Dark Souls 2 (PC) New Game Plus Checklist

What's New Game Plus?

New Game Plus is a known principle for many roles and adventure games, but also occurs in action games. In principle, New Game Plus is just a repetition of your adventure on a higher difficulty level with your character, which you've played through the game. Thus, perhaps you can watch in a new innings on new tactics, etc. other decisions try.

In contrast to Dark Souls and Demon's Souls you can in Dark Souls 2 even things in NG + experience that existed in the first innings in any case. Thus, long-term motivation is guaranteed.

How to Create New Game Plus?

Again, Dark Souls has 2 has the advantage that your the game ended only if you would like that. In contrast to Dark Souls, it is possible to return to the last boss fight and the credits after Majula and start on the new Far Fire innings, when you're ready. This means you can play through the game easily and then still get things done.

To start NG + latched on Bonfire in Majula and choose "trip to Drangleic 2".

I Lose What Items?

- All items in the "key" Tab - yes, all of them. Also the sword "Embedded-key"
- The King Ring
- All fragrance branches
- All eyeballs

Checklist NG +

What you should do before your - Enter NG +?

- Farm all the materials that you need - ores, stones life, souls.
- Kill all the optional bosses, such as Dark Lurker or the old dragon slayer
- Swap Boss souls in a Straid from Olaphis or Ornifex.
- Let McDuff enhance and enchant your weapons
- Come with a collar. Preferably, that emerge later in the game as the Warriors of the Sun

What Changes in NG +?

- NG + adds new enemies, new attacks on old enemies and new loot, which were not available in the first innings. Most of the changes you can create a local way also. But beware: Beacon intensity is increased in NG +, that is a beacon in intensity 2 in NG + to intensity 3
- Of course, the enemies are stronger and have more souls
- The Dehnwache has two additional phantoms as guardians
- Lost sinner has also been joined in the form of other sinners
- Followers several spawn in the throne room of the castle Drangleic
- Several dealers add their inventory of new items 

New Loot Items:

- Gower's guard ring is in the Forest of Shadows discoverable
- The lost sinner leaves the soul of the old witch
- The tower gargoyles post a golden snake ring +2
- The skeletons princes left a clear blue stone ring +2
- The executioner car leaves a Cloranthy ring+2
- The old iron king leaves an old soul king
- Scorpioness Najka leaves a ritual belt of the South +2
- The Duke favorite Freja leaves the old bleach Dragon Soul
- The Depraved leaves the Old-dead-soul
- The pursuer Drangleic Castle leaves a ring of blades +2
- Knight of the Mirrors leaves the hard steel ring +2
- Velstadt leaves a ring of royal soldiers +2
- The giant prince leaves a ring of giant +2
- Throne guardians and defenders throne left a ring of the evil eye +2