Bloodborne The Doll (NPC) guide

The doll is the most important NPC in bloodborne. It allows you level up, thus improving your character. It responds to your gestures with admiration, respect or slight skepticism and tells you some information about the world of bloodborne.

There are several items can be found in this "quest" that still might be useful later in the game.

In order to interact with the doll, you must first find a secluded place that very reminiscent of the hunter's dream. This is the abandoned old workshop.

To enter the abandoned old workshop, you must first defeat the blood-hungry beast. Because you managed it so, the door will open on the right side of the building, which leads to the workshop of the healing church in the Cathedral District.

Go through the door and use the elevator to get to the top - on the way there you can tap a hidden item, if you leave the elevator in time.

Once at the top you should first run and then roll, or you will get caught by a Minigun. Kill the archers. Now you have to race. Run on the bridge and cross it, will seek to ensure that the next opponent you do not get caught. Did you cross the bridge you turn immediately to you right and jump down to the lower floor.

This space is easier than it looks when you know where you have to jump. On the small boardwalk standing you should position yourself so that you can look back on the long rope hanging on the left side.

It is important that your life meter is full. It awaits a deep fall on you, you will inflict a lot of damage. Look ye therefore the ropes on, you should start running in their direction. Have you done everything right, you survived the fall.

Now a drink, so that your health replenishes. After that you can jump right and open the door (Tip: Check out the video to where we show you how you can run fast all the way!).

Welcome to the abandoned old workshop!

Here you can now find a number of objects, such as the armor of the doll and the little hair accessories. This object can you give the dream of the hunter of the doll. It enjoys over your gesture and offers you something as thanks.

Do you use the object, you get a gem. So you can now improve your weapon.

Thus, the interaction would be finished with the doll.