OlliOlli 2 (PSN) review

When the first OlliOlli was launched last year on PlayStation Vita left many players with doubts, whether they liked the world of skateboarding or not. This independent title grabbed gameplay Skate , the saga of Electronic Arts, and led to a kind of 2D platformer, garnished with all manner of challenges and gameplay bombproof. Now comes this sequel that definitely is a step forward in all aspects.

Ollis and More

OlliOlli 2 is a skate board game, unlike the main exponents of the genre, not only based on making challenges within a range of scenarios, but also invites us to complete levels designed as if they were two-dimensional platform game with all kinds of obstacles and several roads. If we fall from skateboard, have to start from the beginning.

The controls are easy to learn and difficult to master, as they say. With the left stick jump and do all kinds of tricks; with L and R we can rotate and change the air and tricks; and, most importantly, with X "fall" tricks, having to press it just before touching the ground to keep its balance and maintain speed.
It is a game that rewards accuracy and in which a point where we cannot complete a level if we fall, arrive tricks well and make the perfect grinds.

To unlock the next level "only" need to reach the end of that we are playing, but each stage has five "basic" challenges (which are not exactly easy) when completed unlock the "pro" version, so offering 50 levels Over five new worlds, topped by the "RAD" So we unlock by completing 250 challenges. All this, along with modes like "Enclaves", where we have to make the best combo in a given scenario, or the "Grind Daily" where we compete online to achieve the highest score with a grind and a unique opportunity to date.

In this sequel all gains in depth, with more moves, more comprehensive scenarios with different routes and even local multiplayer split screen. Next we will detail the news, but we want to start making clear that roll7 has done a great job with this title, and if you liked what OlliOlli got to offer, you can not hesitate for a second to get your hands on the sequel.


OlliOlli 2 stays true to its essence, but we see a progression that it will inevitably similar to that experienced with Tony Hawk's Pro Skater. In this sequel to the combo system is enhanced, and we see two major additions that were introduced respectively in the second and third installment in the saga of Activision: the manual and revert. The manuals allow us to link combos keeping two wheels, and revert are a transitional movements where we do a 180 to fall.

Both manuals like reverts rely on the X to fall, so it will also be necessary to adjust the maximum pulsation, something we do not just give you more points, but allow us to maintain speed. The manuals maintain the balance automatically, so you do not have to worry about them once made. The reverts, as we say, is a transition movement, and we can refer them in manuals or link them quickly with another trick.

Although not modify both the gameplay, they have also introduced new moves as 540 Shove-its, Anti-Casper Flips and Darkslides and the grind switching, allowing us to modify grinds on the fly. We would also talk about "Combo Rush" multiplayer split screen for four to be introduced in the future with a patch, but, unfortunately, is not yet available, so we can only hope that will match solo mode.

A Welcome Face-lift

As you can see on the screens, OlliOlli 2 also remains true to its aesthetic, but this time is much more careful, which is especially noticeable in the character animations. It seems necessary to point out that also leaves the aesthetics pixelated for a much cleaner picture, and that is appreciated especially in PlayStation 4 or any other version that we play on a big screen. Remarkable is also the variety of scenarios, taking us from "Olliwood" -inspired obviously by Hollywood to a future populated by robots, through Aztec pyramids, the Wild West or self park attractions of a horror movie.

With sound, the game is a good standard, with perfect effects to accompany the action and sound, although very ambient band that focuses on electronics to avoid saturate in moments of stress that live in more than one game. Among the musicians who compose the soundtrack find Cid Rim, Lone, Faulty DL, Submerse or Mike Slott, and although we miss some more variety, is ideal for the proposal.

Somebody Stop Me!

OlliOlli 2 achieved something that gets very few: be difficult and encourage you to follow. Like its predecessor, sets before us challenges that become incredibly complex, yet we feel we can get, and as goodm gamers who we are, we tried a thousand times. It is a game of repeating each level endlessly seeking to improve our next game, and know us that feeling of satisfaction every time we do something right.

Roll7 has improved virtually every aspect of OlliOlli original, giving it a cleaner and elaborate visuals and a deeper and more likely gameplay. We we've had great enjoying every level, trying to get every challenge and competing in the daily challenges, restarting again and again to succeed. If you liked the first OlliOlli and / or if you like skateboarding, you should not miss it. If you like challenges and addictive experience, you should give it a try.