Paul McCartney announces return to Europe on "Out There" tour

Paul McCartney announced he will return to the European with his "Out There" tour, with nine concerts in places where he has not visited since starting the world tour in May 2013.

British artist, 72, said on his website that, following a first series of concerts around the world between May 2013 and May 2014, will return this year to the UK and the European continent, where he only offered three performances.

The new tour will include eight special concerts in Paris, Marseille, Amsterdam, Oslo, Stockholm, Liverpool, Birmingham and Denmark, and a gala in London to commemorate the 50th anniversary of one of his most famous songs, "Yesterday".

The "Out There" 2015 tour will begin on May 23 with the gala exhibition at the O2 London, where the fiftieth anniversary of that theme, composed by Paul McCartney for the album "Help!" recorded on June 14 1965.

British artist also act in the cities of Birmingham and Liverpool in the first concerts offered in the UK since climbed to the stage of the Royal Albert Hall in 2012.

Paul McCartney will also return to France to take his first concert after being awarded the French Legion of Honor in September 2012.

Amsterdam is another of the cities that come into his tour schedule 2015 with a concert that will mark the first visit of the British musician to the Dutch capital since 1972.

These nine concerts will end on July 9 in the enclosure Tele2 Arena in Stockholm, Sweden, will mark the second tour McCartney makes his "Out There".

"I am looking forward to returning to Europe with 'Out There'. It has been some time since I performed in some of these places so it will be fun, "McCartney said on his website.

The artist, born in the Walton, Liverpool, neighborhood, also hopes that the public "enjoy this tour."

The "Out There" tour features songs that span the artist's career, including his time as "Beatle", and also features footage from his recent album, "New", which has been a success since its launch in 2013 .

Nearly two million people worldwide have already attended the "Out There" tour, the musician performed 64 concerts in 12 countries since it opened eighteen months ago.