Use AIDA64 to know all about your Android device

Do you know all about the hardware and software specs on your Android devices ( smartphone or tablet) ? That is precisely the task of AIDA64, a very famous program in Windows that recently debuted on the mobile platform from Google. Check out what information can be obtained using this free app.

Under System, check out the official model name of your device, serial, and information about RAM installed and use storage. In Android, the installed version of the operating system kernel information, even if your device has root access.

CPU and Network

The AIDA64 offers faithful data on factory specifications and use of the main core processing and connectivity antenna of your device. You can know the make and model of the processor and which of your cores are active, and the presence of Wi-Fi, 3G and 4G, along with MAC codes and other relevant data.

Display and Devices

You can also check the operation of the main components of the smartphone or tablet to display items and devices; this shows data on the front and back cameras, for example. Keep track the resolution and screen size, as well as the pixel density and the graphics chip (GPU) responsible for managing the image.

On the camera, check the sensor resolution, and the presence or absence of various features such as optical stabilization, optical zoom, among others.

Battery and Temperature

In Battery item, see load, condition, temperature, capacity and other power supply information from your smartphone or tablet. In Thermal, check the overall temperature of the product - after all, some sensors can heat up much more than the battery and be the cause actual overheating.

Apps and Codecs

Get a list of all your installed applications, even those that are accompanied by factory, and all the codecs supported by the device, such as rendering MP3 and other audio and video formats. By clicking on an app, you can go straight to the settings screen to delete data, cache or uninstall it altogether.

Directories and System Files

Dedicated to more advanced users, these items show all the folders present on the device, even those that are hidden from common file managers; and the file system, with all necessary information for the Android run smoothly.