Hektor (PC) video game - beginner's guide


By default, you have fitted with a lighter. By right-clicking it operates the flint. It may happen that you have to press the key more often until the flame, to give a small amount of light.

The lighter produces light in a short distance. It can not go out and must never be replaced by another lighter.


Throughout the game, you will often encounter notes. These originate from either the captive girl or the doctor himself! Open notes with the standard key (N), you can either read this, or you can simply listen.


Throughout the game you'll find on shelves, boxes or other objects and objects of two kinds of medications.

The weak drugs
The strong medications

You need them to improve your mental state. For the more fear your character gets, his vision seems to fluctuating and the harder it is to get around. The solution is to use the medication. Take them to improve your condition. Disappear completely these tottering pictures but rarely.


Like drugs you will also need batteries from time to time. You need them for the flashlight, which you will find in the course of the game.

If you have equipped the flashlight, it takes only a few minutes before you have to insert new batteries. With the standard key (R) you can change this.


The flashlight takes without you specifically look somewhere, in the course of your adventure. It helps you to see distant objects or to orientate yourself better.

The Monster

Whenever you hear a shriek, followed by a dull sound, you know that the monster is now present and you could be confronted at any time.

It is all the louder or audible sound, hearken to you, the closer the besite "teleported" to you zoom.

From now on, it is important not to be discovered. Because it should persecute you first, escape is almost impossible. Even if it bursts into a chamber and the door closes behind you, it remains there until you leave the room again.

The Threat in White

There are sequences in which the monster is not the threat, but these guys here. They march around in the corridors and / or change direction and turn again. If you will recognize them, they are not going to track. If you come too close to them, however, they turn you around. Move slowly and surely before and after peeking around every corner to run them directly into the arms.


In most cases you adhere to a certain number of spaces that vary over again, but remain the same. Advancement is only possible when you have found the object or the solution to the problem. Since orientation does not play a role here, you simply look to any room carefully before trying not to go to go back to where you came from. Because the space that you seek might be the very next straight.


If you die, does not automatically load the last checkpoint. You wake up just in another room again, where you can continue your exploration again. You still have the same number of batteries and drugs, and the same mission to date found objects.

Sometimes it is necessary to die in order to progress. These sequences are part of the story and therefore necessary. An intended death by the monster is necessary at any time.