Inazuma Eleven GO Chrono Stones Thunderflash All Silver / Golden Chests Locations

Inazuma Eleven GO Chrono Stones Thunderflash All Silver and Golden Chests Locations

Locations of all golden chests

Here you will find the whereabouts of the all golden chests in Wildfire and Thunderflash. To open the chests you need the "little golden key" to get the Bakumatsu on Yoshinobu "Final Tour" in Japan.

You must complete the lower route at Yoshinobu, for the "Final ticket 1" needs, which you get in the silver chest in France besides Charles throne!

Reward Era / time Location
Riot-Ticket 1 Cretaceous period On the "Great Steppe: Nord" right on the cliff along the KK dealer
Riot Ticket 2 Island Sanctum On the "Waterfall Way"
Final Ticket 2 Okinawa On the "spree market" behind one of the first items when coming from the slumber from beach
Classic Ticket Centrado (future) In the "Ragnarok" stage in "El Dorados quarter" right next to the entrance
Rauf Ticket 2 Camelot In the "Cave of Grief"
Eons Ticket Inazuma (past) In the "Main Building (Formerly)" the Raimon, far left in the library
Truth Ticket 1 Ancient China In the "Hall of the Warrior" in the upper left corner
Truth Ticket 2 Fields of the fragments In "Lost stadium" far left of the game
Fighting Spirit: Argos Cretaceous period On the "Great Steppe: Nord" go under the point of healing in a secret alley, there is the chest
Fighting Spirit: Zodiak Fields of the fragments If you go to the "patchwork fields" from the yellow to the green half, hold up, and you cannot indicate by a path to a small cave
Team Tactics: Arctic block Japan (Sengoku period) On the "observation hill"
Team Tactics: Synchro-storm Republic Tonghana In the "Tonghana Clinic: EC" below the equipment dealer
Skills: Pick-up Ultra Plus Inazuma (present) At the "Raimon: field" between a couple of trees in front of the old clubhouse
Ability: More Elan Camelot In the "board room" behind one of the knights of on the real side
Technique: Vanitas flash Inazuma (present) In the attic of the "Di-Rigo Villa: 2nd floor"

Locations of all silver chests

To open the silver chests you need the "little silver key" that you get from Steve Grimm on the upper route if you are completed all 3 games on S-rank in the treasure chest!

Reward Era / time Location
Technique: hand sky Inazuma (Formerly) In the storage room of Raimon "clubhouse (Previously)"
Team tactics: Wings arrows Inazuma (present) In "Raimon: Dojo"
Cosmos bracelet Centrado (future) To the left of "football museum" just a secret tunnel to reach underground 
Final ticket 1 France (Middle Ages) In the "Castle of Chinon: Entree" right next to Charles Tron
Broken Compass Japan (Sengoku period) To the left of the "robber hiding"
Crystal pendulum Camelot In the "board room" to the left of the window
Treasure Map France (Middle Ages) At the very end of the "bridge of Orleans" right along the wall
Pocket Radar Japan (Bakumatsu) In "Kyoto: Northern shore" if you go to the right over a small bridge, is hidden under an autumn tree