Resident Evil - Revelations 2 Raid mode tips

Raid Mode - Auto Shot (Rifles)

Use of "Auto shot" weapon accessories are much easier to detect invisible opponents and rarely miss shots, unfortunately car shot is the only accessory that apparently does not appear in-game shop. For this reason and the fact that you can find it only seems to Red Alert, this does not help much but the effort can still be worthwhile for future missions.

Raid Mode – Farm Legendary weapons LV100

Under legendary weapons are not like in the old part of the Revelation special weapons in its class meant as Pale Rider, Hydra etc. but weapons with a rare day so they have a proper name. This can be found on the level of difficulty "Red Alert" which is released after the initial stop Omega series. All Legendary weapons with Level100 are very rare and in the color "rainbow" to be found as a record, ie they have a three-star rank. There are also a few special weapon with a normal day on Level 100 the three-star rank, however, these are not to be despised, the advantage is that you can improve all Level100 weapons.

The easiest way to record to come up with rainbow color on row 8 - Run Red Alert the sixth section. A character's two rocket launchers has make this section much easier and you can kill the boss casual to even substantially put more money into it. The highlight of the matter is simply that you start the section one as soon as all the loot chests and looked at whether a desired record (Rainbow Colored). One is all you need to successfully complete the section.

Raid mode weapons Tips

A few little tips for weapon selection in Raid mode:

- You should always observe a balanced mixture weapons. After possibility (4 slots) always carry four types of weapons.

- You Grab a calculator for the choice of weapon. Take prefer one with less damage and a higher rate of fire, as they can dish out more damage in the end, at the same time!

- You simply multiply the damage to the firing speed and choose the gun with the larger value.

- You should always take strong weapon with you for bosses. Preferably, a rifle, with this you shares almost the same damage as a Magnum.

- You always need a weapon that can quickly clear out the way for emergencies.

- Always reload weapons in any quiet second, you never know whether directly behind a new enemy.

- MPs are only for the (relative) melee. Take an assault rifle with decent rate of fire (from 8 upwards). Here you have more damage and can control the calm in short burst and meet even over long distances

Raid Mode: Weapons Tuning Tips

Basically, always remember:

Once you grow something somewhere, you get only the weapon or the parts. You can not save both. I always take the parts, even if a Wafer is too weak.

If only one item to be replaced, then you can destroy it.


Before the weapons are modified, look first in the tool box (can be bought in the shop!) Your attachments can be leveled up.

So you have the same chance to block mod with a higher level!

Preferred Weapons mod:

- Life Raiders: The best turn tinker everywhere. Just help when trying to get all five badges, very much.

Since you can save yourself the skill with herbs and heal itself - Ice / fire / electric cartridges: Depending on your taste you can choose one. You have a good chance x% damage bonus and even briefly in ice frozen on opponents. Depending on the play itself is a kind of more or less. Fire does the most damage, ice freezes momentarily and electric trigger has the largest probability.

- STARS: Very nice bonus +% damage.

- Soul Eater: If you're still on leveling it goes so much faster.

- Rate of fire: Helps you think more!

Magnum / MP / assault rifle:

- Anti-recoil: Makes the weapon more accurate and handy

- Homing Ammunition: Increases your hit rating

In Pump guns:

- Combined ammunition: it allows you to be air, if a get too close to the enemy

- Bundling: Then everything comes to where it needs to be

Raid mode Days Mission

Power !! always the two possible days missions !!

Both give you much EXP and a few useful heart.

Especially in higher stages of leveling goes so much faster.

The missions change daily at 07:00 clock, so you have until then time to complete missions.

Raid mode - all weapons accessories

Name Level Effect Weapons belonging
Damage 1-20 Increase the base damage of the weapon All
Capacity 1-20 Increase ammo that can load a magazine All
Rate of fire 1-20 Increase rate of fire of the weapon All
Quick Uploading 1-20 Accelerate the loading of the weapon All
Anesthetize 1-20 Increase the likelihood that an opponent flinch from gunshot or starts to wobble All
Easy Hits 1-10 Increase the impact surface of the balls All
Multi-shot + 1 1-1 Double Shot activated All
Multi-shot + 2 1-1 Activate triple shot All
Complete shot 1-1 Complete shot on (fires entire magazine in maximum shot speed) All
Critical hit 1-10 Increase the chance of inflicting additional damage All
Strikethrough 1-5 Shoot ball by ball X body through more All
Fire ammunition 1-10 Set opponents with a probability on fire All
Ice ammunition 1-10 Freeze enemy with a probability All
Electric ammunition 1-10 Treat with a probability opponents in shock All
Force ammunition 1-10 Push the enemy some distance away in hits All
Homing ammunition 1-10 Ball easy to steer Middle enemies All except shotgun
A charged shot 1-10 Shot, a second can be charged easily to him to amplify Only gun and sniper rifle
Charged shot B 1-10 Shot can be two seconds are charged for considerably more damage Only pistol, shotgun and sniper rifle
Charged shot C 1-10 Shot can take three seconds are charged for massively more damage Only for pistol, shotgun, sniper rifle and magnum
Life robbers 1-10 Through bullets killed enemies bring some life back All
Vigilance 1-10 Through bullets killed enemies reduce the waiting time of skills All
Soul Eater 1-10 Through bullets killed enemies get more experience points All
Gold Killer 1-10 Through bullets killed enemies bring a more gold All
Everyday Killer 1-10 Normal enemies take more damage All
Killer Elite 1-10 Enemies with abilities suffer more damage All
Executioner 1-10 Teams with less than 50% life get more damage All
Follow-attack 1-10 The damage from fallen enemies increases All
Arson 1-10 Damage against opponents burning is increased All
Chilblain 1-10 Damage against frozen opponent is increased All
Short circuit 1-10 Damage against shocked opponent is increased All
Close range 1-10 Damage is greater the closer the opponent All
Long Haul 1-10 Damage is greater the farther the enemy All
Bundling 1-5 Reduce the scattering radius Only Shotgun
Scattering 1-5 Increases the scattering radius Only Shotgun
Anti-recoil 1-5 Reduces forgiven when fire Only submachine gun, assault rifle and magnum
Last Shot 1-10 Power to the last remaining shot in a magazine particularly strong All
Auto-shot 1-1 Gun shoots automatically when an enemy gets into the visor All
STARS 1-1 Increase firepower and chance for critical hits moderately All
FBC 1-1 Increase damage against enemies with abilities and increases the damage the closer the opponent is moderately All
BSAA 1-1 Increase rate of fire and clip size standard All
DSO 1-1 Increase damage against normal enemies and increases the damage the further away the opponent is moderate All

Raid Mode - rarity classification

You can recognize the rarity of a weapon or a weapon accessories to two things when you get it from a record, even by the color of the record and once by the number of stars, here is a list:

Rank Star Color
1 0 Black
2 1/2 Yellow
3 1 Green
4 1 1/2 Blue
5 2 Red
6 2 1/2 Purple
7 3 Rainbow

Raid Mode: Badge

There are in Raid mode for each mission (main missions, no daily mission or character-specific daily mission!) to win up to five badges. Did you get all the badges per level range, there is usually a success and bonus gold as a reward.

Here is the badge:

1. Mission Ends (mission done playing! Time does not matter)

2. Mission at the recommended level or lower Ends

Finished 3rd mission without herb (your may revive with hearts, if you don’t want to play again, success still counts.)

4. All enemies defeated (-IMMER- therefore pay attention to the Counter top right, the opponents were all done before smashing the coin!)

5. Get all four previous badges

Raid Mode: Collect Exp 

Two tips for faster Levels:

1) Always Play the days mission with the character that has the highest level. Through the mission you get usually experience for 1.5 level, yet regardless of the current level!

2) Equip a weapon with a higher soul eater from Mod. Then wounded the opponent, but make sure before you kill them, switch to the weapon with the soul-eater and this destroy the zombie. So you get for "equal work" more Exp!

Raid mode: Skill Bequeath

Many characters have a special ability that makes them very much unique.

Be it for example Chris with his metal skin, Hunk with camouflage or Wesker with the movement stop.

Especially in the first two it is worthwhile to level the special abilities to maximum level to then bequeath. Thus EVERY other char is these skills available!

A Char, which could lead to camouflage and short Invulnerable, comes in higher levels loose along with everyone Boss!

But it is also very useful if you want to collect the 5 badges.

Of course you can every skill level up to the extent that they can be inherited. Main skills are so directly from each Char Lvl 2 is available, even if he would learn that normally only (much) later.

So you can identify equip weaker Chars better.

Raid mode: Skills for 5 Badge

Here are some brief info and tips about the skills.

First, a combination of "the beginning" to collect the 5 * badge. (The first three are always equipped for the collector with me!)

With a char which directly holds three skills ready to get very clear! (My choice: Hunk)

Mumm: Very, very helpful! This saves a small, cluttered skirmishes when the enemy will come from all sides, surely life.

At max level you survive a fatal hit if you still have 1% Life, with 1 life point (!)

More Healing: Are you at level 2000 HP, which you should take in any case - so you stick a few strokes off loosely.

Loot: Very handy, especially in long levels or many opponents. If there are at each kill a 40% chance to get ammunition. Especially, on very heavy helping a skill against this lack of ammunition.

Weapons-pro: Can be swapped for kipper against looting. Increases the number and respective ammunition reload speed considerably.

Improved Evasion: Useful if you prefer to play with weapons for short distances, such as pump guns and MPs.

Charging, blunt knives and professional: Depending on the style of play. If you want to do a lot in melee, you can choose these skills.

Shield: Also a very nice skill, being only as rescue against large hordes or stopgap against bosses is good in my eyes. If the opponents have come so close, you have done something wrong :)

Power Squat: Works well for ranged or good shots with nerves and faster responsiveness, if the enemy but to get close times. Very good damage bonus at level!

The other skills such as multi-herbal wear, extreme cure or quick healing you do not need, because you must not heal you to collect badges anyway