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Photos have in Inazuma Eleven GO Chrono Stones Wildfire / Thunderflash same function as topics of conversation and Statistics. They are easy to recruit requirements for players!

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Sheep Rare Book
Winners Cup Food Shelf

List of all 100 photo opportunities


Photo by topicEra Location
Octagonal fountain France (Middle Ages) In "Orléans: Court," the fountain in the center of town
Alamosaurus - faceCretaceous period The "Great Steppe: Nord", after you can about the long-neck for ramming Dragon Valley is preceded on the cliff along the long neck.
Primeval pine Japan (Sengoku period) In "Nagoya Castle" left behind the tree
Old ClubhouseInazuma (past) The "Raimon-West (Formerly)" Marks photographing old clubhouse
Old Whiteboard Inazuma (present) In the "old club house" at the Raimon
Old Magic BooksCamelot In the "Tavern of Grimwell" to the left of the table of special equipment dealer
Antique Slot Machines Inazuma (present) In the "game room" in the shopping district, the standalone machine with you if you coming in
AquariumInazuma (present) In the House of Windsor: in room 005
Viewpoint Inazuma (present) Go to Inazuma- "tower", then rises to the tower and stand at the railing
Machines in the parkInazuma (present) In "Inazuma Park" at the top right of the public toilets


Photo by topicEra Location
Infamous Banner Japan (Bakumatsu) In the "seat of the Shinsengumi" behind the drawn sword
Described panelInazuma (present) The blackboard in the "main building: 1st floor" of Raimon, classroom rightmost
Concrete blocks Okinawa Go on "Sleeping beach" on the port, then photograph the stones in the sea
Do Not Enter!Inazuma (past) Appeal to the "Subdivision (Formerly)" at the construction site, the "X" sign
Beer barrels France (Middle Ages) In the "Watchtower" the 3 barrels on the right wall
FountainJapan (Sengoku period) Links of the fountain next to the "robber hiding"
Budo calligraphy Inazuma (present) In "Raimon: Dojo" in the top kendo hall on the sloping wall
CyberpappkisteCentrado (future) On the road of "centrado: Shop-sector" the yellow-orange crates
Roster Inazuma (present) In the House of Windsor: EC to the left of the stairs the whiteboard
Dino bonesCretaceous period In "Stampfdrachental" Dino skeleton that leads into the water
Three pitchersJapan (Sengoku period) In the "Castle district" 3 jugs before sports shop


Photo by topicEra Location
Respectable bust Inazuma (past) "Raimon yard (Formerly)" from the entrance of the school yard the right path to follow where you can see it then
Lonely willowJapan (Sengoku period) The tree on the "observation hill"
Subjects locker Inazuma (present) In the "Stadium Locker" the football building up in the showers
Ticket vending machinesInazuma (present) "Inazuma: Station" right at the exit on the wall
Hearth Japan (Sengoku period) In the middle of "Jizo Temple"
Sinister curtain wallInazuma (present) In the "Special Equipment store" of Einkaufxviertels, right on the wall
Fleur-de-Lis France (Middle Ages) The flag on the wall in "Joan base"
Flying CarCentrado (future) The car in the "centrado: Shop-sector" roadside
River Ferry Japan (Bakumatsu) In "Kyoto: Western shore" on the left bank of page
River Cruise ShipsInazuma (present) At the "football field by the river" below the boat at the boat dock
Fresh fishInazuma (present) In the "mall" just before the end of the passage left in a sight glass
Five Colored Banner Japan (Bakumatsu.Zeit) One of the 2 flags in front of the entrance to Itemladen in "Kyoto: Western shore"
Football hologramCentrado (future) Just after the entrance of the football museum, or exit if you have to run through the story on the reception table


Photo by topicEra Location
Geisha Paintings Japan (Sengoku period) In the "Owari: Speziaktechnikladen" left on the wall
Beloved old broomInazuma (present) In "House of Windsor: 2nd floor" on the far right in the corner
Guitar Inazuma (present) In the House of Windsor: in room 106
Green ManureInazuma (present) "Raimon: West" above the tennis court
Chopping block Camelot In "Grimwell" the stump with an ax
Autumnal treeJapan (Bakumatsu) A completely red tree in front of the "Shinsengumi headquarters: Tor"
Hurdles Inazuma (present) "Raimon: gym" below the gym at the sports field
High jump barInazuma (present) "Raimon: gym" below the gym in the middle of the sports field
Fireplace Camelot In "Lunetes house" the fireplace right on the wall
Pebble gardenInazuma (present) "Raimon: Dojo" below the Dojo input
KimonoJapan (Sengoku period) In the "Owari: sports shop" at the back of the yellow robe
Klas Siches jersey Inazuma (past) In the "Main Building (Formerly)" the Raimon, school kiosk right on the wall
Cretaceous panoramaCretaceous period On the "Great Steppe: South", from the training symbol on the map, to the extreme left on the top of the hill
Cake boxInazuma (present) "Westbau: EU" in the Raimon at the top of the wall in the cafeteria
Kunterbunter carpet Inazuma (present) In the House of Windsor: in room 002


Photo by topicEra Location
Map of Japan Inazuma (present) In Raimon "main building: 2nd floor" in the class at the far right of the panel
Legendary panelCamelot In King Arthur's Castle in "banqueting hall" of the table in the middle of the room
Favorite pillow Inazuma (present) In the House of Windsor: in room 201
Manga CornerInazuma (present) In "Westbau: EC" the Raimon, the bookshelf at the bottom left of the library
Strange Tree Fields of the fragments Go in the "Blue Cloud Forest" from time bus from the first 5 vs 5-player which can be reached, then a piece goes to the right and you will see on the map a green patch of like a "circle" looks like, in the middle of which stands the tree
Military TentFrance (Middle Ages) Of the 3 blue-white tents in the "Orléans: Vorwerk" the far right below the point of healing
Mini football Inazuma (present) In the "storage room" of the "football building" at the Raimon
Mean Lion StatueOkinawa The statue in the middle of the railing "spree market"
Moon rocket Inazuma (present) In "Inazuma Park" the rocket on the playground
MuckibudeInazuma (present) In the House of Windsor: in room 103


Photo by topicEra Location
Naginata Japan (Sengoku period) In the "Owari: Sports Shop" on the right wall, changes need be with L / R angle
Oasis of peaceCentrado (future) At the end of "centrado: Suburbs", accessible through the second teleporter before the Football Museum
Arcane curtain wall Inazuma (present) In the "Special Equipment store" shopping district, on the left wall
PalmInazuma (past) When you leave the "Raimon West (Previously)" the parking lot, turn right
Ancient China
In "Zhuges garden" the red house
Ramen Order MachineInazuma (present) In the "Rai Rai noodle bar" just to the right at the entrance
Rescue capsule Cretaceous period In "Sors home" on the top right next to the nest
Of giantCretaceous period At the crossroads in "Primeval Forest" at the right corner
Giant fruit Cretaceous period Photograph the giant fruit in "Sors home"

Sheep Rare Book

Photo by topicEra Location
Sheep Camelot In the city "Grimwell" one of the sheep in sheep-pen
SwingInazuma (present) At the "Waterfront: North" on the playground
Reed Ancient China In "Zhuges garden" at the pond
PercussionInazuma (present) In the Raimon in the "west building: 2nd floor" in the music room at the bottom of the wall
Cafe Inazuma (past) In the "shopping district (Previously)" photograph to the left of the only 5 vs 5 team table
Barriers MachineSaints Way Stadium "Saints Way: Parking" in the lower left corner (there where you look on the map the barrier)
School song Inazuma (present) In the "Raimon: Gym" to the left of the stage on the wall
School badgeInazuma (past) "Raimon yard (Formerly)" before the 2 flights of stairs to the school building on the ground
Black Winkekatze Japan (Bakumatsu) The "dealer" if you walk right
Rare book Republic Tonghana In the "Tonghana clinic: EC" on the shelf Zeitschrifften

Winners Cup Food Shelf

Photo by topicEra Location
Trophy Inazuma (present) In Raimon "main building: 3rd floor" in Mr. Fire Wills office (right)
Flag of victoryInazuma (present) In the "meeting room of the football building," right next to the big screen
Smoothie Shack Okinawa The 2 small stalls on the "sun beach" below the KK-dealer
Souvenirs from OkinawaOkinawa On the "stroll Market", the yellow-red flag on the left of the upper normal Item dealer
Special goods cupboard Inazuma (present) In the "sports store shopping district" go through the door at the top left and you can knippsen the shelf behind the counter
Score ScoreboardInazuma (present) In the "Raimon: gym" between the 2 basketball courts
Stone Lantern Japan (Bakumatsu) In the "Nijo Castle," one of the stone lanterns on the right side
Stone TabletInazuma (present) At the entrance to Raimon, photograph the stone tablet in the flowerbed
Sweets shelf Inazuma (present) In the photograph "supermarket shopping district", the 2-piece shelf right


Photo by topicEra Location
Tea House Japan (Sengoku period) The black shield in front of the Tea House at the "rice fields"
Table footballInazuma (past) In the old "Raimon clubhouse", hard to miss
Tofu tub Japan (Sengoku period) In the "Owari: Tofu", the large open Tofu boiler (photographed from above)
Tourist InformationInazuma (present) On Inazuma- "tower", right next to the stairs directly leading up to the tower
Primal Pils Cretaceous period In "Himmelsgrat", the yellow mushroom at the waterhole
Bird in a cageInazuma (present) In the House of Windsor: in room 102
Scarecrow Japan (Bakumatsu) On the "rice field road" in the right rice fields
WaterfallSanctum At the "Waterfall Trail", hard to miss
Watermelons Okinawa In a box in the "Surf Supper"
White Winkekatze Japan (Bakumatsu) The "dealer" at the entrance to the left
WindmillSanctum At the end of the path of the "Guardian Core" before the exit (towards Sanctum Stadium) is left windmill on a cliff
Targets France (Middle Ages) In "Jeanne Quarter: Hof" right on the wall