Grey Goo (PC) General Faction Strategy Tips



The beta are specialized imprison and thus the ultimate faction, would you want to be encircled. Since they can build where they want, they are also good supporters for friendly players.

You need to build distribution to other buildings. They are also the only race that can station troops on towers.

With their upgrades they can provide additional armor for different building.



Their walls are steadfast and provide the basic protection against enemy attacks. In order to prevent enemies from destroying these walls, they can be filled with units. Station behind you even artillery, it is extremely difficult to penetrate the walls.


Beta can build three different air units. In each hangar equal to fit four aircrafts.

Unlimited buildings

The Beta know no bounds! You can build as far as the field of view is sufficient. Use this advantage to your favor. Lock with path from the walls, thus preventing a safe able to get on your base!



Whether small, medium or large distributor, if a factory, a refinery or something else have been connected to it, it is no longer usable without a distributor.



The people constitute the most balanced party. Although they have walls that can protect them, but they have no way (such as beta) to deploy units on it. Nevertheless, they have enough defense force because they are the only race that has defense towers.

They also have a good familiarity with quick attacks because they can build large factories by the rail system in time rather than the beta.

People need rails, which it must connect building.


Rail system:

Since at each rail (depending on size) a building could be placed, it is possible to construct many buildings at once.

Anti-aircraft guns:

These defense systems have the same characteristics as the extensions with which the new units are unlocked. The Anti-heavy guard fires at enemies in close combat. Commanding Artillery monitor is ready for opponents away. The anti-air monitor can take aircraft under bombardment and the detector guard offers enhanced visibility.


With the teleporter people can increase their "front" units with other example quickly. Therefore, one must send to teleport to the teleporting units easy. From then on, they can be teleported to every corner of the map, an open field of vision.


Rail system:

The rail system offers not only advantages but also disadvantages. Thus, each building is inoperable when a track destroyed (starting from the main building). There are upgrades available that prevent the defense equipment be inoperable, but for example, a factory is thus always shut down.

It is also difficult to lay the rails so that they have advantages. Already in advance should therefore be clear which building you would like to join the best at what point.

Building Opportunities:

The rail system cannot only ensure trouble, nor can they be placed anywhere. On some maps are only the starting area to which it can be built. Resource sites that are outside this range thus require a large distance between refinery and extractor.



The Goo neither have a proper main building, nor can they have any other build. Your basis is the mother-Goo, which can be moved as a unit. And they should too! After all, this mother is not only the main base, but also a refinery and a factory in one. Place it in a resource box, they will soon be able to form units.



The mother-Goo can be moved as almost every unit of Goo, even over mountains and other, usually no-entry, areas. Can detect an approaching danger prematurely save lives, because they can just leave.


All units of the slimy goo are able to decompose everything is hostile. For this purpose, they just need to run on the destination or initiate it.


No Defense:

They are the only race that has no walls. Thus they can just get through their mobility, in ambushes.

No air units:

In addition, the Goo have no air units. But don’t worry. Air defense units provide clear sky.

General Strategy Tips


Artillery should be in every major attack, as long as one has to reckon with counter-attack. Since this unit can fire more than other units, it is so out of the battle area and generates mass tort.


In an attack should always building or system to be sure first to destroy, which leaves most damage to the enemy:

In humans, these are the rails. If you have a fast overview of the enemy design, destroy the rail, which is responsible for the power supply of most buildings.
In the beta is the distributor. If this destroyed all the buildings that were attached to it, inoperable!

In the Goo Goo-it is the mother herself. Without this there is no other mother-Goo, no unit production and no more resource extraction for the enemy!


If a forest near your base and is on the way to your enemy, you should there be accommodated units. As a result, as long as they are not recognized by your enemy until it enters with his units themselves the forest.