Bloodborne Eileen, the Crow NPC - Location, Fight - Quest guide

Eileen the crow is an NPC in bloodborne who holds an exciting and challenging quest line for you.

Altogether four tasks are waiting for you. As a reward, there are 4 new gestures and the Crow Hunter badge "Crow Hunter Badge".

On top of you will be allowed to join the oath / Covenant "Hunter of Hunters". Your task as a "Hunter of Hunters" is to invade the worlds of other players and dueling it. The focus is therefore clearly on PvP.

Eileen finds in central Yharnam.  is located in the multi-storey house at the entrance to the sewers. This can be found if you look for the old lady who is wary of hunters and asks for a safe place.

From the lamp in the center of Yharnam you go through the left gate and through the house. Follow the path all the time straight continuously until you have arrived at dog cages. Here you go down and cross the bridge. Before you said house where Eileen, is the crow. Step into the house.

On the right side, many crates and barrels cover a gap in the wall. Destroy the objects and put yourself through the gap. Now go so long to the right until you find a similar job - block again destructible objects a hole in the wall. It is through this hole to go through.

Now you stand in front of Eileen, the crow and can begin the quest line. Speak at least two times with her, in the second interview, she brings you namely a new gesture.

Now waiting Eileen, elsewhere on you. Namely in the Cathedral District.

The exact position is pretty easy to find. From the lamp in the Cathedral District of you take the exit in front of you (to the left, right or straight out, you have to walk straight). Did you leave the building, you have turn to the left immediately. Eileen will be on the railing and looking into the distance.

Attention: Eileen appears until Cathedral District if you have opened two abbreviations. You can do this either with the emblem of 10,000 blood echoes, or by you put yourself first by Alt-Yharnam and there the "blood-hungry beast" defeated.

Speak to Eileen. You can learn from her hunt and learned another new gesture don’t forget always respond at least twice to avoid that you missed something.

As Eileen tells you that she's on the hunt and mentions the grave Oedons, your task is clear: You have to get there and move Eileen help in her hunt.

Great Cathedral - this part of the quest will only be possible if you've defeated the second regular Boss in bloodborne, namely Rome, the mindless spider (Hungry Beast Blood and cleric-beast are 100% optional).

Make your way to the lamp in Cathedral District. The building you leave through the exit in front of you and follow the stairs up to the Great Cathedral. Shortly before the Great Cathedral takes you Eileen, the crow on the right side. She is wounded and tells you that in the cathedral lurks a very strong fighter. 

Easier said than done, because these hunters should be your toughest opponents to date. Since he is a hunter similar opponent, he will be very strong and nimble. You must necessarily dodge his shots, as they cause a lot of damage. A good tip is to parry and per R1 initiate a counterattack. Have you defeated the enemy then return to Eileen. Talk to her and she hands your rewards.