Ori and the Blind Forest – achievements, unlockables

The beauty and tenderness return to our gaming platforms with Ori and the Blind Forest and his arrival in Xbox One and PC has been desired since its announcement time. Now, on the Microsoft platform, we find a long list of achievements to unlock as we tour the beautiful landscapes of this independent title.


Many Secrets: Find your first secret.

Back on Track: Restore your first stone map.

Juggle Master: Juggle a rock 5 times without touch the ground.

Rapp Master: Hit 10 times your enemies without touching the ground.

Lethal Evade: Achieve 5 enemies kill another of them.

Flying Fury: Kill 3 enemies without touching the ground.

Self Destruction: You made an enemy to be destroyed only.

Crushing Blow: Trash a battering ram with oppressors.


Lifesaver: Created 50 soul ties.

Lethal Backfire: Kill 4 enemies at once with calls charged.

Lethal Diversion: Kill 25 enemies using blow to deflect projectiles.

A New Path: Open 5 shortcuts using the flame charged.

Decisions, decisions: Use your first skill point.

Career lethal: Kill 5 enemies with loaded jump.

Seasoned explorer: Find 50% of secrets.

Halfway: Restore 50% stones map.

Good eye: Find the hall lost in cloud forests.

Master of Forest: you traveled 100% of the map.

Stomp Master: Kill 50 enemies with stomp.

Ignite Teacher: Kill 100 enemies with call charge.

Master of Flames: You killed 500 enemies with flames of spirit.

Flying: You did a double jump 5 times without touching the ground.


Energetic player: Get 200 fragments of energy.

Soul Master: Get all the skills efficiency of the skill tree.

Master of the utility: Get all skills useful skill tree.

Combat Master: You got all the fighting skills of the skill tree.


The journey begins: Complete the prologue.

The ancestral be: You met the tree spirit.

Come back here !: Finf a Gumo.

Rotten inside: Come into the tree Ginso.

For very little: Run the rising water on the tree Ginso.

Fight today to live tomorrow: Run Kuro.

On Fire: Enter Mount Horu.

Love: Meet with Naru.

Safely: You kept heading in all wells spirit.

Pure energy: You got all the power cells.

Master Guardian: You got all living cells.


Even in the last corner, you find all the secrets.

The world at your feet, restore all stones map.

Phenomenon: Get all the skills of the skill tree.

Supersonic: Finish the game in less than three hours.

Immortal: Complete the whole game without dying.

Elite: you completed the game without using a skill point.


In search of clarity: Clear the cloud forests.


Let's be friends: Rescue a Gumo.

Top of the world: Get solar Stone.


Run for your life: You restore Ginso heart tree.

Mainland: Nibel Restore winds.

Rekindling: have restored the heat element.


The trip ends: you completed the game.

If you know more tricks Ori and the Blind Forest for Xbox One, please share them with us.