Total War Attila (PC) tactics guide

The following Guide to Total War - Attila we want to explain a few important tactical elements.

You can learn which formations generally are always best, and how you can conduct yourself in hostile maneuvers.

General Formation

If you are in a battle, you can select the individual armies and drag the left mouse button on the battlefield position. This is done before the actual start of the battle. Later, you can go to the major pause mode to send armies into certain directions simultaneously as possible.

The following formation is a general formation that can stand the test in almost any situation, as it offers the perfect combination of defense and attack:

Spearman Spearman
Cavalry (horsemen) Archers Archers Cavalry (horsemen)
Cavalry (horsemen) General melee + General melee + Cavalry (horsemen)

Artillery Artillery

Explanation: The cavalry should be positioned on the side, because they can be used to move and variable. At the front position spear carrier that will stop the sizes of the opposing army. Behind positioned your archers. They are due to the Spearman (or similar entity) protected. Behind the archer use your strongest melee and the general. If the opponent running towards you, from this series us can use your melee spread on the opponent. Artillery you can, if necessary, set up behind the General.

Defense Against Enemy Units

With the general formation above-introduced a lot can be accomplished. Degree in defense. Tip: Always use the pause mode when you want to move units in close formation. This preserves the order. There are two specific examples of situations that probably can be difficult - at least initially.

- Defense against archers - The defense of archers is both defensive and offensive. Do you have a full line of enemy archer in front of you, then first pull the spear or pikemen step forward. They start from the arrows and you can move forward and do the unprotected archers of the enemy.

- Defense against cavalry - A nasty situation. Appreciated if you fight against the Huns, you will not get around it enemy cavalry, so riders ward. The Huns are well known for their cavalry bonus, so, however, something must be done. Defense technically it is simple: Try out the general formation out the javelin or pikemen side to shift to the left or right flank.

Formation Against the Huns

The Huns are an aggressive and fast acting people. Your, building on existing mainly cavalry armies are not so simply to dismiss without spear or pikemen. Do you want to just fight the Huns, then you have to rely on these units, not to be ridden fast in basic and bow.

Following formation is quite well against the Huns:

Spearman Spearman
Spearman Archers - General melee + Archers - General melee + Spearman
Left flank (cavalry) Artillery Artillery Right flank (cavalry)

Explanation: Due to the spearmen, who position themselves in front of the flanks, you have an optimal side protection. Cavalry is weak against Pike and with the defense from the previous post, you can maneuver them further and accrue the Huns.

Hammer Tactics

No, there is no hammer with tactics in relation to the best tactic in the game meant, but a combat situation.

We start with the following situation:

Enemy Enemy
Your Your Your Your

You stand towards opponents with a few more units. Sure, you could just say: just start running and the opponents flatten. But beware: This tactic can quickly backfire if the opponent perhaps unit in the line that can withstand significantly more. It is recommended in the following in this situation:

Your Your
- Enemy  Enemy  -

Your Your

Move some of your units down the flanks (whether left or right does not matter) behind the enemy and attack them from there. Thus fall to the opponent in the back and ensure that they can not effectively fight and defend. It is also quite possible that so quickly reduce the morale of the army attacked.

Infantry - Scrappers

The classic melee is one of the more versatile troops in the game and is suitable for any situation.

Strengthen Moderate ranged block chance, versatile formations can be formed, high combat endurance
Weaken Flanking, seasickness, weak ranged damage, hit & run tactics
Fractions All

Infantry - Ranged

The ranger an army, like the classic archers from a distance an absolute all-purpose weapon. As long as they don’t fall into the melee, the rangers can be a good support during a battle.

Strengthen Barrage, Flaming Shots, shots severity, Whistling shots, precision shots
Weaken Cavalry (mounted units), flankings, weak melee damage, low morale, seasickness
Fractions All

Infantry - Pikes

The Pikes or pikemen are a little defensive unit that can shine with high range. Although they are not as strongly protected, like other units, but make the range a little offset.

Strengthen Disciplined, good against cavalry (mounted units), high morale, special Pike formation
Weaken Flankings, ranged damage, seasickness
Fractions All

Infantry - Spearman

Spearman stands out especially on the defensive. You can thanks to high defense against artillery well made and are designed to block enemy lines.

Strengthen High defense, discipline, moderate Ranged block chance of doing well against artillery
Weaken Flanking, ranged damage, seasickness, at a disadvantage compared to melee
Fractions All

Cavalry - Melee

Cavalry melee are great for flanking by enemy armies and provide thanks to good attack values for a little chaos in the enemy ranks. However, one should be wary of spearmen or Pike fighters.

Strengthen Moderate ranged chance to block, diamond formation, high weapon damage, high morale, flanking.
Weaken Susceptible to Hit & Run tactics Vulnerable to Fire, Vulnerable traps Pike fighter, Spearman
Fractions All

Cavalry - Ranged

The cavalry ranged among the most interesting of the game. Thanks to their mobility and strength during the movement to fires, make them fearsome units. However, the units are also susceptible to acute, long weapons.

Strengthen Barrage, while riding is shooting possible, mobility, precision, by income, own formation
Weaken Pike - and spearmen, susceptible to fire, seasickness, Cavalry fighter, weak defense against missile weapons
Fractions All except Western Roman Empire