OlliOlli2: Fix problems with cross-save on the PS4

OlliOlli2: Welcome to Olliwood is one of the latest video games add to the collection of instant games of PlayStation Plus service, which supports cross-save between versions PlayStation 4 and PS Vita . However, a small problem is preventing the use of this function. Check out how to solve it.

Step 1. Open the game "OlliOlli2: Welcome to Olliwood" and get to the title screen, but not start playing.

Step 2. On the title press the Triangle button to access the options menu.

Step 3. There you will find the "Syncing Cross-Save" option, but do not use it. Instead click "Reset Cross-Save".

Step 4. The game will ask if you want to reset the Cross-Save, confirm by saying "Yes" with the button X.

Step 5. Wait for the Cross-Save is reset and press X to confirm.

Step 6. Now select the "Syncing Cross-Save" option and wait.

Step 7. The message "Syncing Cross-Save completed" should appear to confirm that everything is working, allowing to share data between both versions of the game.