Rive (PC) beginner's guide


Rive, the shooter is very fast and chaotic and requires some concentration and skill of you. We have a few tricks and tutorials for you.

Table of Contents

Different areas
Heil bots
Kamikaze bots
Increase multiplier
EMP weapon
Missile Seeker

The various areas

In Rive you encounter various areas that introduce you to different challenges.

In space, you can move completely free, but can also be attacked from every direction. Here you will meet turrets and cannons, which are surrounded by a protective shield.

This is completely different in confined areas. There, your robot transforms into a small spider tank that controls a double jump and can squeeze through narrow shafts. For this, you will also often overrun by hordes of enemies in confined spaces.

Furthermore, there are also water sections. Here you can no longer fire and be exposed to the dangers of unprotected. Also, there are currents that want to draw you into the many traps. There's only countermeasures.

Heil Bots

These little robots are blessing and a curse. During a boss fight they will naturally heal your enemy. Shoot them quickly to prevent that. Otherwise, you have a completely healthy enemy again.

Later, however, you have the opportunity to turn the tables. Namely, when you acquire the ability heilbot hack. Then you can make tractable the small drones. From this point follow and heal you until they are destroyed. Remember that you can always have only a heilbot in your group at the same time.

Kamikaze Bots

Other pests struggle for survival, the Kamikaze bots. You will come this close to becoming active and fly towards your robot. In case of contact, they explode and add you harm. Meet at the kamikazes, draw you back in one direction and shoot the robot. So it prevents them touch you.


Of course you meet all sorts of great bosses and intermediate bosses in Rive. In order to force them to their knees, you have to pay attention to the details of the fight. Thus, a huge opponent calls Medi bots, protect yourself with a shield. Then destroy bots and then firing on all cylinders on the boss. Only then you can prevent it from recharge and can get his shield erect.

Another example is a boss that you tried to destroy Ramm attacks. This you can dodge because you clearly see the beam, which marks his goal. Has he taken you with his eye to target, you can inflict damage there. Then pay attention only to the Kamikaze bots who wants to destroy you.

So every fight has its special requirements. Just wait and analyze the patterns of attack of your opponent before rush into battle. Just so you can emerge victorious.

Multiplier Increase

To increase the multiplier in the upper left corner of the screen, it requires little energy balls. The white balls are released when you destroy something. These include not only the numerous opponents in the territories, but also destructible objects, such as cameras or lights. Just shoot everything to pieces. So you can drive up your multiplier. You will be hit by an enemy or loss energy in other ways, the multiplier is reset and you have to be to start over.


Hacking is a special skill in Rive. So you can open different doors and you not only get so in other areas. Some enemies can be manipulated with this action. How about you take Medibots who follow you from now on and heal when needed. At least so long until they are destroyed by your opponents.

In contrast, there are the Kamikaze bots, but can also chop it. With its gravitational field you can fly. But only if you stay in the catchments area of the small drone. So you overcome some passages that would never be reached on foot.

Overall, you can hack from each BotTyp only a drone and have as your companions with you. A combination of Medi bot and Kamikaze bot is possible.

EMP Weapon

In addition to the machine gun, there are powerful secondary weapon. These are dropped every now and then from defeated enemies. Get them because they are very strong and can put all enemies masses out of action.

A weapon of this is the EMP. With this you can turn off with a neat strike their electronic opponents. At least if you meet with the ball. Aiming is a bit difficult, but the effort is definitely worthwhile. Also shields are disabled by the EMP.

Missile Seeker

Another weapon in the fight against the many dangers of the game. Just like the EMP missiles are a Secondary weapon and are dropped by enemies. Enable you, you miss several rockets that move in the general direction of the enemy. The effort is worth it especially for groups of enemies that are drawn from the blast radius of explosive devices particularly affected.


Every now and then come a cross traps in Rive. These are usually hard to see. One example is falling stones that block narrow shafts. Are you too slow, they destroy you with one blow.

Much more obvious are the traits that also move on the map. In some areas you have to dodge them or use them as springbok order to progress further. You get to the approaching danger with a double jump. In addition, you have to jump relatively straight into the air to gain enough height. Otherwise you will be crushed by train bargain, and may start again.