Resident Evil - Revelations 2 (PC) all 8 Tower Emblems guide

Resident Evil - Revelations 2 (PC) Episode 1, all 8 Tower Emblems locations

The upside down suspended type with the key falls down. You go through the halls and climb down the ladder. Behind is the first emblem. Now take the stairs.

The second emblem on the ceiling where Claire must use the gear.

The third emblem is on the torture machine in the missing gear was hidden.

To catch it you need to go on top of the "balcony".

The fourth emblem is under the bridge before the radio tower.

The first four emblems you bring with Claire. The next 4 emblems bring with Barry.

On the way from the beach in the system there is a place where 2 large boxes are a target. Behind this emblem is in section 5.

At the agency at little girl for the first time myself play can switch back to Barry. The zombie from behind do. Now 2 times right around the corner and behind the shelf emblem is in paragraph 6.

In the section you walk by with Barry through a long dark forest and times to find now and then a box (mostly connected with a fight) are in a box and a pair of drums and at the back is the emblem of paragraph 7 below.

In the crane with the tree trunks are three barrels in a corner. Behind this emblem is point 8 below.

Anyone who has ever played Episode 1 should reasonably know which locations I meant.