Google Flights Search: Tips to find Cheap Flights and Purchase Air Tickets

If you like to travel and don’t want to depend on a travel agent to find the best flights, the Google Flights can be very helpful. They include its search engine, which can be arranged by price, location or directly on the map for those who do not yet know where it goes. Get tips to help you get better tool out and find cheap flights worldwide.

Look for a destination on the map

If you want to travel, but still don’t know exactly where, use the Google Flight map. It shows the cheapest flights to each country according to its location, and just a flick of the mouse over the points in red for more information and buy tickets.

Test your luck

As with web search, Google also offers the feature in Flight "I'm Feeling Lucky". By clicking the corresponding button on the map display, you can view a suggested destination according to price, location and preferences of your Google account, such as browsing history.

See the best Featured flights

When you perform a search, there will always be a set of pre-selected flights for you at the top of the results page. Google chooses the best value for money in a combination of price and number of calls. So the idea is that a hasty user can purchase tickets in a few clicks.

Check out the best prices on the calendar

If you have date flexibility to travel, it looks best to select destination directly on the calendar. So you can be sure you're buying the cheapest tickets possible according to your needs.

Make a better choice

Even if you enter a closed date in the search for flights, Google Flight will suggest, whenever possible, a change of departure or arrival for you to save more. These suggestions, when available, are banners in the midst of flight options to not go unnoticed.

Monitor prices

In a search of flights, prices may be too high, but does not mean they will not have adjustment soon. To do this, search by choosing flight departure and arrival and save the itinerary bookmark to Google monitor prices for you. So, simply a click to your list of saved flights to see if the values have changed, what usually happens in periods of promotion.

Use multiple filters

Use the abuse of the available filters. You can categorize the flight number of stops, time, duration, airline, and set a price limit. In addition, you can still choose exactly airport you want to make a connection in more specific cases.

Search for multiple flights

You can also use Google Flight to help on long trips, where there are several destinations and departure points. That's because it allows you to search up to five simultaneous flights, displaying the prices on the same results page, gathering costs. The feature is also useful for those who need to make flight booking at work for more than one person.