Ubermosh (PC) demo review

To go back to the origin of the shooters probably have to go back to the start of video games. The first shooter were making way for the development side, and they ended up coining the subgenre known as bullet hell known to dive into a "bullet hell" which were so important to shoot and dodge the shots. From here build Ubermosh, but also draw on other current sources.

For example, it also introduces current items such as procedural generation of scenarios or control of the twin-stick shooters. At the moment it is a little advanced game, but has some very interesting mechanical offer, think, what we can become a game that gives a lot of talk. We told you why.

A known formula with a personal touch

Ubermosh is an action game very fast, based on the assessment of twin-stick shooters - with a stick move the character and the other shoot, introduces an element of the most interesting and gives a touch that makes different. With the push of a button you can attack melee with a katana that not only harm our enemies, but could also cut the bullets disparate opponents and return them to us.

The idea is to immerse ourselves in wave after wave of enemies of different kinds, forcing us to switch the shooting of weapons we collect - without none- our ninja skills to cut bullets, trying to make our way and survive as long as possible. For the moment is only endure to get the highest score, although it is a very early version does not know if the final version will include additional modes.

Old School Sensations

Right now, Ubermosh is a very simple title, which is part of its charm. At first it offers those feelings of classic arcades where with just a few buttons we could spend hours playing. Start playing is something very simple, because we just have to learn mechanics, but getting master gameplay will lead more time.

At first we only use our katana melee to attack rivals or cut back their bullets. When the first drop we can take weapon and begin with our offense duality. The enemies come from everywhere, almost without pause and firing incessantly. We wisely switch our two types of attacks, assigned to two separate mouse buttons while you target both the firearm as the katana.

It may sound easy, but it is usual that the game last only a few minutes so frantic and complex it becomes. This enhances its addictiveness, and leads us to try to improve again and again, getting used to the different types of enemies, their classes and other attacks. In addition, the scenarios are randomly generated, so that the basis for each game is slightly different, avoiding that we can learn where the hiding or more profitable areas of the map are.

Yes, we want to make clear that it is now quite low on content, not only of modes, but of enemies, weapons and so on. It has a quite understandable to be in alpha range, but we hope it expand and far ahead of the final version as otherwise may tire faster than it should. In any case, its gameplay mechanics are on firm ground, and now only work on them.

Audiovisual aspects

Ubermosh is an independent game made by one person, Walter Machado, so it is understandable that there is a technical waste. Its graphics, probably divided opinions. Betting on a somewhat cyberpunk setting, starring a young green lilac hair and skin and armor carrying something reminiscent of Samus Aran. The enemies which, as indicated in the previous paragraph, are not too much-humanoid forms alternate with other much less anthropomorphic, as gigantic worm. We believe that the design has potential, but there are certainly enough to improve.

Technically not stand out too much. It's pretty simple too, and not just bet on the two dimensions. It would be great light effects for shots, some splashes for blood, or reflections on the floor were introduced, something we have seen in other games like Enter the Gungeon and that even being two-dimensional, it makes it much more attractive. And as dark as environment we think would do it great.

What noise there is much we can provide. Not too many effects, and music becomes somewhat tiresome after several games. This is certainly an area that needs improvement and much, not because we want music becomes repetitive and adversely affects the gameplay experience.

For now, a very strong concept with potential for surprise

What we have seen in Ubermosh has quite liked, although we are as far as the game itself power a valuation that approach the final. Ubermosh is pretty, pretty green, but brings to the table a fun concept, which takes a known mechanics and adapt to its own approach to make it playable and addictive, with a very old school flavor.

It is undeniable that content lacks, we would like to see a "story" mode, with more than randomly generated scenarios where possibly endure all the time, more enemies, more weapons, more variety of scenarios ... Basically, we want to see more Ubermosh and know that its successes don’t fall on deaf ears. Nothing has already been approved in Steam Greenlight, and if all goes well, we'll see before July in digital distribution platform from Valve.