Pillars Of Eternity tips: NPCs, Locations, Attributes and Skills

Whether you ever want to start the game in thought up your dream troops or simply do not have the nerve to spend hours looking for the NPC companions: Our overview of all eight companions in Pillars of Eternity shows you at a glance all the important information for the characters. So you can plan in advance, for example, what attributes and abilities your main character needed and what roles can accept the companion. Example: Durance is the perfect healer, Sagani is ideal as a scout. In addition, we have for you, nor Pillars of Eternity Cheats and Pillars of Eternity complete walkthough for you!

All pets and their Locations:

AlothEderDuranceKanaSaganiPalleginaHiravias Grieving Mother
ClassMagicianFighterPriestSingerRangerPaladinDruid Medium
BreedWood ElfMeadow HumanMeadow HumanIsland AumauaNorth DwarfGodlikeSedentary Orlan Meadow Human
LocationGolden ValleyGolden ValleyMagrans forkCaed NuaWaldend LevelsOndras GiftStorm Wall Canyon Village Dyrford

Attention: Eder can recruit only after you have spoken with the seer hung on the tree. This means that you join Pallegina, you have before the job "at all costs" have been completed in the trading house.


AlothEderDuranceKanaSaganiPalleginaHiravias Grieving Mother
Power12161416131214 11
Constitution10161512121315 12
Dexterity111199141114 16
Perception1610914181413 17
Intelligence16131318111311 12
Determination 13121910101510 10


AlothEderDuranceKanaSaganiPalleginaHiravias Grieving Mother
Secrecy0222401 6
Athletics0510090 4
Knowledge7149065 2
Mechanics1031000 1
Survival02009010 4