Best horror games for Android

Horror games are very successful not only on consoles and PCs , but also on mobile devices. Dead Space, Dead Trigger 2, The Walking Dead and Five Nights at Freddy's are some titles that conquered the smartphones screens and tablets. Check now some of the best games of the genre for your Android devices.

Dead Space

Smartphones and tablets have gained a unique chapter in the popular horror series from Electronic Arts. Just called Dead Space, the game is set between the first and second title in the franchise to consoles, with a unique and enigmatic history. The gameplay, though inaccurate, reproduces the style of Dead Space , rather than go the traditional route of mobile games to limit the user action.

Dead Trigger 2

Despite turning more to the side of the action, Dead Trigger 2 will not hesitate to fill their surroundings with zombies wanting to eat him even if you are out of ammo. The game follows the traditional formula of free games with micro-transactions, but does not force too the concept. Thus, the skill becomes more important to dictate the pace of the experience.

Five Nights at Freddy's 1, 2 and 3

Recently, he's the greatest phenomenon of tablets and smartphones. Five Nights at Freddy's reaches a new level of terror with an experience that fits perfectly with mobile devices. In the role of a night security guard, you need to watch the camera system while animatronic puppets walk toward wanting to kill him. The passive role of the main character - who just watches - makes them all the more surprising scares.

The Walking Dead: Season One and Two

Based on known TV series and comics: The Walking Dead , the Telltale adventure games were famous for perfectly portraying the world taken by the undead franchise. In addition, the title still tells the gripping story of a little girl survivor, Clementine.

Dark Meadow: The Pact

Taking advantage of the traditional atmosphere of abandoned sanatorium, Dark Meadow brings a fairly complete experience of terror. The game features beautiful graphics, disturbing creatures, interesting combat system and a good deal of scares. All this tied by a dark and intriguing story that convinces the player to continue exploring the mysteries of the site.