StarCraft 2: Legacy of the Void (PC) Hands-On Impressions

This will be a very important year Starcraft II universe, as the final point of this saga is approaching. In the last edition of Blizzcon we know the first details of the upcoming expansion for Starcraft II Legacy of the Void, where the Protoss are the absolute protagonists. The story will focus on the figures of Zeratul and Artanis, Protoss now team up against an old enemy of the universe. The two protagonists fight to preserve the heroes of the previous installments: Kerrigan, Queen of Blades, and Jim Raynor.

"We are a very epic conclusion to a story that took several years working," Blizzard producer commented at a private meeting held last Game Developers Conference 2015. During this special event had the opportunity to try a demo we helped to get a better idea of what we can expect from the StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void.

One of the promises of Blizzard is that this title will be accessible to all players. There will require the two previous installments, Wings of Liberty and Heart of the Swarm, to enter directly into the final episode of the trilogy. Blizzard presents an independent history with ties to the past, but invites to play anyone who wants to try their luck in Starcraft for the first time. In the demo we check that indeed some controls and options appear more intuitively. It is accessible to all players, but it never hurts to know the techniques of the game to move quickly and make the most interesting games with rival senior.

In addition to the campaign mode, in which we will explore more aspects of history, much of the fun in Legacy of Void resides in multiplayer modes. One of them is the Multiplayer commanders, who encourage the progress of our skills through different battles. The way we tried in the Game Developers Conference was "Archon" or "Archon", in which we partnered with another player to fight against another team of two people. It is a kind of competitive PvP in which teamwork is especially important. A player will manage resources and building bases, while the other will handle the battle and the army, although there are other ways to raise game mechanics. In our test session at GDC, we decided to give management tasks to our colleague and delved fully into the arena ready to give the enemy base and fight.

We started the game by choosing our race (we chose Protoss) and we coordinate with the other player to decide what role each. The Protoss now have a new mode of attack, disruptor, which will kill enemy ground units through large amounts of energy. Communication is essential to organize the game and be able to face the enemy. Should you stay expanding the base, while the other will venture to explore the map and find out where is the enemy base. Starcraft II system will take care of us a "match" or give to other players who are in our same level. Thus, whenever we play in balanced games, an aspect that since Blizzard wanted to solve the Archon mode.

At the beginning, we decided to take our first units to explore the map. We believe it is too early for the enemy to delve right into the action and strategy, at first, does not fail, because surprised enemy units quickly and dispose of them. But you have to find a balance with this strategy. We have to be useful as our companion lies creating more units. It is important to gather a powerful face the enemy base army. Once done, we can approach without fear across the map to stop them.

Use the F2 key to gather all available units at one point we mark on the map. During our demo we had to change partners, resulting disastrous results: the change made coordination decayed and enemy units seized the imbalance to reach our base and destroyed everything they found, even before we reacted. The game took about 20 minutes but could have expanded more.

In short, the "Arcone" we have a "player vs. player" which contains the essential features of this game mode, but also adds the fact that we have to share our database with another player.

The creators promise an "epic conclusion to an argument that leads evolving for more than a decade." The demo of Starcraft II: Legacy of the Void will become available to all players from March 31. That same day, fans can test all new multiplayer mode.