Sid Meier's new title takes us into space to face a new battle. Travel through planets, facing in zero gravity to other squadrons of enemy ships by conquering new worlds. If you already have Sid Meier's Starships in your Steam library we will show you all All Achievements and Unlockables and how to get them.
  • A new order of intelligence: Win the game Supremacy.
  • That is the sound of inevitability ... Beat the game with Purity.
  • We choose our own path: Win the game with Harmony.
  • Can you turn the tide of war ?: Take to the planet of an enemy.
  • It's dangerous to go alone. Take this: Improve your ship's lasers.
  • Our time here below: Defend your home planet.
  • Food for the masses: Increases the population of an Earth-like planet.
  • The problem of science: Cede a science negotiating with an enemy.
  • Light years ahead of the competition: investigate a technology to Level 4.
  • I, uh ... I've been to another planet, Ma: He travels to another planet
  • Avoid this: Destroy a ship with a torpedo.
  • Building a better present: Bring a planetary improved to Level 5.
  • Through the wormhole: Use a portal jump in combat.
  • Tomorrow's technology: Research May technology to Level 4.
  • Of all the wonders that I have spoken ...: controls 5 galactic wonders.
  • One infectious nest of scum and villainy: Defeat the Planet of the Pirates.
  • Gone are the boonies: Make a ship in your fleet move 7 squares or more in one turn in combat.
  • I am the swarm: Ten 4 fighters or more on the map in combat.
  • We have to leave here: Win a mission taking your flagship to a teleportation portal.
  • Women and children first: Win a mission carrying the colony ship to a teleportation portal.
  • If you can not see, you can not shoot: Improved Invisibility module to level 6.
  • Give them where it hurts: Get a critical hit against an enemy ship.
  • It's just a heredity: Fixes a critical impact that it has been done to a ship in your fleet.
  • Like Rabbits: Increases to 10 the population of a planet.
  • Tell me of your homeworld: Take an entire planet to your empire.
  • We do not need roads: Create a nexus of teleportation between two planets.
  • Taking Off: Start a game using a saved game from Beyond Earth.
  • It covers the entire galaxy: Get victory population.
  • Knowledge is the key to success: Get a victory for science.
  • A wonderful civilization: Get victory wonders.
  • Perpetual Peace is a futile dream: Get a victory for domination.


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