MH4U Zamtrios, Lagombi, Rathian Tactics in the fight

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate (3DS) Zamtrios, Lagombi and Rathian - Tactics in the fight


The Zamtrios is one of the amphibians and is a large four-legged friend who looks like a shark. He lives in the sea and Frost is the adult form of the Zamites. Contrary to sentence them he is many times larger and has fully developed limbs, as well as a massive jaw. This monster attacks use with the ice element so can weaken your status. It can also make you unable to move with snow balls.

Destructible body parts are his cock, face, dorsal fins, and his front and hind legs. The tail, however, you can not separate, but only damage. It's best to take against the Zamtrios with a fire or thunder-element weapon, as they cause the most damage. You should not take water or ice element weapons since the Zamtrios has a resistance against this.

Areas in which the Zamtrios occurs: Frost Sea

Zamtrios: Tactics in the fight

If you are fighting for the first time against a Zamtrios, it may one of his exterior and his size are already queasy at the sight. To be well prepared for the Zamtrios, you take the best fire or thunder-element weapon. Not effective against this monster, its own elements, ie water and ice element weapons. Also, your gun should have a good degree of severity.

The Zamtrios is a relatively fast monster that often rages on you for you to toss and inflict damage. He can also dig in the ground and will attempt to dive among you on what subtracting relatively much damage. If he is in the ground, you can throw and if you have good hit, he jumps out and is briefly helpless against your attacks. He will often throw snow balls after you, make you unable to move. If you have been taken only help push buttons wild or do you use a cleanser. One of his most dangerous attacks, his freeze ray, because he shoots across the area. Will hit you, you will not only lose many lives, but your status suffers ice damage. As a result, you lose a lot faster your stamina. To heal you from ice damage, should take his zero berries and eat them.

The peculiarity of the Zamtrios is his various forms. He covers his entire body with a layer of ice when he gets angry. As a result, blazing blunt weapons constantly on his body. For this reason, you should take with a high degree of sharpness arms. In addition, you can destroy the ice faster with a fire element weapon. In his other form, he sucks a lot of air, and is to a large inflated ball. This not only looks funny, but is the mildest form of the monster, firstly because the ice is broken, if the monster had before. In addition, he often rolls around and he spits snow balls like a volcano into the air. It is very easy to hit by its size. After some time, he can back out the air, which can harm you, if you stand too close. Is also very good that his ice is still away, so you can continue to attack well.


The Lagombi belongs to the species of the Fang beasts. Of body size, he belongs to the smaller representatives of the big monster. He has long ears that miss him a hare-like appearance. Since the Lagombi has a thick white fur, he appears only in cold climate areas. The Lagombi is an ice-element monsters and your status can therefore cause frost damage.

The only part of the destructible body is his ears. To destroy him, you must use your blows aimed at his head. Since it is an ice-element monsters, the most effective weapon against this monster is one with the fire element. Thunder element weapons are also effective. All other elements you should not choose because the Lagombi against this has a resistance.

Areas in which the Lagombi occurs: Frost sea

Lagombi: Tactics in the fight

Since he is an ice-element monster, Fire Element weapons are most effective against this monster. Also a good choice against the Lagombi is thunder element weapons. You should not take all other elements, as the Lagombi has a guard against this.

The Lagombi can also be very annoying because he moves mostly with the belly sliding across the floor away, allowing him to quickly bridge large distances. He also tries to attack you very often. He then slips 3-4 times in a row. He also rotates like fast in circles, which is not easy to avoid, as he does so without warning. But the Lagombi also uses his big paws to harm you. He usually divides several huge bats. In addition, this snow bunny sometimes jumps in the air and tries to land on you. This is also very easy to dodge, since the Lagombi is in the air a few seconds. Since he is an ice-element monster, of course, he takes you on with attacks that inflict your status frost damage. He discards and namely that when he meets you at Snow Globes after you, cause you frost damage. As a result, it consumes much faster your stamina. To heal you from the frost damage, you should take with you to the fight and eat berries.


She is the female version of the Rathalos and looks like a big green dragon. The Rathian can adapt well and therefore occurs in many different regions. Since he is a dragon, it's no wonder you that this monster can spit fire and you can add as flame damage. Also, this monster can poison you, too.

You can destroy many parts of his body such as the head, the tail, wings and back. The tail you can not only hurt but also separate. The most effective against this monster are dragon element weapon. Also very effective is thunder element weapons, so you should take them. In any case you should not take weapons with the fire element, since it has a protection against Rathian.

Areas in which the Rathian occurs: Ancestry steppe primordial forest, Heavenly Mountain, Spire, Always forest.

Rathian: Tactics in the fight

The Rathian is a true veteran in the Monster Hunter series. To give you an advantage against this great dragon, you should definitely take dragon element weapon. Also very effective is weapons with the thunder element.

Often the Rathian runs on you. Also she sometimes takes a nosedive when she is in the air that deal much damage. Since she is a dragon, of course she can also breathe fire. Mostly she spits three fireballs in a row and in different directions. You will be affected by this fire, you can remove it again by rolling on the floor. The most dangerous attack of Rathian is probably her somersault. She also takes her tail with upward. You will get caught by the tail, its not only suffers much damage, but will also poisoned. You can detect this attack before, since the Rathian goes a step back before and jumps high. To heal you from poisoning, you should take enough antidote.