White Night (PC Game) review

A haunted house, a disgraced detective, a car accident that forced him to retreat into the mansion, ghost that haunt ... sounds cliché, right? Much of appellant's in White Night, but while there is also a strong visual identity and an emphasis on puzzles that brings us head. Not everything works, but only for its aesthetic and concept worth checking out.

Since the announcement of White Night we have been very excited and hopeful about its release. Not a proposal as strong cosmetic and artistic presence is every day and, of course, not always the terror is approached from the perspective searched Studio Osome guys who have shown great courage betting as unclassifiable product for developing debut. And this game has many conventional things, but also has many elements of a strong identity ... And that some of these keys work and others don’t, and there are many parts of the equation frankly improvable.

However, if you are looking is an oppressive atmosphere, a certain feeling of trial based on the oppressive presence of darkness and experience based primarily on solving puzzles thing is not bad. There are references to black cinema classic Alfred Hitchcock and very clear intentions to address topics such as suspense or terror in a respectful and careful setting of the 30s, but mostly there is a slow pace and a need to micromanage our scarce lighting resources that many will thank you.

The Eternal Night

In the game, you play a private detective with troubles. And we don’t mean only by the car accident already known that gives their bones at the gates of the spooky mansion where the program settles down, but also by the fact that when you first meet is coming out of a bar. His cynical and kind comments you've seen everything in this life will be the order of the day for adventure, and is a good companion of adventures but his figure not just be so exploited as we would like. It all begins, in fact, with this sudden swerve to avoid a suspicious glare on the road, and our hero sentenced to retreat to try to recover from a wound in the leg.

Obviously if there was a similar condition is impossible for the character to stay in the house after seeing the horrors that we witness in the opening minutes. Not only is a small family cemetery circling the construction, but also the darkness reigns within and will become our greatest enemy. Soon discover that the absence of light not only prevents us from seeing anything we have around, but after a few moments just drifting even our death. How can we fight it? Simple. The house, despite having years, has power, so that if we access switch and these function rooms can welcome the precious light that we need. What we can do to find those lights or in the case of placements that can not be switched is to use the matches that we carry, and give us temporary relief from such gloom. This causes us to have at all times a feeling of anguish and need to program our movements in the dark, since we cannot waste our few light sources. So resources are limited and in fact can only load 12 matches at the same time.

The adventure is presented as the great mansion we can go with some freedom, however we recommend to optimize the time and even memorize the order of the rooms, since White Night is a delightfully dry play in this regard and we will not forgive too errors. Remember where we left some matches we can come in handy later may be critical, and also remember where is this or that threat will be paramount to not take a good scare. In fact the matches are our only weapon, but darkness and death warrants it will not be our only enemy. There are also spirits and presences that are going to put things very difficult and we can only fight with a more powerful light source, for example, electrical. Some of the puzzles of the game are built based on the need to unlock a door to access the next place, while others discuss how to stand up to these appearances and try to avoid that end with us.

The puzzles take a brilliant game of the artistic and conceptual context of the game

And, considering that beyond the possibility of fleeing no action scenes in which we fight over the game, how are puzzles? Some are downright ingenious and others rather poor, giving a somewhat uneven balance, but what they all have in common is the fact that take a brilliant game title artistic and conceptual context. The challenges are omnipresent light, and there is so much to activate the mechanism that allows us to illuminate a room or to include managing it through lamp shades games to release the solution. The prologue is rather slow due to lack of mobility with which the protagonist moves in the opening minutes of the adventure, but does a good job not only when to introduce the careful atmosphere of darkness, jazz and discomfort that we will surround, but also for the interesting way it can make us understand how mechanical puzzles of its work.

Despite the strong emphasis on puzzles, it is certain that death will be the order of the day. At times our fault if we are reckless and sometimes, less for gambling problems with navigation or the use of a perspective that often seeks more cinematic and dramatic plane, but we always hit that best reflects what we need to move. It is one of the problems they have to deal with the game. To combat this we can only recommend a good planning our movements and a very thorough examination of the environments ... Although the sense of frenzy and rush that imbue us the need to save our light plays against just take it easy.

Universe in White and Black

Once the story there is little reason to replay the program, and we will have explored both the house that we know by heart, and the script is not good enough to want to repeat your enjoyment. In about five or six hours we reach the end of White Night-time that is going to happen relatively quickly with the powerful design scenarios that holds the game. There will be some times when many laps until demos understand how to overcome this or that challenge, so we recommend doing a good and cautious use of save points. The title of Osome Studio is difficult and does not forgive our mistakes, so you have to tread carefully as we move through the rooms because any failure can be lethal and, indeed, store our progress at the wrong time can be fatal to our departure and force us to repeat.

Why? The title does not have checkpoints to use, something that would be devastating for your gameplay experience for its difficulty, it summons us to use a range of sofas where we can sit down and rest for a few minutes while progress is saved. We cannot do anywhere and have to meet minimum lighting conditions, but be true moments of relief when reaching or get back to a point where we can save the game. Yes, beware make a game save after having been too long around and having spent all matches. Sometimes it is better to wait a few laps to understand what you have to do and then repeat the process trying to optimize our resources.

What I liked most is how the implementation of lights and shadows projected on playable factors

From a visual standpoint, White Night is a release that shows the lack of means from which they have prepared its creators but at the same time contrasts with some good ideas. What I liked most is how the implementation of lights and shadows and its resounding black and white are projected playable factors, creating dynamic and interesting own and composing some of the best puzzle. The scenarios also in its typical appearance and even topical provide a good backdrop, suitably sinister and gloomy. What is not so well is the finish of the elements when viewed in detail. The main character or for example, the spirits show an adequate and disturbing look, respectively, when viewed from angles distance, however not bear close-ups that do them any favors and demonstrate the manifest lack of detail that suffer. Special mention for animations, well below what we expect from a work of 2015. In addition there are also some poor details like, inside its little detailed look generally textures flickering or straightening treatment saw tooth entirely nonexistent.

On the other hand related to audio Facet also shows the limitations of the production values, but that is no impediment to fulfill its function. The music is of limited presence, with some more or less inspired scores and a recurring leitmotif in song very closely related to the plot development. The sound effects do its job without surprise, and the game comes to our translated texts only country with voices in the original version not particularly emphatic.

Not everything is perfect in White Night and there are some problems that can cause us enormous frustration as incidents with navigation, some puzzles not made well and a more intriguing in the first chapter of what end up being the final argument. However if you want something different and with personality, and you are passionate about the puzzles and the experience of living distressed by the darkness you will yield a very, very intense hours.