Boom Beach (iOS) tips

Boom Beach (iOS) tips / guide

Boom Beach introduces us to a shell island in a terrible war, where one option is to be a great strategist. We put our resources so that the enemy army fails to conquer. To succeed in our confrontation here you have some tips:

Attacks while build:

Sometimes we spend too much time to upgrade or build a building for our departure. So the best things you can do is to continue to explore and attack while you expand. Note that you can create new troops while building, but not while you're improving a boat.

Get wood for the trees:

While the beginning of the game you will see that you have no problems with the wood but according you go forward, you will notice that runs fast. At times you will need to build and don not have enough wood. How to buy it with diamonds, which costs money. If hit with a tree spade, we see that we lose 600 gold for 300 wood. At first it may be a good idea to get that amount we need.

Do not expect to update:

Note that although it seems better to invest resources in forming a large battalion, we recommend that you update your headquarters, economy, sniper towers and others. So you can choose to get the new members of the crew, that will make our army more efficient and wood and gold production will accelerate ..

The seat is very important, as we unlock all buildings. If emphasize to do this early, you will come before up to level 5 and a large number of possibilities open.

Beware waste diamonds:

As with all games of this type, diamonds are the currency of payment and cost us real money. Consider whether you really need to use 7 diamonds to make an entire building instantly, when perhaps only do you need to finish one another or move faster. Try to weigh the least expense to get the best result. Remember browse by map, that gives you diamonds every day.

The radar is important:

You do not forget to build a radar. With it will increase your visibility on the map and expand exploration. This will allow you to attack other enemies and get resources like gold, wood and medals. To achieve gold will have to invest, allowing you to see parts of the map, but always more gold will obtain such place. Always seek a moment to update and expand its exploration radar.

Investigate before attacking:

Try to always use the free browser option before attacking like crazy to see if you can conquer an island before losing gold with a bad attack. Utilize the construction of new shooters, as it is easy, fast and cheap. Note that heavy gunners take longer.

Beware machine guns:

When you are allowed to send the troops, make sure to avoid wasting your time and resources. You find enough time to surround the enemy out of reach of other weapons and end with the central council to win the battle. Well you gain more wood and building materials structures left standing.

Free Diamonds:

If we get diamonds Boom Beach, you can do it for real money or time. If you want to save money you will have two ways. Blow in the three star icon in the upper left to see the achievements. Every time we get one of them receive free diamonds Boom Beach. The other way is to explore the map.

Take care of your defense:

When you begin to play Boom Beach will not have to worry about attacks but, as you progress things other characters and players will attack you. You can start building a defense to protect the perimeter, but soon you will realize that the main thing is to protect the base. Observe the islands that you gain and learn from their weaknesses. Establish layers defining a defense weapon. Later you can move the buildings as the central headquarters and others without spending gold and timber in duplicate.

Upgrade your attack:

Although the defense is important, forget not keep attack resources such as guns or boats landing whenever you can. So you can carry more troops often to facilitate an attack on the hardest islands. Updating the gunboat away the boat structure.

Destroy buildings:

When you attack an island and some buildings will obtain more ammunition to the gunboat. You will be able to invest in a blaze troops or artillery to destroy things. This ammunition is not transferred to the next attack.