Pillars Of Eternity - Character Creation

With Pillars of Eternity (PC) Obsidian Entertainment brings not only the charm of Infinity Games back to the screen but also the level of difficulty. In order to make your trip to Eora successful as possible, we offer you a complete solution, as well as tips and tricks for character creation.

Character Creation

Before you start the game, you have to create you a character. Since Pillars of Eternity is based on an oriented Tabletops control system, there are plenty of taking into account values and attitudes that will later affect your game. Even the choice of gender has an influence on some dialog options. But more important are race, sub-race and class - they affect the attributes and abilities of your character is strongest. You can choose from six races that split into a number of sub-races. The choice of race influences the attributes of the character, which in turn sub-race brings exclusive special abilities with it. The blue-skinned Amaua for example, have a good physique and therefore get a +2 bonus on the attribute of power. Your sub-race breakdown is in coastal Amaua (better defense against "Down Beat" and "Numb") and island Amaua (receive an additional weapon set at game start). Godlike get a +1 bonus to agility and intelligence - to their sub-races include death god like, fire-godlike, Moon godlike and nature godlike, bring all the different special abilities with it. A fire-god Similarly, for example, cause a fire shell around his body, which increases the damage reduction and enemies in close combat inflicts damage. A nature-god Similar receives a bonus to power, constitution and dexterity when his stamina drops below 50 percent.

When did you decide for a race and subrace and set the body type (the latter only has optical value), the choice of the class is on. The class has no influence on attributes but certainly the majority of your character's abilities, as well as the values in stamina, health, accuracy and defense. Each class has its advantages and supplemented with certain breeds. The Barbarian has a very high attack, stamina and health value and, therefore, could be to combine it with the strong Aumaua. The intelligent God-Style suitable for the wizard class. People are the most balanced race and are suitable for virtually all classes. An overview of all classes and their benefits can be found in the table below.

Pillars of Eternity - All categories at a glance

Class Endurance Health Accuracy Defense Skills Magic
Barbarian 48 + 16 / level (very high) 6 * Stamina (very high) 25 + 3 / Level (average) 15 (low) Athletics +2, +1 survival No
Medium 30 + 10 / level (very low)  4 * Endurance (low) 25 + 3 / Level (average) 20 (high) Stealth +1, +1 knowledge, mechanics +1 No
Fighter 42 + 14 / level (high) 5 * Stamina (high) 30 + 3 / Stage (very high) 25 (very high) Athletics +1, +1 knowledge, survival +1 No
Paladin 42 + 14 / level (high)  5 * Stamina (high) 25 + 3 / Level (average) 25 (very high) Athletics +2, +1 knowledge No
Ranger 36 + 12 / level (low) 5 * Stamina (high) 30 + 3 / Stage (very high) 20 (high) Stealth +1, +2 survival No
Singer 36 + 12 / level (low) 4 * Endurance (low) 25 + 3 / Level (average) 25 (very high) Knowledge +2, +1 mechanics No
Druid' 36 + 12 / level (low) 4 * Endurance (low) 20 + 3 / Stage (very low) 20 (high) Knowledge +1, +2 survival Yes
Monk 42 + 14 / level (high) 6 * Stamina (very high) 30 + 3 / Stage (very high)  25 (very high) Stealth +1, Athletics +1, +1 survival No
Priest 36 + 12 / level (low) 3 * Stamina (very low) 20 + 3 / Stage (very low) 15 (low) Athletics +1, +2 knowledge Yes
Villain 36 + 12 / level (low) 4 * Endurance (low) 30 + 3 / Stage (very high) 15 (low) Stealth +1, +2 mechanics No
Magician 30 + 10 / level (very low) 3 * Stamina (very low) 20 + 3 / Stage (very low) 10 (very low) Knowledge +2, +1 mechanics Yes

In Character Editor choice of class-specific features now follow in some classes (for example, the selection of the druid animal companion or the selection of the Order of Paladins and Priests). Then you choose the skills / spell your character and determine its attributes. At first there are the six attributes of power, determination, dexterity, constitution, intelligence or perception at a value of 10, plus racial and cultural-related bonuses. However, you can reduce the attributes to the minimum value of 3 (excluding bonuses) and then distribute all 57 points according to your desire. The maximum value of each attribute is 18, can be increased by the bonuses on race and culture, however. When selecting the culture of your character Seven options are available, each bringing an additional attribute point and cover all attributes. The background gives your character then more points in his abilities - the colonist, for example, receives two additional points on survival, the mercenary bonuses athleticism and knowledge. Then when you're done with choosing the color of skin, hair and clothes, the face of the character set, styled him and have given a voice and a portrait, you can even get started.