Useful tricks for Sid Meier's Civilization: Beyond Earth for PC

Bonus affinity

Reach the indicated level to obtain the corresponding bonus.


Level 1: Levels of aggression alien return to neutral twice as fast.
Level 3: The units receive 5 HP less damage from Miasma.
Level 6: 5 HP heal units in Miasma.
Level 8: Four Xenomass resources.
Level 11: The undercover agents can call an operation Worm Strike.
Level 13: Flower Mind can build for Victory Transcendence mission.


Level 1: The aliens will not attack boxes with browsers.
Level 3: + 20% in force when aliens attack or defend against.
Level 6: +2 orbital coverage in all cities.
Level 8: Four Floatstone resources.
Level 11: The undercover agents can execute an Operation Dirty Bomb.
Level 13: Exodus Gate can be built for mission Victory Promised Land.


Level 1: The scanning units can build an extra issue.
Level 3: Roads and Magrails not cost energy to maintain.
Level 6: Coverage orbital enabled on any square close to Firaxite.
Level 8: Four Firaxite resources.
Level 11: The undercover agents can run a sabotage operation.
Level 13: Emancipation Gate can be built for the Emancipation Victory mission.

MP3 Music

In the Steam version, go to the library, click the right mouse button and choose properties, then Betas tab. Write “sound track please” in the code field.

Select the soundtrack from the dropdown menu and enter the directory, usually Program Files (x86) SteamSteamAppscommonSid Meier's Civilization Beyond Earth to access MP3 files.

on 3/11/15


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