Assassin's Creed Chronicles: China review

It is not the first time we played Assassin's Creed 2D and left some for Nintendo DS and mobile phones a few years ago but had long saga did not visit this perspective, and this 2015 is going to make triply. With Assassin's Creed Chronicles: China , Assassin's Creed Chronicles: India and Assassin's Creed Chronicles: Russia three downloadable games that will appear throughout the year and have different characters, stories and settings, but the same perspective.

The first to arrive is China, and the three is the one that focuses on stealth, infiltration, direct confrontation being a resource to grasp. A genre that fits nicely in two dimensions, as shown by the great Mark of the Ninja in 2012 title Assassin's Creed Chronicles: China is similar in intent, but not wisdom and brilliance, also lacks the wow factor. Developed by the British Climax Studios, like the rest of the trilogy, have done a good job in transferring the classical mechanics of an Assassin's tridimensional Creed to "limitations" of the gameplay in 2D, and is played with pleasure If you like what you proposed, but never with much enthusiasm.

Big Trouble in Little China

Assassin's Creed Chronicles: China set in 1526, and we control Shao Jun, a character that older fans of the series will remember as we exited in Assassin's Creed: Embers, an animated short film chronicling the past year we Ezio Auditore. This game takes place after the short, with the return of Shao Jun at China, and tells and shows her revenge against the Templars, who have virtually eliminated completely Brotherhood Murderers in China. A story rather dodgy, and we are told by a static artwork you either have too much grace.

The game is focused on delivering an action adventure and 2D platform, which as mentioned before is almost entirely focused on stealth. Enemies have a cone of vision, which indicates both the scope and direction of what they see as its alert level, and to be avoided as far as possible. But then not only see us, hear us well, and we must walk bent to make no noise when we are near, which also depends on the type of surface to walk on. At the same time there are a number of "noisy" traps such as cages with birds or dogs we also can play tricks, if they bother and start making noise.

The sound is a double-edged sword that can also be used to our advantage, and for example can whistle to attract the attention of enemies at specific points of the stage, or use sound darts at long distance. To hide there are different types of caches on stage, and in them we can even hide the bodies of the enemy, lest they alert their peers. You see no missing ingredient of all good stealth game, and this is added the saga classic features such as Vista eagle, with which we can see the paths of the guards.

When fighting with the sword is when the game is weakest, with a combat system that while it is not too simple, there are two types of attack, we can parry, counter-attack, dodge bullets, get to the back of enemies, etc., that's a bit rough and slow, and definitely not fun. Like Assassin's Creed enjoying Chronicles: China is playing quietly, and when we discover we have almost always chosen to restart the last checkpoint, abundant and well located. How is logical as we go on the adventure we find increasingly difficult enemies, both in combat and stealth killing, and listening, more easily.

The general control without being excellent offers no major complications when you get the hang perhaps has generated some problems down the curiously also a common problem mainly saga, and properly resolve situations is a kind of puzzle, find out how, not so much a matter of skill and dexterity with the remote. There are some phases of frantic action, time trial, in which we walk the stage as quickly as possible, that provide variety, but represent small percentage of the overall total of the game.

The rest of the adventure is to cross the stage from one end to another, with an overly linear development which requires gender, meeting along the way some other purpose, including in the form of secondary missions and collectibles. Grace is that the levels are divided into small sections, where our style of play is evaluated, divided into three categories-hidden, Murderer and Bully -, which in turn are subdivided into three scores -Gold, Silver and Bronze .

To get as many points as possible we have to avoid being seen and not kill anyone but the essential objectives since then with these points at the end of the levels we reward with health improvements, carry more inventory items and so on. As we advance in the game you not only get new skills, such as murder with sliding, very cool, also new tools like the dart rope with which we can hang us from the ceilings, throwing knives, or firecrackers, leaving stunned to enemies.

In general we have a great adventure, but in the final stages, with many enemies of different kinds, things get complicated, and we have to employ fund not see us. Running is usually not an option when we goofed, and when compared with the main installments of the series, there are specific times of relatively high difficulty, as if they were aware that this kind of 2D games are aimed at a larger audience demanding.

The game can be overcome in about four hours, but then hide various levels to be incentives in the form of collectibles and new difficulty modes, as New Game Plus difficult, which only accounts with a health bar, and enemies react sooner. In relation quantity / price goes ok served, has an adequate duration, and even in the final stages we came to do a little repetitive, so I lengthen it would have been counterproductive.

2.5D graphics are pretty good without being stunning, with beautiful artistic design, especially in funds from the stage, not as successful as we have in the foreground, with excess recurring elements and design and animations characters and enemies do not stand out too much. Enjoy the great benefits of a polygon motor in a 2D game, to play with the depth of the stage, something that is not only visual, but the gameplay is important when moving and hide. Circumstance that generates the odd moment of confusion, but it is generally well resolved.

A Good Stealth Game in 2D

Although this has major flaws and belongs to a largely untapped genre, stealth adventures in 2D, so if you are attracted to what you propose, you certainly will like this game.