Medieval Engineers (PC) Crafting Guide

Foundations for building your masterpieces

Before you begin to build, you should make sure that you choose a surface on which you want to have really built a house / castle etc. If you can not find an area, you can make the ground level or Uneven with the "voxel Hands". Just like you want it. To select between all the 'Voxel Hands", you press on your keyboard, press the "G" and turn left into the bar under the tab "voxel Hands." Here you now have all the formats that you can modify the floor. You can of course build your design on uneven ground, because then you have to be careful that you really imagine each with block on the floor also fills.

Information on the block

There are different size and different cut block. Also, they differ in their material. Some are made of stone, others of wood. There are blocks which are cut to a stairway or ramp, but there are some who pose a wall or an archway. As you can see, your imagination knows no limits and establish you can, after which you always popular.

Various Crafting

Since so many different things you can build in Medieval, it can again workshop contents on Steam, which you can download. There is, for example, crafting another player, which you can download, or you can take as inspiration for your own work.

I did that in my example again, as I have found something very interesting in the workshop. An airship! Although it can not fly, but looks very good.

Medieval village

In this example, someone has built a Mitel age Royal Village. Also construction a fantastic. At the center of the village: A church with lying thereon cemetery.

Behind the church is still a barn. On both sides of the church are still a couple of houses.

Here you can see well what you can do with the different blocks so. Whether it is a round tower, or a Rectangle house.

Simple tower

I once built a tower. This is not a big hassle because it is very simple. I have stacked round walls and normal walls 8 blocks to the top and in the middle of a spiral staircase to the top. Between there are also a couple of floors.

The "dream house"

Here I have built a something bigger house. I was inspired a bit of my own home. I had to work here very much with the voxel hands as the floor was not quite level.

There are a total of 3 floors, which are still equipped inside with furniture.

Easy catapult

Building a simple catapult is not difficult. However, the one I built has no wheels and is very small. This is the standard version without navigation and all the bells and whistles. The range of the catapult is the fact that it is so small, not very large. Of course you can also add wheels so that it is more mobile.

Simple windmill

The simple windmill in turn is a standard model of the other windmills. Mine is just a tower on which is a mill. If you want, you can also add more space in the windmill.

The windmill and the catapult serve in my examples only goes to show you how to do it. Of course, these two differently or larger.