Bloodborne (PS4) Item guide

Blood Echoes (nTau)

Cold Blood Dew (1) - 350 blood echoes
Cold Blood Dew (2) - 500 blood echoes
Cold Blood Dew (3) - 1000 blood echoes
Thick Cold Blood (4) - 1200 blood echoes
Thick Cold Blood (5) - 1500 blood echoes
Thick Cold Blood (6) - 1800 blood echoes
Raging Cold Blood (7) - 2000 blood echoes
Raging Cold Blood (8) - 3000 blood echoes
Raging Cold Blood (9) - 5000 blood echoes
Relatives Cold Blood (10) - 8000 blood echoes
Relatives Cold Blood (11) - 10,000 blood echoes
Relatives Cold Blood (12) - 20,000 blood echoes (Bosses Rome, the mindless spider)

Iosefka's Blood Vial

Makes a great amount GP restored. Iosefka's Blood vial - you can find it in Iosefka's hospital / clinic after you are the first time in the dream of the hunter. Go up the stairs behind the lantern up and interact with the door to get a vial. Will be supported by an opponent (Alien) in Iosefka's clinic drop and in MERGOS memory (center) found in a chest (near the White Lady)

You can always wear only one (supplies available at Iosefkas), have so long until your lights the lantern in the cathedral district.

Blood of Arianna

Heals large amounts GP and increases stamina regeneration.

You can only carry a vial, but gets any time by Arianna which, once it has settled in the cathedral district.

Blood of Adella

Where large amounts GP restores and operates a hot (heal over time) to you.

Blood Vial

It’s dropped from most opponents or can be purchased from the Bath Messenger. You can carry up to 20 simultaneously. The maximum number can be increased by the Communion rune. The GP-recovery can be increased by the Radiance Rune of executioner fraction.


Remove poison and poison construction. Can be purchased from Bath Messenger once you have the sword Hunter Badge found.

Beast Blood Tablet

Increases short time (60-70 seconds) Your Beast (increases both dealt and inserted physical damage). Can at various points in the Forbidden Forest and Iosefkas clinic be found and purchased from for insight in the dream of the hunter, you have once you defeat MERGOS nurse.


Null the current madness structure. Sold by Bath Messenger once you have the Cosmic Eye Hunter badge found. Can also be obtained from the old woman in the cathedral.

Blue Potion

Blue Potion promises invisibility, but only in the idle state when you attack can be the effect after. Therefore, the strokes should be devastating when you install it.

Can be found in the district of the great cathedral after exposure of the large church servants (rare).

Can the second bathroom messenger purchased for 2 inspection points (condition: Badge Cosmic Guardian eye )

Lead Elixir

Can be found outside the big cathedral and Iosefas clinic.

Can be purchased for 2 access points in the second bathroom messenger.

Molotov cocktail of bouncy / Rope-Molotov Cocktail of Bouncy

The molotov cocktail of bouncy can be thrown and explodes on impact in a fireball. The same applies to the rope-molotov cocktail of bouncy, but is thrown backwards. The scaling of arcane damage is A, ie, the higher your Arcane, the greater the damage. In addition, you can increase the damage by using your opponents before an oil urn take. Logically, oil burns longer.


The oil-urn explodes on impact and soaks your target with oil. Technically, this means that the fire resistance of the target is reduced. Good in combination with the torch , the fire paper or a molotov cocktail of bouncy

Strong Blood Cocktail

the strong blood cocktail you throw a distraction. Many opponents (but not all) are distracted for 10 seconds and sniff blood.

Act, among others (we do need test results, she writes in the comments!):

- Goliath pigs
- Lycanthropes

Stunning Fog

The numbing fog has the purpose to prevent the GP regeneration of hunters in PvP or by opponents as vicar Amelia. Lasts 30 seconds.

Throwing Knife / Gift Knife

Throwing Knife causes physical damage. Their damage scales with thickness (D) and skill (A). In addition, effects of are fire and lightning paper applied to your melee weapon for throwing knifes. The poison knife behaves similarly, but additionally has a 40-second slow poison effect.


A small stone that can be thrown at enemies to get your attention.

Fire Paper / Flash Paper

Fire paper and flash paper are used to add your trick weapon for 60 seconds additional fire or lightning damage. The additional Fire damage is not yet precisely established, the lightning damage is but 75 (without scaling).

The paper can be purchased from the Bath Messenger after your get the beam sword-fighter badge (fire) or the spark hunter badge you (flash) found. Otherwise, you will find it lying around at opponents or in the world.

Bone Marrow Ash

Bone marrow ash increases the power of the shot next ball of mercury, which is fired (Holds 60 seconds or until the next shot). The effect also ends if your changes the weapon.

Shaman Bone Blade

The shamans bone blade is a melee weapon that is used to enemies (Note: Not all) for 20 seconds to make allies.

Sign of a Strong Hunter

The sign of a strong hunter puts you without blood loss echo back to the last lamp, have you used. Caution: In some locations where your spawn without lamp (example: nightmare Front), it may be that you will reset at this spawn point.

Shiny Coins

Shiny coins cost 20 blood echoes and can point the way to a terrain.

Hand Lantern

Hand Lantern can be plugged into the quick bar to provide some light in the dark (torch is brighter, but then you have both hands on what is important)

Knowledge of Insane / Grand-Wisdom

Knowledge of Insane and Grand-wisdom gives you 1 or 2 points insight in use.

Gold Pendant

Gold pendant vicar of Amelia. Do you get once you've killed them. Used him to produce a gold-blood gemstone.

Tiny Tonitrus

The Tiny Tonitrus causes in use lightning emanating from the point of activation. If you have focused your opponent, the lightning strikes directly there. Its damage scales with S on Arcane.

Consumption: 6 balls of mercury

Empty Mirage Case

Thee Empty mirage can cover your Like the elementary paper rub on your trick weapon. So your adds 80 Arcane damage for 60 seconds.

Consumption: 3 balls of mercury

Multiplayer Bells

Bell choir:

The bell choir you can use in co-op situations. It heals your co-op partner and you. Even poisons and slowing it heals. Cost 10 balls of mercury in use.

Challenge bell:

The challenge your bell used to summon other players to Coop in your world.

Small echoing bell:

This bell used this to join other players and help them in their world.

Dark echoing bell:

The PVP bell. Use it to enter the world of another hunter and fight him.


The muffler can leave your other worlds, in which you came through the bells.

A call to the Afterlife

Cause an explosion with subsequent projectiles track of your opponents. Scale by S on Arcane.

Consumption: 8 balls of mercury


The telescope is not just for the beautiful scenery, but you can depending on the range of the remote weapon also use it as a riflescope.

Rope Molotov Cocktail

A derivative of Molotov cocktails, which can throw back or let fall.

Blood Seeds

Blood seeds are your reward for victories in PVP mode, if you are a member of Ekelblüter. However you get them killed by NPC if you have used the rune corruption.

These blood sacrifices seeds of the Queen of Ekelblüter to rise through the ranks. Your use them, you get a point inspection.

Age Hunter Bone

Speeds up your wheels and race to the opponent for a short period of time.

Consumption: 6 balls of mercury

Gift Messengers

This item can be used again and again to masquerade as Bad messenger, or as reference. Once you start an action that camouflage is repealed.

Usage: 1 Bulb

Hangman Gloves

Focused your opponent and uses this object and a blood-red, cloud passes your opponents from life.

Consumption: 3 balls of mercury

Beast roar

The item Best Inge howler can fall over your enemies, it uses 2 balls of mercury.

Location: Forbidden Forest, in a dilapidated house in the village.

Augur of Ebrietas

With a mercury bulb, you can invoke the Augur of Ebrietas, the enemy is added to reduce damage.

Location: In the Forbidden Forest, the village in an abandoned house.

Red Jeweled Brooch 

Bring this item to Viola (Quest starts before the boss fight with Father Gascoigne, then no more) and you will be rewarded.