Oceanhorn Monster of Uncharted Seas (PC) walkthrough

Welcome to our guide to Oceanhorn Monster of Uncharted Seas. As a youngster hero you are in search of the three sacred emblems and follow the father’s path. In Zelda-style solve riddle contests fights, rise in the level and fill your inventory with new useful objects.

Table of Contents:

1. Every hero needs a sword and shield (Hermit's Island)

2. Where there are bombs?

3. Bombs, visit the mine!

4. Liberation of Owrus

5. The emblem of fire

6. The grave of the chronicler

7. The feast of the sun

8. Honey for the gills people

9. In the Deep Bay

10. Cave of Fire

11. The emblem of the ocean

12. The coral saber

13. Errands for Hermit

14. The Island in the Sky

15. Path to large core

16. The emblem of the sun

17. Final battle against Ocean Horn 

Every Hero Needs A Sword And Shield

After the opening sequence you wake up in your tent. Remember this the cave in which the necklace is flown and run down the stairs.

Your reach at Hermit's Hut. Walk over the wooden bridge to the save point, then past the next wooden bridge. In a northwesterly direction you overcome some enemies and go into the cave.

Where is the locked door, you walk along the road to the left and push the crate in the next room on the round floor switch. Get a simple key from the chest.

Go back to the locked door and open it. Go out into the round floor switch, happened the way and walk across the wooden bridge on the eastern side of the two round bottom switch. Raise the wooden sign on a stone and place it on a switch - on the other it makes it to you. Collect your mother's necklace to bring us out of the box sword and shield.

Climbing up the stairs and use the lever switch. Leave the cave through the open way.

Run back towards Hermit's house. In the memory point is their Hermit, speak with him.

After the sequence you walk back to the tent and sleep.

The next morning you go back to Hermit and protect him from the mechanical spiders. Speak to him. Hermit gives you the master key.

Holt yourselves with a heart fragment in his hut and go down to the pier. Open wide the door and walk to the bridge and get into your wooden boat.

Where there are bombs?

Select the island Tikarel as the target and sailing there.

From the bridge you walk straight ahead and talk to the Kirk resident. He tells you where to find the bomb island. Also talk to John, to find out where Welklanden is. John runs a little north of Kirk through the streets.

Then he goes back to his boat - next target: bomb the island.

Run east across the wooden bridge and go into the house of the bomb seller - unfortunately he has no more bombs, but says that are still in the mines. Leave his house through the northern ladder.

Now to the east, then up the stairs and you will reach a large statue. North of the save point you walk up the garden path and then on to the left across the wooden bridge. Walk over the next wooden bridge to the north - the wooden bridge breaks and you fall down.

Run northeast to the box and push it between the wooden planks to walk over there.

Run down the stairs and then up again in a northwesterly direction. When you save point you wait until the spike go down and ran over quickly.

Kill the Dark Folk and run right to the entrance of the mine.

Bombs, visit the mine!

In the mine you jump into the water and push the crate between the two walls to keep running in a northwesterly direction.

In the locked door you walk to the right, take the enemy and press the switch in the water. Holt out of the box a simple key and open the flat locked door.

Run straight ahead and let yourself fall down at the end. Walk over the narrow path in a northwesterly direction do the Dark Folk and turn right across the wooden bridge.

Before you run water in the south of the wooden stairs and at the save point over the wooden bridge. You can find a lever switch you put aside.

Run up to where the bollards are going down and you come to some crates little later. Only push the left outer box, then in the middle of the wall to the other two and finally again the left outer box.

Jump into the water and swim to the east, to the platform with the four major flares over and it leads to another crate puzzle.

Move the box in the first row on the wall. The box in the second row pushes to the bottom right. Then the left chest in the back row. It follows the left chest in the third row, which pushes on the floor beside marked the first box. Move the other crate in the third row to push the crate in the second row on the marked trail. Now push the box from before the last position. Now migrate over the crates and grab yourself a simple key from the chest.

Now open the locked door, which is southeast of the four major flares. Cancel the hearth and ignites the four torches. You will see a box with the master key.

Now run back past the first puzzle box and walk across the wooden bridge at the shut-down bollards. You can find a moat with rats and a Dire people - do this in order to get a simple key.

So you open the locked door in the water, bring an old boot in the chest and stand on the switch.

Run back, jump into the water and swim, where the gate is just going down.

Open wide the door, fall into the hole and defeated the Cepeden - a relatively easy fight. Then pass through the south-eastern passage.

Move the crate down, run over and get yourself the bombs from the chest to the southeast.

Further south you can use it to blow away the boxes and later climb a ladder.

Walk over the wooden bridge and stand on the switch. Walk over the bollard, done when needed, the rats and leave the mines by the exit near platforms.

Read the bottle and send it to the upper level of the switch lever in order to open the gate.

Now go back to your boat, here everything is done only once.

Liberation of Owrus

Next, you sail to the island Welklanden.

Run up the stairs and take the save point the way to your right. In the box that blocks your way, you use a bomb.

At the end you walk up the wooden stairs and on to the northwest to the next save point.

Continue to the northwest, the large Dire people over until you bollard block the way. Run from there to the left. You can find a gate - near there is a staircase with a small watering. Jump into the water and go into the local cave.

In the cave you walk at the end of the stairs and push the box to the marked spot. Where the bollards are going down, you go up the stairs and leave the cave.

Run up the stairs and continue along the wooden bridge. Then beat the spiked ball to the side and stand on the switch - the gate opens.

Through the gate, take the Dark People. Then run to the left, the capture Owrus over and go up the garden path. Push down the top box and then you push down both boxes in the wall - the Owrus is exempt.

Talk to him - you shall visit him in his hiding place.

Now run by right over the spikes and further under the wooden bridge. Move the box next to the chest on the four spines and run over. On top of the small tower it flips the switch and the bollards go down.

Head over there now and continue over the wooden bridge at the save point. A little later you cross the wooden bridge at some point reached three large statues.

The three statues push on the Grass covered with palms on the floor.

Passing the open road and you reach Riggers home. Rigger is at the bottom of the tree, talk to him. He teaches you the object spell.

Run further west into the desert cave. When you reach the four boxes, the second move from the top.

Later, you will find a switch that is unattainable for you. This operates with the object spell. The gate shuts down and you can leave the cave.

Run to your boat and is targeting the Great Forest.

The Emblem Of Fire

When the Big Woods arrived you walk up the stairs until you reach the Restless grove.

Walk over the wooden bridge and at the fork to the right to find a chest with a simple key in it. Now back to the junction, this time it goes straight ahead. Then run the northwest stairs and open the locked door.

Go to the save point and push the upper box to the lower level down. The two boxes push over the edge.

Run up the path straight ahead until the bollard with torch. Skip to save point and left the wooden bridge with the box. Move the crate down and run over the bridge.

Set the podium the lever, and pass through the passage, where the bollard is going down.

In the cave you walk straight up to the broken bridge. When you find a right way lever switch, which can drive up the bollards at the bridge - cross the bridge.

Blow up a little later the wooden boxes away and push the left on the spine, run over it and leave the cave.

Kill the skeleton to get a simple key. This you use to open the gate.

The following is a fight against Owru. Sign up and take strike when the opponent is defenseless. If you have enough bombs, the fight can end quickly.

After the fight you walk left the wooden walkways high and reach a forest shrine. Run up the stairs to the left and continue along the wooden walkways to lever switch. Activate this and go into the forest shrine.

Walk over the wooden bridge, where underneath is a locked door. You reach a stone tablet near a target, mark you this.

After that, further to the right, where a box on the marked spot shift - the bollards go down and you can walk up the stairs. Cross the wooden bridge in the water and you'll find a chest with a simple key.

Run back to the wooden bridge and the locked door at the top. Open the door and passed through the passage.

Cross the spin and run straight to the lever on the wooden platform flip - the water level rises.

Swim a little further to the southwest, where you'll find another lever switch. Now you can open a chest, it is a simple key.

Opposite the second lever switch is a staircase where you passed the door. Behind you open the locked door with the key.

The following is an interim fight against Turmos' tentacles. On the Tenkakel and take up your shield high when it is "curl". The fight is relatively simple. If successful, you will receive a simple key.

The large chest you can not even open. So run only left the road is long and open the locked door.

The following path leads to a ladder that takes you outside. Here you will find another ladder.

When you save point before you go down the stairs to the switch. Then go back up and walk across the wooden bridge. At the end you push the crate into the water and jumps down. Swims over the spikes in the water and the staircase rises up. To the north it flips a lever to lower the water level. Now go into the crypt, which reveals itself to you.

There you'll find a chest with the master key. So you walk back into the room where you fought against the tentacle (Head behind the chest) and you open the big chest - you get the bow.

With the bow you shoot the target in space to allow booting the bollard next to the big box. Run over it and climb up the ladder.

You are back out in the forest shrine. Walk over the wooden bridge to the stone tablet. To the left is a target that shoots her with a bow.

Cross the opened gate and climb down the ladder.

Run over the spikes and keep at the arrow shot trap. In the left corner are coral-like plants that you work with your sword to make a switch visible. Imagine it and the gate shuts down.

Climb up the ladder and climb up the stairs to the top of the forest shrine. Define there from a bomb and fall into the hole.

The boss, Turmos, shows up. Process until its tentacles. When all are destroyed, Turmos shows his glowing weak spot in his mouth. Shipyard against these bombs or arrows. If it just does not get too close because you suck else will. Let yourselves with the tentacles too much time, otherwise appear new.

The Grave Of The Chronicler

Once you are on your boat, Hermit reports to you - sailing to Hermits island.

Run is in the direction of your tent, next to the fountain Hermit and want you to jump into the well.

To do that, you run back to Hermits house and walk across the wooden bridge. In the memory point you run the wrong track left high and climb down the ladder.

Passes through the cave and climb up the ladder at the end. Skip levels down into the well.

Run down, read the stone tablet and a little later you reach a locked door. From there you walk along the road to the northeast. At the end you will bring a simple key from the chest.

Now go back to the locked door and open it.

Next, you walk right to the statue and move the right - a door opens.

Make sure to read through the two stone tablets. Then place the skull on the switch and crossing the aisle.

Imagine in the water on the switch and run fast right around high around the bollard and then the stairs.

Go and look in the next room, the eye-catching wall between the torches - it blows away with a bomb. From chest brings a simple key. Then run further down the path and open the locked door at the end.

At the end you will find the grave of the chronicler, right away you activate a switch and bring the lost stock cubes of Archimedes' from the chest.

Then talk again with Hermit and leave the island.

The Feast Of The Sun

Your next target is tikarel.

Speak with Neeti, the proximity of the web. They want you to accompany on the total ligand hill - he gives you a simple key.

Find the door to the northeast.

Run straight ahead, do the mechanical spiders, and then run the way at the end of step over. You find a path that leads out of the cave.

Follow the path up to the top of the hill where the Dark Apostle waiting. Protect and beat as usual. Or use a few bombs.

Speak after the sequence again with Neeti and learn where their gills people Depression and the south wind-island are.

Honey For The Gills People

Now sail by island-south wind.

North-east you will find a hill with a windmill, strike against it so that it begins to rotate. Along the wooden bridge you will find a second wind turbine, also hit. It's a gate that happened to her.

Run up the stairs and stand on the wrong track up to the box that blocks your way - push them to the side.

Run down the wooden bridge and you will find the entrance to a cave.

In the cave you will find the right one switch you so you can not reach. Operate the lever with an object spell and run over the bollard. Run further up and throw the tree trunk to the side.

Go deeper into the cave, run over the wooden bridge and take the left path at the fork. You will find five boxes in front of a staircase. Pushes only the outer outwardly and then the. Side of the center to the wall beside the staircase As a final push her off the middle box of the stairs and go up the stairs.

In the next room you walk along the northern bridge and pushing the boxes down so that you come to the other side.

You can find the honey-man and you have to use the crates to come to him.

To thank you is the Honey Man Honey something that seems to patronize the gill people.

With the honey you leave the cave through the southwest exit and go to your boat.

In the Deep Bay

With the honey you sail to the gill people sink.

Bollard blocking your way. The stage of the broken staircase go up and point his bow at the target - the bollards go down.

Now follow the northwestern path. Climb the stairs and pay attention to the octopus opponent. At the end you will find a large flight of stairs that leads into the deep bay. To open the gate, you activate the switch on the left hand torch with an object spell.

Inside you give the honey off at the station and go through the key through the gate.

Swim to the southwest and go up the stairs. North-east you will find the elders of the people gills, which tells you a story.

He gives you a simple key and ordered you to the cave of the fire.

You're just walked past a keyhole, where you can use the key - go up the ladder.

Go to the southwesterly corner of a stairway and float to the further southwest.

Run to the north and then crossed only a wood a stone bridge. Float in water to the northeast.

Stand on the switch and run to the other side on the bollard. Go up the second stairs and point his bow straight ahead at a target behind the door - the door opens.

Behind it you will find the entrance to the cave of the fire.

Note: You can also find a bottle that suggests something helpful, located in the old fortress. This is an ice spell. This you do not need to progress, but it can get optional.

Cave of Fire

In the cave of the fire you take the stone from the switch so that the bollard goes down.

Run straight up to the three boxes. Push the two outer high and the middle to the side.

Then she whizzes past the spit fire and the arrow shot trap and cleave unto a stone tablet.

To your right are two torches. With your arrows aimed at these lights and the big torches behind - the bollard goes up.

Cross the bollard and push the first crate down to get to the wooden bridge. Push down the next two boxes. Run on the wooden bridge to the right until you discover a box with a simple key.

Run back to the stone tablet, now take the left path and climb down the stairs. Then pass through the northern passage.

Inside the box you will find five bombs, use them right to blow away the wall in the northwest corner - climb up the ladder.

Run down the hall and pass through.

Go up the wooden staircase and stand on the switch so that the gate shuts down. Now pushes the box below twice to form a bridge to the door.

Go to the locked door and open it. With patience you pass the spikes and the fire spitter at the end.

You'll find a chest with fire magic in it.

The southern wooden bridge leading to an exit from the cave of the fire.

The Emblem Of The Ocean

If you are back in the deep bay, it swims across the northern area until you come to a frozen tree trunk - use the fire spell.

Run up the path, until you find some crates. These boxes have to push into the holes where the spines. To get to the southern side, you walk through the gate. Have you done that open the door - this happened.

Follow the path until you find a frozen switch. Use the fire spells and flips the lever. Get inside to frost Palace.

De-iced the two boxes with fire spells and pushing the boxes to the marked points. You can also relieve the gill-man. Holt from the boxe the simple key and open the right door.

Jump into the water. Swim right to the stairs and stand on the switch. The water level drops momentarily. Jump down quickly and push the box to the left to the switch. Presumably you have to lower the water level twice to make it happened.

Run straight to the two switches. Blast in the northwestern corner off the box to get at the barrels. Set the barrels on the switch and pass the way.

Light on the west side of the torch, either due to a fire arrow or the fire spell. Right next to the stairs with the keyhole inflamed another torch. Now run to the east side and push the bottom crate up to come over there. Set the lever next to the save point and walk past the gate.

Follow the path. To the left are some ice crystals. Deice with fire spell the last ice crystal to happen over there. You can find there a box with a simple key.

Examine now the southern area with lots of spikes. You need both the left and right balance on the narrow path. On the right you will find a simple key. Left is the last torch that you have to ignite. A chest will appear - is the third simple key. Now use the key on the three key holes and falls into the hole.

Holt from the chest the grave boots and jump from platform to platform up to the stairs. Then go around to the right and stand on the edge. Run to the publish chest and get the simple key. Then flips the lever and leave the room through the passage to the east.

Here you use the key and be back in the entrance hall.

Run into the hall again pass through the right gear and spine.

Swim to the other side of the checkpoint and walk up to the room with the many platforms and the chest in the middle. The grave boots you will move there and get you the master key.

Now it's back to the lobby, where you open the big door with the master key.

Before you deiced the princess, push the chest in the northwest corner near a lap switch, so you can be right there to jump on it. Then free the princess of the ice and the boss dead king Angler rises.

You now have several options. You can jump on the crate on a round switch and activate a jet of fire. If this is true the king, he shows his vulnerability on the bashing you. Otherwise, you can face him with arrows and bombs. After a few hits, he also shows his weakness. The king can freeze you with his freeze ray or touch. He can hurt you, only if he can hail ice chunks. More difficult than the first boss, but doable.

After the fight, you activate the emblem of the ocean and you can leave the island.

The Coral Saber

Next, you should get the coral saber. Although this is optional but helps because it makes you further play twice as much damage as your present sword. In addition, it is simple and fast worried.

Target on the island.

The grave boots you can jump over the abyss on the east side. There you will find a wooden bridge that you cross.

Look at the large statue. On the other hand you can still find one that you have to get over here, so watch both. Therefore, runs on the other side. In the two wooden bridges you jump behind the crate and push them to the edge and then left to the lower level.

Push the box on the middle row of six wooden crates and push the box into the water. Now the statue moves to the edge of the middle Crate Series and blow up the box with a bomb. Now push over the statue and present them to the other.

Now go to where the gate is open. Shall submit the grave a bomb and get the master key from the chest.

(You should have just seen before) use this at the door on the north side.

Follow the path and there is a sequence where it pulls the sword from coral Sealork skull.

Now you are well equipped and can return to your boat.

Errands for Hermit

The next destination is Hermits Island

Run towards Hermits house and you will see Hermit on a survey. Speak to him. He wants a stool or have a stool.

You can find a Hermits before the house. Wear this over.

Next Hermit wants a travel cot. This can be found next to your tent.

Then you shall find him a torch. The torch can be found in the cave, where you first brought your sword.

The last thing you shall find a weathercock. This is available in Tikarel at a house southwest of the marketplace.

Do you have everything delivered to Hermit, he builds you an airship, it crashes with the island in the sky.

The Island in the Sky

Follow the path south until you arrive to the bollards where before there is a "laser eye". Run right over the bridge until the gateway to the Great core. Law is a target that shoots her with an arrow.

The bollards go down and you can pass. Run further south, cross the wooden bridge to the save point.

Then continue east across the wooden bridge, where you will find the storm shelter. Run from there to the northeast, where you will find a city.

In the city you go to the north easternmost house, the library, where a sequence starts.

Leave the house and a strange man speaks to you. Now go back to the library in and light the two torches. Then you see yourself left to the two statues. The upper push from the front and a chest with a simple key appears.

So you walk back to the storm shelter and open the gate

Path to Large Core

Run into the cave along the way. At the fork you walk straight up to the room with the locked door.

Right next to the statue to picture off the barrel and push the statue. Holt from the chest to the simple key and open the door.

Pass through the wood until you come back to four boxes. Push the box on the switch. To be able to push the northwestern box, you have to blast the front wall.

Behind the gate you activate the switch and jump over the bollard on the other side.

Follow the path past the save point, until you find the strange man.

After the sequence you go the way along northeast until you find a ladder that leads out you're in.

You see how the strange man goes in the major core. Follow him.

The Emblem of the Sun

In the keyhole you walk left up the red bridge. Throw a bomb over the edge of the box - then you jump over.

Run past the laser eye and climb down the ladder.

When you run the stairs only once to the right and push at the red bridge the box down. Then go back and run the northern stairs. Push the box to the marked points so that the gate opens.

Stand on the switch and push the box in front of the filer splitter. Then get the simple key from the chest.

Now go back to the entrance where you use the key. Fall down to the level of the mechanical spiders and end up going up the stairs. Move left across the platforms to the crystal switch. So this is activated must fire a laser beam on the laser eye - the door opens and you climb down the ladder.

In the next room you lay the lever and strike the right machine so it stops. Imagine now on the bollard and use the object-spell at the lever. Now jump over to the right.

Stand on the switch. Now it has to be fast. Beat the machine again and the switch. Expect the bollard and used again the object spell the lever and jump left over.

Follow the path open the box, and go up the stairs at the end. You can find a box that you blow away. Then fire an arrow at the target. A chest with a simple key appears.

Run back to the room with the many bollards, where you have to return to the right side. Use the key, do the opponent and get the sign of Cronus from the chest.

Now you go back to the entrance, where the first key hole was. Now come the right red bridge along and climb up the ladder.

Push a crate at a fire split. Wait until the other begins to split fire and run over.

Break the boxes away before the laser eye and reflect his laser beam (with the new sign) to the crystal switch on the right and left - the respective doors open.

Set out only along the left path and provide a barrel at the end of the switch, so a chest appears.

Then go back and follow the right path. Kill the spider Mechnik and crosses the red bridge. Go up the staircase and stand on the yellow switch - the water level rises. Swim to the northeast stairs and fall down on the box. Go up another stairs, where you cross a little long red bridge later. With another red bridge you come to a chest - is a master key.

With the master key to the entrance gate. In the northeast corner is the huge door, where you use the master key.

A struggle ensues against Mesmeroth. You have his fireballs. After a few hits Mesmeroth be duplicated and you have the right to meet and split thanks to the coral saber properly from damage.

If it has taken enough damage, he warps and can take you from laser to target. Then you have the energy wheel beat in all four corners and bring to a halt. Mesmeroth comes back and you repeat the first step.

After the fight, you activate the emblem of the sun, the last emblem.

Now there is only one opponent: Ocean Horn.

Final Battle against Ocean Horn

Your next and final destination are the ruins of Arcadia.

Follow the path by the statue and then continue on the red bridge. Pick up the flute and climb down the ladder.

Cross the ruins until you meet your father ... Ocean Horn awake!

Ocean Horn shoots you up with a laser beam. This you have to reflect on left and right leg with your shield. Ocean Horn falls. If both broken, he shows his vulnerability that you attack.

It is important that you have the bollard behind you, so that you have enough space to reflect the laser beam. If Ocean Horn in its knees, followed by a second fight.

Now you have to activate two power wheels so that the current flow between them. Then you have to lure Ocean Horn then. Then the dark apostle, you have to attack, not a big deal. If you've done enough damage Ocean Horn comes back on its feet. Repeat this a few times. You can do more harm to repeat always, until the fight finally ends the dark apostle of repetition.

Enjoy the final scene and the credits. Ocean Horn - Monster of Uncharted Seas is played!