Payday 2 (PC - game) tips

Quick levels and lots of money

- If you are in level 13 you'll get the "rats" means a mission.
- Go to Offline (GOING THERE ONLY) and study the mission.
- Take a difficulty whatever suits you.
- Do the mission until the 3rd day the mission is called "Bus Stop".
- When the mission starts bus stop their run immediately to the left, and try to catch the bus by running, if you have arrived at the bus then kill all on the bus and run back to the helicopter
- Wait until all the money and all the experience points calculated, then you get a map wait until the drawn and PUSHING NO X! Pressing START and make mission to restart after the mission bus stop will restart and you can watch the mission as often as you want to repeat all the money and all the experience points are counted.

Been so, always run to the bus, all kill, run back, wait until the money and experience points are calculated, wait draw a map to the X drawn is NOT PRESS! Select START and restart but the mission.

Four shops RUSH

Duration 3-4 minutes


ECM Jammer (1 skill point at Ghost Tree)

First you have to find an ATM best in the supermarket (next to the Pear Store). If there is an ATM machine you placed the ECM jammer in the vending machine. The machine will open and you can take the money. Wait until then from the getaway car is there and skin. So you can four stores on any difficulty level without triggering an alarm even do it alone.

Gain Experience Made Easy

You will need:

- Strong Weapons (shotguns or AK-762 or other)
- Good Vest
- Rat professional job (on overkill best)

Now to the main point:

At 1 day ignore everything, kill the enemies in the beginning, the Meth Lab hunt up and run away.

In the 2 day you quickly choose the information (hollow charge or one spirit "safe -cracking" Skill is helpful) once you have the information (Of course, it would make sense to kill all the enemies).

Last Day. Run to the bus kills the rat (n). If you want to take along each of you a money bag and then run away and enjoy your experience billing.

Unfortunately I do not know what it looks like with poor equipment (weapons, body armor) but to quickly arrive at ERF in 50s it's all good.

Quick & Much Money / XP (ECM jammers)

Offshore bank account: 260. 000
to spend: 65 000
Time: 3-5 minutes
Prerequisites (character's) mind, Extra Money.
Mission: Four shops (Overkill)


Go to the store next to the laptop Store. In the corner of an ATM machine!

Now next to the vending machine in the corner, put on the mask and bend. Make sure that no one can see you!

Go a step forward, so you can use the vending machine with the EMC jammers. Then the door of the machine is on and you covered.

Still hidden you can go to the inside of the machine. Thus, the requirement is met. Wait until now in hiding until the van is there.

If this is waiting on the other side of the street, get up and jump over the door of the machine. Run easily and just finished on the van !!!

If the van is waiting for your side of the street, is only on when you can not see a civilian. Go ducked out of the store and out to the corners. Open the door and you're done !!!

In multiplayer with 2 ghosts and 1 can matter a unlock the door immediately and hide behind it and the 2nd spirit waits on the other side of the street at ATMs and put the mask on until the getaway car is there. Now empty the 2nd ATMs. Thus, you can make even more money and XP, as you also get the crew alive now.


With the Joker in the Skill Mastermind tree you can an opponent has brought the slayer to give up his fight for you.

Here are some recommendations for converted opponents:

Guard: He is indeed the weakest opponent but also to defeat facilitated test. Since guns cause little damage, it is best to convert the Variant with MP.

Patrolman: If you convert it with the cop’s revolver or MP best.

Swat Team: The Blue Variant I recommend the MP variant since you also can cause damage on removal. The yellow Variant with assault rifle is still better.

FBI: Here it comes down to luck and skill. The Hostage Rescue Team Agent has only little directed health ironically with his MP more damage than any other Variant. The veteran has only so much health as ordinary FBI agent, however, depends on a lot of damage. Heavy respond unit agent-directed with both shotgun and rifle with Much damage to the assault rifle variant but is usually better off.

Although the maximum force responder depends less damage than the heavy units respond but he is the best "friend" if you succeed to convert him. He wears a bulletproof vest that cannot be penetrated with normal weapons. The best choice of convertible opponent since he can be intimidated most difficult multiple melee and focus fire are the best ways to bring him to abandon him and then convert.

Of course, it's up to you what opponents want to convert.