obtain an ether. Next, we go to the lobby, where we obtained from a logistics assistant the task of organizing a phoenix feather. Even such we should already have. As a reward, there is a pair Mithril Gloves.

Now we go, with us still plenty of time available on the world map. There we are leveling the one hand, and on the other hand, visit our bases - even where there are one or the other job for us. First we go by Keziah Togoreth in the region. After the entrance we go uphill path and then to the right, where we accept the order of Nenji. He wants us to defeat 4 bombers or Volcani in the northern gallery.

So we heading back to the northern gallery. The entrance to the mine is located in the northern Togoreth, where we fulfill our mission and then return to Nenji back to Keziah. We get 3 fire circle as a reward.

We then look for a Rubrumer official, but the letters always discharges in the city runs. She asks us for help, so as not to lose their jobs. We need to identify 10 letters. We get the letters to the series, after each undelivered letter we speak the official again. When we played the first 9 (this is a bit tedious, but an easy task), it gets a little tricky because you can not read the receiver on the last letter.

We go left past the relic terminal and then turn right where we speak with a dark-skinned, blond-haired citizen who tells us that the letter to a certain "Dorothea" goes. We provide to the last letter, speak again with the official. This will indeed remain chaste until marriage, but leaves us Lurihas stone;-)

Then we go back to northern Togoreth and enter Miekoh where we address Moto. From him we received an order to defeat 10 hundred feet in the Togoreth region. There are only hundreds of feet we impose directly on the plane, not in those forests. As a reward we receive output Defence B2.

Right in the corner there are 4 men. We talk to the first Rubrumer citizens and provide us with a question. In response, we "just be yourself" choose from. The second citizens with blue clothes behind, that we respond with "A cool, sun-tanned" look. Right next we answer "clothes in a chic blue!" and the last interlocutor we answer "A friendly hello!". We then speak to the Lord before us again and he gives us yucas stone.

Now we go into the Iscah region, where we enter Rokol. Here we assume the order of Nana. We are to defeat 6 Devil Eyes Iscah in the region. Our reward is an MP tonic.

Then we talk to the blue-clad Rubrumer citizen against us ausgiebt as a mystery hunters. He wants us to ask around us for secrets, we affirm. We then speak to all Rubrumer soldiers, each of you tell us a secret. Have we talked to all Rubrumer soldiers (there are 5 in total), we speak again to the mystery hunters from earlier, from which we get Maonas stone.

The remaining time can you, if you are good enough to bridge with field operations. Note: Graduated at the present time have NOT use in the field "Support for the cadets" - these you should definitely sure to keep it for later consideration since it is an order at a later date is in the game needed.

If you have used or skipped useful to the assignment, the remaining time, it goes to the next mission.

As always, we head first into the classroom where we auditioned at Kurasame. It describes the following mission roughly. You can also refuse this mission - but because we do not even dream of.

The aim of the mission is, once again, an area to recapture that Eibon region. We go to the world map and talk to the east, just follow the yellow arrow on the map. On a bridge, the mission begins.

Mission "reconquest of Eibon"

Conditions for S-rank:

25 minutes time, 11 collected Animae, 0 victims

Follow the instructions from Moogle, this has a you order in which each vertex are to be addressed. Be forewarned, it gets pretty messy. First of all, we are helping our troops. 1 Stock push forward. We do this by attacking the infantry, so that our people can advance.

While our lava unit attempts the first To take stock under control, but we go one step further and attack the infantry from the second Bearing comes out. Then our unit moves toward the second Camp before, but we like with the first Are the store to help. If the second Stock under our control, we go back to our main base immediately.

Our Lava unit takes over the destroyer unit and we will take it back to the infantry, this time with Colossus' attack. It starts in the course of the fighting some kind of timer, at this time we have to defend our main base.

Once that is done, we return to in the direction of the two camps and take Toguah addressed. The third Bearing is not to be considered for ourselves, our lava unit is automatically assume this sooner or later. In Toguah arrived, Colonel Faith we notice that it has made ​​itself comfortable in a flight Mech. We need it as quickly as possible eliminate, as it will also attempt the second Attack camp and win back. Dodging his bullets and takes every opportunity to attack itself. If we have inflicted enough damage, he retired to Toguah and our unit takes the base under attack.

It takes a while until the wall is destroyed by Toguah. Once this is the case, then stormed. Target in Toguah is to destroy the Magitek Mech Colonel Faith. First, however, we need to track him down. We follow the yellow arrow on the map, keep us north to the main road where some opponents to defeat.

We then go west to the central square, where we have a time limit of exactly 3 minutes. Within this limit, we must have Colonel Faith eliminated more or less. This is at present not yet possible because he will flee again - as soon as he escaped, the time limit disappears.

We follow him back to the main road, where we have to defeat some enemies again. We then go to the south, to the south course, where there are some enemies again. Then we go up the ramp and go east through the alley, where do you choose the best path to the left of the wall, and there killed directly Major Arnim.

Then we get the command of Toguah and are back out on the world map. We now need to pick Eibon. First, we go back to our base and send all available units for the fourth Stock. We help the units also in advancing to the fourth Camp by the Colossus', the. From the 5 Bearings are used before they eliminate the fourth Reach camp.
While our units, the fourth Take stock, we make ourselves before the fifth Stock ready, which is then also taken under control.

If this is done, it goes to Eibon. Once our troops have destroyed the barrier to Eibon, again appeared Colonel Faith, we fight again against. We focus on dodging, when the opportunity we attack as soon as we have harmed him, he's gone again. Now it's down to business - we storm Eibon.

Once there, we start in the West Wing, and fight our way in a southeasterly direction through where we - surprise - meet Colonel Faith, who flees again directly. We follow the path to the southern corridor, where we also provide us with a few skirmishes and then join the Ostpassage ago, where we have to deal with destroyers and Prometheus's. We follow the path continues along the stairs and go up into the command center, where we first chill for a few soldiers.

Boss Battle # 08: Lieutenant Colonel Berkeley

Follow the orange marker on the map - in a back room we meet with Lieutenant Colonel Berkeley. With him, especially his huge attack power is important to note his attacks you add enormous damage to, see, therefore, that you will not hit the top and mostly focused on dodging you.

Lieutenant Colonel Berkeley is not really a boss enemy in the classical sense, the struggle is much easier and less spectacular than the right boss fights that you are used to from other missions. But Berkeley is the final opponent in this mission.

Tried the right moments to attack assess. Berkeley is defeated, the mission is complete and the entire region Eibon again in Rubrumer hand.

End of Mission, save game and then we start in the Eibon region - see you directly once more. We realize that we can not now enter the Fortress Eibon, as this is only possible during missions. We can look at Toguah.

When we are in Toguah, we go all the way back to the dark-skinned Rubrumer citizens. In this we can buy namely, that's worth mentioning because it is not marked as a dealer. He sold us Animae in different colors. In addition to another dealer, we also find Issei who has a job for us. We should defeat a concordischen soldiers at the Innsmar Coast. Whether you accept this job depends on your level and difficulty.

We turn something in a circle and look out for a little boy near the monument, sitting next to the 2 guys on the floor. We speak to one of the two men, namely, sitting next to the little boy.

He wants us to describe the monument, we will reply with "Leave that to me." We see the monument, then talk to him a second time, and answer "It is hexagonal". Then we talk to him a third time and he asks us about the height of the monument. We will reply with "About 10 meters". Soon we have it, we we talk to him again and asked for the color of the monument, we answer that it is gray. Now we see him one last time and get Kanna's stone.

In this region there are for the time being nothing more for us to do and we return to the Academy, where a sequence follows. Out of the sequence, we note that Machina was absent. After that enlightens us Kurasame on the state of things and the next mission. It makes it seem as if the next mission will be really interesting. We learn just after the sequence that Machina has left the group.

We will always remember from now on 4 1/2 days until the next mission. Since we are already in the classroom anyway, of course, offer a few lessons at at Moogle. We then go into the backyard to the gate to the memorial where a sequence with Kurasame follows. Then we get a Phoenix Down By the way. Think it here and there to visit the chocobo stables to various breeding combinations to try.

Anyway, we locate next to the salon where we address Carla. This want 10000 Gil of us have - we agree, provided that you do not drive into financial ruin. This should pay off later in the game.

Still in the salon, we assume the job of managing employee who wants us to collect 1000 VP. If we frequently use them on missions to gain the academy, then we will have together soon. As a reward, there are 5 Phoenix Downs.

We then go where we address the officer servant in the common room. After the call is a new video to the annals of the Firebird added and we get a drink over.

We go next in the Magic School, where a magic staff would like to have a few Animae from us again. This time he wants to ten Sepia Animae, we should have together normally. Our reward is a crystal shard.

Next, we move into the Crystarium, where we address Hiiragi. After the interview, we get an Ether. In addition, it also would be an interesting job in the cadet class.
9 We will bound the three imperial soldiers for the Messenger service. This we should track in the Meroe region. Since this is in enemy territory, we must "support for the Cadets' Report for field use.

We accept the order. We go alone from this job that we would not finish the Field - we would have to accept it only in order to advance into enemy territory. There we could capture in battle the soldiers, of course, only as long as the area is still under enemy control.

However, we can here equal to 2 birds with one stone, because after field use is us an additional territory. Anyway, we go to the lobby where we start in the field at Rubrumer military.

We then take the airship after Iscah, and move away from there to the Meroe region, which is marked on the map. Once there, you completed as specified in the field.
The first part of the insert consists largely of fighting. You just crosses the area and gives all party leaders out of the way. After the last group leader, we still see a small sequence in which a militischer military wants to take flight. You need to prevent this.

We also need to defuse 3 militische bombs. For this purpose, we introduce ourselves next to the bombs and start defusing. Until this process is complete, we must remain within the purple circle and ward off from there and fight the enemy. If we leave the circle, we have to start all over again. Are all the bombs defused the airship must be captured. For this purpose also still need a group leader, Colonel Buchanan, are eliminated. After that, the field operation is complete. Finally, we see a sequence.

After that we stay in the Meroe region, where we take in Meroe another L'Cie-stone to us. At the far end of town is Suzzus' stone. The order of Shigeto we only accept if we have achieved at least level 55 (depending on difficulty).

If this is not the case - as with us at this time, we remember this order for later moment (also, remember that ye might still be an active job!).

We now return to the Academy, bring us the Crystarium our reward and move into the command center, where we address the Moogle Class 2. We get a Super Potion. Then we address the Rubrumer military left the room to which tells us that the air will be fitted to the front concordischen with a new weapon, the so-called "Mana Gatling" (which you will very soon get to know more detail).

We then take the order of Rubrumer officer right of the room. He wants us to defeat a striker in the Eibon region. So we are on our way. At the well spoken here with Yaho, and get after talking a Super Potion. A few steps further we speak of the Rubrumer soldier who tells us something about Cyd Aulstyne. Then we get an aether. Then it's on to the world map and there then in the Eibon region. There we are looking for a Striker and kill him.

On the way back we stop by the airship dock, where we talk with an officer servant. Then Wirde another video added to the annals of the firebird and we get a Mega Potion. Now we're talking to Mutsuki, and get the conversation after a Super Potion. We then return to the Academy, talk to the officer again in the command center and receive 10 elixirs as a reward.

In the laboratory armor you can also still an order by the master take the armor guild. He wants to have two pieces of meat monster that we can get from monsters in the cave of Bethnel. We take the order and you are placed and in the Meroe region. The quickest way to get there if we fly with the airship after Iscah and go from there towards the west.

Immediately after Meroe we can already see the entrance to the cave of Bethnel. At the entrance we meet again at Akane, who still do not solve their problem Frog. We go further north, and find ourselves in Gahb tunnel again. There we were greeted by a Behemoth.

With a little evasive skill and patience he should not be a big problem for us, he is defeated, it goes further east to Bethnel bifurcation. Again, it is necessary to defeat our enemies, but wait here two raging behemoths on us. In this area we can capture a total of 5 landmarks.

Next go to the area southeast waterfall basin south. Here we expect two more behemoths. We make this flat and plunder the treasure chest in a red cap is located. We leave this area and find ourselves again in the Bethnel bifurcation. We go further north to Northern tunnel. There we must defeat as we get said monster meat of him a king behemoth.

Then we go to Ose-fork where we impose another King Behemoth to bag the second piece of meat monster. Also in this area we find several landmarks. In principle, you now have the 2 pieces monster meat and you can leave the cave again, however, we use the fact that we're here to do the same a few other things.

For this purpose, we first go west toward waterfall basin-West, and even in our favor, the next King Behemoth. In this area, many treasure chests, from which we see next elixirs also a diamond in the rough, a pair of mittens and a katana. Now we go back to Ose-fork and go further east, where the game trail north to meet us another King Behemoth. You can participate in this but simply pass if you have no desire to fight it.

Anyway, after that it goes further north to the way in which foreign depths. In this area there are no enemies, but again landmarks on the ground. We still hold the north and offend the winding deer trail. There the same game as usual from the front, a behemoth and a King Behemoth begins stand in our way, after we defeated them, we take a pair of Super shot from the treasure chest.

We now move to the east and enter the path to the Monster Lair. Once there, we adhere to the east, and are now in the Monster Lair, where we have to do it the same with 2 King Behemoth. We defeat it and open the treasure chests. There we found an elixir, a red beret.

Between the two treasure chests we see it at the bottom of sparkle. There is a L'Cie stone, Urshanabis stone that we take in any case. We are now ready and leave the cave again. We return to the Academy, where we get a gold ring as a reward in the defense laboratory.

We also accept the order of Tokito on Fountain Square, which requires a rough diamonds from the cave of Bethnel. The diamond in the rough way, you have already, if you have followed this walkthrough - then you have just taken him namely just out of the cave. Our reward is a good luck charm.

We then make a short detour to the entrance hall, where we talk with Setsuna. It follows a long sequence and we get a drink over. We can also still take a light application of a Logistics Associate - this would just like 3 mega potions that we have left loose in the normal case. We get a pair of platinum gloves as a reward.

Now observe the time available to the mission start. You can level up a bit, or skip the time, depending on motivation. If time is left unto you that you can not take advantage of her or want, go to Tachinami in the command center to go directly to the operating day.

Mission "The battle over Yudekka"

Conditions for S-rank:

Without esper 35 minutes, 64 collected Animae, 0 victims

With esper 22 minutes, Esper is Summoned, 64 collected Animae, 0 victims

On the days we gather not in the classroom, as is usual, but at the Airship Dock. When we arrived at the steps, begins a long sequence. Then we address the Rubrumer military, in which we assume the mission. We must push forward to the big bridge to beat there militische troops.

The mission is divided into two parts, that is, you will be allowed to select 2 teams / need. Notice the second team that you should have this much rangers as possible, this would facilitate the mission you massively.

Then begins a very long sequence and we start on the deck of the Aximo. We now have the mana Gatling use, one minute long fight off the dragon. Having accomplished this, but we notice that it has still managed to cover a dragon, namely Zuiun. This bombards us with lightning balls, which we avoid. With remote attacks we kill it and then get out of Mogry the order, one minute fight off again using the mana Gatling Dragon.

When the minute is up, we see a burning airship and Soryu, the dragon, the star guard that we take in connection also with the mana Gatling under attack. However, he defends himself with various attacks and has quite a lot of TP. If we have withdrawn him some TP, he continues his Atemattecke - we now have very poor vision and find us at the emergency landing again. We notice that Soryu has frozen the whole environment.

We have an emergency landing on a regeneration portal and a Relic terminal. After the relic terminal is an iron elixir on the ground, which we take on this occasion.

Moogle instructs us to capture a base that is marked on the map. We follow the path to the north, where we soon arrive at relatively icy path 1. We meet there with various monsters and soldiers we must kill them all. We fight our way through to the east to the icy path 2, where we are again entangled in some battles.

Also note again the orange markers on the map - this stand for the enemy we must defeat necessarily. Concentrate on the dragon Seiku, he is here the group leader. Once we have landed a critical strike with him, he is a long time unable to fight - this time we use it to inflict as much damage as possible.

When we're done here, continue to the northeast, to the icy path 3. The following procedure now you already know - Fight you the way to move forward. Pay attention to the Gosetsu.

Follow the path to the map purports to icy path 4, where we meet is Mikazuchi. Moogle warns us and says that we have no chance against him, and shall return to headquarters Warning: It is up to yourself to try it - in principle but it is still possible to defeat him.

It becomes dangerous especially if he stamps his front legs on the ground - then we namely shoots against lava, the need to avoid it. When he raises his head, he summons lightning. Also, it is important to avoid this. Always in motion.

After losing some TP, he uses another attack, he tempts us with an icy breath to freeze. Anyway, taking every opportunity to attack him from a distance, it is quite possible to eliminate it. Is he like, it goes further to the east, where we arrive Rubrumer interim HQ.

Here we have to compete with Ginga, which is relatively easy to defeat in the normal case. We are attacked simultaneously from concordischen soldiers. The following is a loading screen. After that, incidentally, is right behind us (just turn around) a Super Potion on the ground.

We see two cadets. One kneels on the ground, the second is dead wrong. A few steps forward the same image, in the area we see several people sitting further away. We go further to the south, where we go to meet Nagi, who warns us from an evil beast. Moogle given us the order to rescue the survivors.

We follow the path, climb down the ladder and can again regeneration portal and a relic terminal use. A few steps further we climb a ladder and go to Yugumo. 1 There is again a few, very simple opponents before we advance to the east.

If we are "to Yugumo 2" arrived in the area, we will promptly attacked by dragons R yusei that can relatively easily defeat her with a ranger. We make our way to the south, where we eventually fight at the ice rink against some opponents.

First try to put Rekizan out of action. This is similar tough to defeat such a behemoth, but his attacks are more harmless. On and on south to the Yugumo-crash site, where we is a relic-terminal. Moogle tells us to help the survivors.

We climb up the ladder and are on the Yugumo. . Brontes and Hiryu tried to attack from a distance Hiryu will flee, then a countdown starts - we need to be arrived within a minute on the central front. If Brontes is defeated, the Wall opens. And we follow the path until we arrived at the central front.

Once there, we spot again Hiryu who just attacked a cadet. We do not force him to retreat again and save the cadet before him. For this, we do not get the dragon, but the rider of the dragon, Sanzashi.

We have to venture a minute to the eastern front after Hiryus re-run. On the way are some enemies to kill. We get rescued by the Cadets this a super potion. When we arrived on the eastern front, we must save a cadet again. This is again Sanzashi attack, which took place on the dragon Hiryu. He will be - surprise - withdraw again and again we have a minute to arrive on the southern front. We also get an Ether.

Accordingly, we turn to the south, crossing the Central Front and take the fork that leads the way left to go to the southern front. There the same procedure, as always, we suggest the dragon in flight, and have a minute to get to the Western Front. We get a Mega Potion. Prior to that, but we must fight something in this area yet. We Anyway, on the Western Front to expect the same with the difference that re-engages as on all other fronts us a Gosetsu.

If he is defeated and expelled the dragon (the way we get another elixir), we go only towards the east to the Central Front and thence north back to Yugumo. Follow the marker on the map, Moogle will instruct us to return to base.

After we climbed out the ladder, we Hiryu is the ice rink at another time. This time Sanzashi must finally believe it. You must not attack Hiryu but his rider.

To give you an advantage, trying to catch him with a critical hit, then Hiryu is namely to the ground and is several seconds unable to move. Sanzashi is defeated, there is Hiryu. We exploit it and get a copper elixir.

A few steps farther north we go into the water dragon Drakkar. We hear there a few relatively strange noises. Anyway, the trail follows the north-west, where we we see some strange types who just eat a dragon. This Dragonite are blue.

We are drawn into the depths and then find ourselves at Drakkar upper deck. Here we have to find a way out. We meet below the blue Dragoniten bombard us with poison.
This we should defeat. If you follow the path you will notice a relatively early one item on the ground - a dragon bones.

We keep east until we in the area "Drakkar - First steerage" have arrived. Keep your eyes open and follow the path southwest. You could meet here another blue Dragoniten that to defeat. At the bottom you will find a Concordia-Kabuto. Now we head east on to the second intermediate deck where the bottom is a Concordia-armor.

Never let the yellow arrow on the map from the eyes.

From here, head south on. Sooner or later there is on the right side of a passage. If you've passed this, you have arrived at the Drakkar lower deck, where you just follow the path. After a short sequence, we are suddenly surrounded by numerous blue Dragoniten we send all over Jordan.

Once we have these defeats, the platform slides further down and a second wave blue Dragonite appears that we also succumbed. If this is done, it goes northwards, where we arrive again at Rubrumer interim HQ. There we see a sequence in which Lady Celestia by a concorcischen officer receives a kind of interim report. We see further how Celestia transformed into a dragon.

After the sequence, we use the regeneration portal and the relic terminal and climb the ladder to the north, where we see from some distance a huge dragon. Whose name means "Shinryu Celestia" is actually quite eloquent;-)

Follow continues the way as specified on the map, a few steps away is in the north of clouds. Some steps in front of us we see Nagi. We have to go by the way put numerous opponent out of action. Battle your way continuously the way and keep yourselves north.

Once we are at the anchorage of the airship, we are frontally attacked by a Yokuryu, but which is relatively easy to defeat. Moogle given us the order to defeat all enemies, that the airship can return. In addition Yokuryus there are also blue Dragoniten.