Mario Party 10 (Wii U) review

It is clear that Mario is a relentless character, and there is more to see the number that accompanies the title of this game. With this release, Wii U finally receives its own share of Mario Party, so that you can go on preparing your elbows to interfere with your friends (well, that word loses all meaning in this saga) when dare you win a minigame or get a good roll, because here the shafts are more than insured, even when luck again play an important role and so little has changed in ways that have been asking for a revamp for years.

Together and scrambled

If you are new to this saga, saying that Mario Party is a board game in which we rolling dice, moving and overcoming all kinds of minigames to make us successful. As you can imagine, there is a plan to play with friends game because I do it alone against the AI is a tremendously boring experience, especially in the case because you have not included any way we can offer some incentive to play individually in our spare time.

In addition, the multiplayer is still only location as Nintendo continues without implementing any online mode for some reason, so just relegating the title to a game that you are only takes advantage when we meet our acquaintances (ie, exactly as any actual board game), so you're warned.

As for your main mode with Mario Party 9, Nintendo seems to catch a taste of that to make all players move together in a vehicle, so if you expect to return to the classic gameplay in which each character moves independently by the board here you will not find that, at least in the way Mario Party. This is something that takes away some strategy to the headings and leaving us more than ever at the mercy of the dice, leaving all our possibilities of action to choose one path or the other when you play and decide when to use the special dice.

The boards are not particularly complex or long (or many) and they have a beginning and an end, finishing the game when we reach the goal. The minigames only take place when we fall into a box that active, it is selected as a rule one at random from among three possible and will begin, but first let us teach and practice controls if we want. These are extremely simple and asked us to use the Wiimote in many different ways, but rarely will we have to use more than one button, which still makes them perfect for all kinds of public entertainment, as anyone will be able to understand and play them.

The best for our taste is the minigames of the bosses, some battles in which we will play together to defeat a powerful creature using special mechanical. The more strokes give it, the more points you get, but also deducted if we receive damage, so do not stop to compete while cooperating since the end what matters is the win over our rivals.

We also liked all who are in teams, whether one against three or two against two, we definitely have seemed the most fun, especially when you can use them to "sabotage" our colleague, either simply by the pleasure of teasing (revenge is always a dish best served cold) or for strategic reasons.

Gaining minigames and falling into certain boxes we were rewarded with ministars. These are of great importance because the game will be won by the most have after defeating the final boss of the board, although I advised that as in the rest of deliveries (especially in the most recent), this can happen, especially in the last sections, so there is nothing unusual going to dominate the entire game with wide difference, it comes out a bad roll, fall into the wrong box that you can not do anything about it and move to the second, third or even fourth position as it will pass. And conversely, it can also happen that you have not won a single minigame, go the past and suddenly due to good run set yourself at the top just before the end.

In addition, until the last moment there is some "excitement" because once the final boss drops and ministars count is done, some random prizes are awarded according to how they have done. These can be things like extra points for the player who won minigames or more boxes which have advanced.

In the end, we must admit that we would have spent great time playing games with our friends, with many shafts and laughter, although we would have liked a larger, long and complex boards, as well as a presence of luck less pronounced and more contrastable, which can at least control the games, because before each game can choose to play only the easy games, only where there is no evidence of luck or all. Of course, this does not free us from the vagaries of the dice.

The Power of Bowser

One of the great innovations of this issue is found in the way Bowser Party, in which a player controls this charismatic villain to face a group of four users, so here we can play up to five people. If we are the "Mario team", the gameplay is not different from that seen in the main modality, with our Wiimote as a main weapon and moving together in the same vehicle.

But if we manage to Bowser, all of our controls are based on the use of the GamePad. The team's goal is none other than players reach the end of level, while the king of the Koopa will stop destroying their lives. Literally. The grace of this mode is that the minigames are totally new and different, and they Bowser's got to torture and beating their rivals to take away lives. If leave one without them, it will be eliminated from the game until his teammates get revive or even falling into the game.

Losing a player usually means a setback for the team, as it is the equivalent of losing a dice in Chuck, and Bowser always has four ... In addition, as a good villain is, you can do all sorts of traps by Bowsy, as re-roll the dice if you develop a roll that you can not reach the opposing team (the minigames only take place when it gets to catch them on the board).

This is one way that we found original and fresh within the series, and it offers very funny moments. Furthermore, although there is also a factor of luck, this is much less pronounced and more counting is our ability to minigames, either to prevent damage or to hit. The downside is that existing tests are very few and just repeating quickly, and there are only three boards (which don’t cease to be a variation of the main mode), so that made us very little in terms of content.

Amiibo Party

Interestingly, one of the ways we liked most was the amiibo related figures. These can be used to obtain the daily rewards, but also allow us to unlock a new form. You can use any amiibo Mario, either from the new collection Mario Party or its equivalent in Super Smash Bros., and with them we can access a special Monopoly board shaped (ie, a square).

The interesting thing about this mode is that here each player moves independently and there are objects that implement different strategies and annoy opponents. Also, here our goal is to get coins and boxes to buy the stars that appear around the board, so that ultimately proved to be the "most Mario Party" of all manner and through it recovers part of the essence of the first games. In addition, the board can go modifying it using some objects to change the scenery and effects boxes luck, which adds more life too.

The only thing we did not like too is the extreme simplicity of the design of the board, and we would have liked something larger and more complex than a simple square, with routes to choose from before turning full circle. The other problem is that to play it will need at least one amiibo, so if you don’t have to buy any man will touch so that it can enjoy. Moreover, the fact of having to roll the dice using the figure for it can become a rather tiresome task, especially if you have a table or other support nearby to support the GamePad, so there would have been more can be launched with buttons.

A Colorful Celebration

We are graphically a game that does not explode too capacities Wii U, but what is proposed is really good with this colorful usual Nintendo games as pleasing to the eye, some modeled very well resolved characters and about very colorful and full of details, both minigames as boards scenarios. Especially the bosses mention. Yes, menus and animations could be something more elaborate.

A sound level has the usual light and cheerful melodies to which we have become accustomed to over the saga, without being no wonder, no bother and give that touch how well feel to the game. Of course, the way led by the amiibo hear remixes of classic Mario tunes which have charmed us. Finally, the sound effects do their job without much fanfare and are more or less varied, while dubbing us again offering the same voices, cries and short phrases provided for all characters.


Mario Party 10 is a good game to hang out with your friends, whether playing video games regularly or not, because it is a title that anyone can have fun. The saga needs a revamp to not keep falling behind, and that further modes, content, greater care for the slope of a player and the ability to play online, but if what you seek is simply a collection of mini-games a competition based on rolling dice on a board while you try to test your friendship with your friends, here you will find just what you seek.