Dark Souls 2 DLC Dragon Claw, Heavy Iron Key, Frozen Flower

Dark Souls 2 (PC) - DLC - access all key objects: Dragon Claw, Heavy Iron Key and Frozen Flower

Dragon Claw:

When the conductor Bauer has gathered in Majula, to buy the head of 12,000 souls, which is then place in the large hole. There you climb down and the other head up again until you reach a door.

To open the door you need the key from the defeated giants located in the Black Canyon. If you open the door, you will find 3 chests and a corpse holding the dragon's tooth.

Heavy Iron Key:

In the "Forest of Fallen Giants," you go towards the first boss. Just before the fog left is a door that can be opened "Soldier Key" with the. After the door you're running out just where the fire lizard shooting at a fire balls. There's a body that holds the "Heavy Iron Key."

Frozen Flower:

In Drangleic Castle lock to use the elevator after the two dragon rider.

Once at the top, the white frost should be in one of the boxes